Grok gro-Largashbur is an Orc who used to live in one of Skyrim's Orc strongholds. From an early age, Grok was taught about the code of Malacath and to serve his chieftain, however, young Grok was always more curious about the world outside of Largashbur. Despite his apparent absentmindedness Grok became a powerful warrior, one of the greatest in fact in his stronghold. However, the cheiftain's son Yamarz was jealous of Grok's strength and secretly plotted to get rid of him. After becoming chieftain, Yamarz stole some weapons from Grok's forge and secretly distributed them among a nearby bandit camp. The bandits then attacked Yamarz's hunting party, leaving Yamarz as the only survivor. When Yamarz returned to Largashbur he framed Grok for the crime. Yamarz decreed Grok be exiled from Largashbur as well as barred from entry into any of the Skyrim strongholds.

And so Grok decided to travel all over Tamriel, gathering knowledge and honing his skills as a warior.


Early LifeEdit

The Orc that would come to be known as Grok gro-Largashbur was found as a baby alone in the wilderness surrounding Largashbur by a hunting party led by the chieftain at the time. The chieftain took an interest in the child and brought him back with him to Largashbur. The chieftain then left the child with Atub, the wise woman who raised the boy in accordance with the code of Malacath.

Atub trained Grok from an early age in order to make him a fine warrior. Grok was also interested in magic, so Atub tried to teach him some rudimentary spells, however, Grok could never grasp their concepts. Grok did however, possess a fine aptitude for enchanting. As Grok grew up he indeed became a fine warrior, one of the greatest in his stronghold, and also became Largashbur's blacksmith. The chieftain looked favourably on Grok's skill in battle and the fine weapons he made. However, this caused the chieftain's son Yamarz to become jealous of Grok and he secretly plotted to get rid of Grok. After Yamarz became chieftain, after defeating his father, he stole a large amount of weapons from Grok's forge and secretly distributed them to a nearby bandit camp. When Yamarz and some others went out hunting, the bandits ambushed and slaughtered the hunting party leaving Yamarz as the only survivor. Yamarz then returned to Largashbur and blamed Grok for his crime. Yamarz decreed that Grok be exiled from Largashbur, however, he didn't stop there. Yamarz also sent word to the other Skyrim strongholds to not allow Grok entry. As Grok left he cursed Yamarz for his cowardice, and vowed to one day return to kill him and free Largashbur of his weakness.

"You coward Yamarz!! Too afraid to face me in single combat? I shall leave, but with Malacath as my witness, I shall return here, and I...will kill you!"

Grok's TravelsEdit

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