Habast was born in the Summerset Isles to the Locvar clan that had settled the entire eastern isle of the Summerset Isles. His father and mother, both members of a tribe that had been conquered by the recently arrived Altmer, fled from their village after they had led an uprising against the Altmer which failed, and because of a palace coup conducted by Khajiit in the employ of the Altmer King, Cethegus I. After wandering for many years, and briefly settling in the portions of the bigger isle in the Summerset Isles steal free from Altmer rule, namely the southern portions, they boarded a Locvar ship and crossed to the eastern isle and took refuge with the Locvar tribes. His father became a general in the Locvar Horde, while his mother became an accomplished sorceress. Habast's father would often regal him with stories about his war exploits, and Habast listened well, for he dreamed to become a great warrior, and to lead his people to greatness.

As Habast entered his adolescent years, he became a well trained warrior, famous for his almost masterly use of the sword, spear, and shield during the battles he fought in. At the young age of sixteen, Habast fought in the South Isles War, a long and bloody war between the Southern Tribes, aided by the Locvar, and the Altmeri Dominion. Even early in life, Habast proved not only to be a powerful warrior and sorceror, but also a famous hunter, skilled with the use of the bow, and traps. At the age of eighteen, Habast embarked on a hunting expedition into the Agnarak Mountains in the north of the Eastern Isle that would change his life. After being seperated from his fellow hunters and friends, Habast was surrounded by a pack of wolves. Using only his bare hands, Habast managed to fight off the entire pack and saved another hunter who had been cornered by the wolves.

Life as a WarriorEdit

Habast enjoyed life as a warrior in the Locvar Horde, crossing blades with the Altmer, and the Southern Tribes. Eventually; however, during the Battle of Mabana he was captured by the Altmer and was kept imprisoned in a Prisoner of War camp. After the Locvar had been conquered and assimilated into the Altmeri Empire, Habast was sold as a slave to a wealthy Altmer family. For many years, Habast labored long and hard as a slave, but he later displeased his master and was punished for it. His punishment was to fight as a gladiator in the Cloudwatch public arena. There he proved to the Altmer his fighting potential, and he eventually fought his way to freedom.

After escaping the dreadful arena, he enlisted in a mercenary band, in which he fought for the Bosmer, the Dunmer, and the Altmer against their enemies. Later, he grew tired of fighting and traveled back to the Summerset Isles, where he made a living by stealing the money and wealth of wealthy Altmer, and their retinue. As time passed, he lived on both sides of the law, both legal and illegal. He prospered as a ship's captain and a pirate, as a mercenary, a soldier for the Altmeri Dominion, and a bandit. He slew various monsters during his early years, as well as various types of Daedra. His blade was stained with blood of thousands, and he had traveled across hundreds of miles.

On the ThroneEdit

In EW 545, Habast dethroned the current chieftain of the Locvar, ascended to the throne, and reforged the once glorious Locvar nation into a power to be reckoned with again.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Habast's name was based on the user who first requested the tesfanon wiki.
  • The Locvar were a barbarian tribe of early humans that were destroyed by the Dirennis in the canon universe.

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