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This document, Hinaii Archipelago, is property of the Penitus Oculatus and is under it's jurisdiction. Disclosure of its contents to, or access by, anyone who is not a part of the Penitus Oculatus will be charged with high treason against the empire, and face execution. Anyone who fails to disclose confirmed or suspected breaches of security will be charged with complicity to high treason and will executed as well.
-Signed, High Inquisitor Gniuso Musico, Penitus Oculatus

Hinaii Map

The Hinaii Archipelago is an island chain far to the southwest of the sunken continent of Yokuda. Hinaii Archipelago itself is inhabited by descendants of Yokudan outcasts searching for a new land. The outcasts left a long time before the cataclysm that caused Yokuda to sink into the ocean. The people of the Hinaii Archipelago, who call themselves the "Hinec", actually look different from the Redguards, as they are lighter skinned, with a bronze hue, instead of a red one.


Each of the islands are named for the Hinec Titans, godlike individuals who rule the islands. Some may go as far as to say that the Hinec Titans are the islands, or at least their avatars.

  • Hinaii, large volcano, which is actually houses a portal to a realm of Oblivion, known as the Elemental Chaos, in the crater of the volcano. It is named for Hinaii, the god of justice and protection; also the chief Hinec deity.
  • Zaco, the island adjacent to Hinaii, it is very sparsely populated, with most of the settlements on the edges of the island. It is named for Zaco, god of freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the wilderness.
  • Tumba, the most populous island, known for the great city of Chalco. It is named for Tumba, goddess of civilization.
  • Huaca, sometimes referred to as "Great Chief's Island" for the reason that the main city on the island, Conala, is home to the King of Hinaii. It is named for Huaca, goddess of nobility and tradition.
  • Toco, known for the Great Library of Alcoban, the center of knowledge for the Hinec. Alcoban is believed to at once housed an Elder Scroll. Named for Toco god of knowledge, skill and prophecy.
  • Coca, a mainly agricultural island, named for Coca, goddess of the harvest and storms, two sides of the same coin.
  • Huaco, an Island known for Altepec, the city of warriors, as well as the Altepec Arena. Named for the brother of Huaca as well as the god of honor and strength.

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