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(Forge Shredding Metal)
Heimverlund silhouette
Biographical and chronological information


Ancient Dragon





Date of birth

Late-Dawn Era

Date of death

1E 139


Dawn Era
Merethic Era
First Era

Physical traits and magical qualities

Skin color

Black and red mottled, scaled skin

Eye color


Learned shouts

Fire Breath

Unrelenting Force

Possessions and social status




“And lo did mighty Heimverlund come from the brutal north, like a storm of unbridled vengeance from Sovngarde itself.”
―The "Strun" Word Wall of Skyrim

Heimverlund was an Ancient Dragon, and the eighteenth of Akatosh's Dragon children. Heimverlund was revered as the patron of smithing, smelting ores and forging weapons and armors.


Heimverlund was the eighteenth Dragon born of Akatosh. Having hailed from the second wave, he was of the Ancient Dragon variety.

Sometime during the Merethic Era, he forged the first ebony daggers, one of which survived and later became known as Nettlebane. Some believe that he was also responsible for the creation of the Skyforge in Skyrim, which he may have used for himself before mortals settled in the region. According to legend, he taught the arts of smithing to the ancient Nedic people of Atmora, who put them to good use.

In the year 1E 121, Heimverlund returned to Tamriel after having created the mythical sword Goldbrand. As implied in the name, Goldenbrand was made of gold, and was enchanted with a magic capable of burning enemies on contact. Goldbrand was created in order to bribe a Dragonborn Nord of the time into allying himself with the Dragons. An agreement was made, and for a while, Alduin did not have to fear the new Dragonborn's interference as he proceeded to recruit more Dragon followers.

After nearly two decades elapsed, however, Alduin decided to turn against the Dragonborn. Alduin pitted thirteen of his Dragon followers on the Dragonborn, including Heimverlund. The Dragonborn managed to kill Heimverlund in the battle that ensued, but ultimately, the Dragonborn was taken-down. Shortly after the battle, a Word Wall was erected in honor of Heimverlund, located in the bowels of Skuldafn Temple in Skyrim.

In 4E 201, another Dragonborn, known only as the Dovahkiin, plundered the temple and learned the Dragon word "Strun" from Heimverlund's word wall. He would later use this word to defeat Alduin in the Battle of the Tongues.


“May his mighty soul forever forge in the intense heat of the eternal stars.”
―A Word Wall of Akavir on the death of Heimverlund