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Physical and Magical qualities

Average lifespan

40 years

Skin color


Eye color

Red, purple

Racial powers

  • Call of the beast
  • Tear
Cultural and Historical characteristics


Varies on region



Religious beliefs

  • Etah

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Moonshadow elf

Brokenvine Elves (a.k.a Halmer) are a powerful, and very rare, race that is thought to originate from a far-away land known as Boudthene. 

Base Stats Edit

Weight: 0.7 (female); 0.9 (male)

Height: 0.8

Abilities: +50 magicka || +10 health || +5 Stamina || +15 Endurance

Powers: Eyes of Eventide || Recover magicka 40% faster || Immune to poison

An extremely versatile race, the Brokenvine Elves are able to adapt to all conditions they must survive in. They are a short, intelligent people who hail from Boudthene - a land many consider to be quite inhabitable due to it's sandy deserts, soaring hot Heartfire and immensely cold flurries that storm the land every so often.

The Brokenvine Elves are very magic-oriented, and as such, they are much more proficient with magicka than when wielding a blade. However, out of all the weapons they use, they much prefer to use daggers that are enchanted by the master smiths of Boudthene who have dedicated their lives to enchanting weapons and armour.

The Brokenvine Elves are rarely seen during the day except for hunting and tribal gatherings, and they can be hunted for their blood which is a powerful and very potent mix that can be added to elixers which heal the drinker. Their blood is also known to cause a euphoric state, and as such they are slightly akin to vampires.