Havkins, also known as War Bringers, are a special kind of Daedra created by Marbel, the Daedric Lord of War, Pain, Fury and Bardism, or better known as  "The Woman of War". Found in Marbel's realm, the Gurre Plains, the Havkins are a dangerous, bloodthirsty and violent specimen of humanoid Daedra. They originate from Bretons who were afflicted by Periyite's plague, and during Marbel's life as a mortal she won a group of them over and used her new found powers to cure them of their blight, the magic mutated them into the Havkins. They are red skinned, tall and have a pair of black horns on their foreheads, the males' horns are shorter than the females'. The Havkin usually have ritualistic tatoos on a part of their bodies, this is usually given during rites of passage. They are sent to Tamriel , usually disguised as Bretons, by Marbel to capture mortals to fight the eternal war in the Gurre Plains, where the only way out is to fight.


Created during the 4th era by Marbel, many people who know about the Havkins are ethier in the Gurre Plains or people who know Marbel's current champion. People usually mistake them as Dremora with red skin and black markings, and those people are usually dead. The Havkins have been known to infiltrate both sides of a war and are usually found fueling it and making it worse, one example is the Civil War of Skyrim.

Not much else is known about the Havkins, except for the fact that they are a dangerous type of Daedra, who suprisingly can write good songs due to Marbel's softer side, which is bardism. 


Havkin culture is quite strange for a bloodthirsty race of Daedra. It mainly consists of a 'blood and honor' code, where for example a young Havkin has to kill a certain amount of enemies or conquer and kill or tame a certain beast in the Gurre Plains. The Havkins view the undead as dishonorable and claim that it's a 'coward's way of fighting', they honor their dead like how the Nords do, they bury them in great tombs hidden underground.

The Havkins make songs out of great feats, like winning a war or conquering a great beast, to smaller things such as their daily lives, one such example is "Forget You" 

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