Halderus Matius
Halderus Matius
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The Warrior

  • Castle Kvatch
  • 4E 5
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  • Fourth
  • High Marshall of Royal Legion
  • Crown Prince
  • King

Halderus Matius was a male Imperial King of the Empire of Kvatch. He was an even greater king than his father, both militarily and diplomatically. Halderus expanded the Empire of Kvatch, adding to it southern Hammerfell, and all of Elsweyr. He led his armies to many victories. Halderus was loved by his people, and was the greatest king and general since Tiber Septim. He completely reformed the government and military, and rebuilt several ancient, ruined cities across Tamriel.



Halderus Matius was born in the year 4E 5. His father was the Count of Kvatch, the glorious and brilliant Savlian Matius, and his mother, Sigrid, a world renowned alchemist. Halderus grew up in Castle Kvatch, playing and wandering amongst the Imperial Gardens. As a young boy, he spent much time riding his horse and practicing his sworsmanship and archery, eventually mastering all three. Halderus quickly showed himself to be as much of a genius as his father, if not smarter. He grew up with Prince Kurt of Sutch, the son of his father's ally, King Roderick of Sutch. The two were inseperable, they were never found without each other. As a boy, he grew up in violent times. His father, Savlian, had begun a war of conquest in Cyrodiil, virtually eliminating all resistance and conquering nearly all of Cyrodiil. Then, King Roderick of Sutch betrayed Kvatch, and Prince Roderick was secretly rescued from captivity in Kvatch. The two boys were not to see each other for a while. Unfortunately, Savlian died, and Halderus quickly took control and began to finish his father's war against the Kingdom of Sutch.

Taking CommandEdit

With his father dead, it was up to Halderus to lead his people to victory. He quickly gathered his armies and led them in an assault on Anvil. It was successful and Anvil fell within days. Turning his eyes to the northwest, Halderus set his sights on Chorrol. The governor of Chorrol at the time was Prince Kurt, who even though he was friends with Halderus would not surrender. The Kvatch Protectors and the Sutch Mercenary Army met on the plains before Chorrol. After over twenty four hours of grueling and bloody fighting, the mercenaries of Sutch were forced to retreat into the Chorrol. Halderus's army, still reeling from the bloody battle, marched forth and began to assault Chorrol's walls. Prince Kurt, however, proved himself to be a skilled commander, on par with Halderus himself, and Chorrol continued to resist. It was not long, however, before the people of Chorrol began to starve, and a traitor opened the gates for Halderus. Chorrol was captured and burned. Kurt, who had last been seen fighting on the battlements of Castle Chorrol, had fallen off of the battlements and was presumed dead. With his victorious army, Halderus marched northeast and assaulted Sutch, quickly overruning its weakened defenders.

Invading ElsweyrEdit

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