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This article, Graphics mods, was imported from the MorroWiki, a wiki project that documented both official and unofficial mods for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This article may have been further edited since the merge, but much of the content is similar.

This is a list of mods that affects graphics.

World Texture Replacers Edit

Darker Morrowind
Replaces the original morrowind textures with higher detail ones which help create a darker, more foreboding atmosphere. Also includes lighting and weather changes.

Lady Rae's Morrowind By Lady Rae
Lady Rae's Morrowind I spilled my box of crayons on Morrowind and this is the result.

Neonwind By Lady Rae
Lady Rae has taken some of the textures from her Lady Rae's Morrowind and Neonized them.

Jarrod's new texture mod By Jarrod
This mod is a retexture mod that replaces almost all of the ground textures and some wall, floor, wood, and item textures.

Morrowind Visual Pack By Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Raptre and Zuldazug
Enhances the textures in Morrowind by making them more realistic and increasing the resolution. Graphic intensive.

Morrowind Visual Pack 2.2 Nature By Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Raptre and Zuldazug
This update adds or replaces 101 textures. This is just an update, you still need to install MW visual pack 2.11.

Morrowind Visual Pack XT By Qarl
Replaces some of the Visual Pack's textures with even more graphic intense ones and adds some new ones. You need a super computer for this one.

Vibrant Morrowind 3.0 By Headlesswonder and Skydye
Makes Morrowind more vibrant and colorful. Huge download, so look at the screenshots and follow the forum thread to make sure it's the right texture replacer for you.

Vivid Morrowind Repaint By Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~
This mod replaces some of the dull and blurry Morrowind landscape textures with high-resolution, extremely detailed ones, which will hopefully change the atmosphere of a few areas. Although in general this mod works well enough alone, Max recommends mix-n-matching it with a few other similar ones, like the various "Visual Packs". Most, but not all, of the textures originate from photographical material by different authors. A small HTML table is included listing each texture, its size, type, and origin.

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