Height of average adult

2 kilometers

Average length

2 kilometers

Average wingspan


Skin color


Hair color


Feather color


Eye color


  • Senses a hundred times stronger than a shark
  • Immortal
  • The creature's ability to think is tremendous and it easily beats the wisest human
  • Not able to talk, although it communicates with primitive ways
  • Lives in deep waters, and nests at the bottom of the deepest ocean,
  • Believed to be the origin of life, as it dates from the creation of the planet
“Fool! We never swim FIVE kilometers away from Anvil. There are creatures that can easily kill us”
Tiberius Stormrider fighting with his son Arcadius about swimming too far from the beach.

The Flagrum or the Scourge of the Deep Seas, is a creature that resides in the oceans that surround Tamriel. The creature was born on the shores of Mount Orcanthus, and since then it began to grow quickly. However as millenias passed the creature grew so big that abandoned the beaches in search of a place with bigger room. There has not been any report of any serious attack since the First Age. The creature attacked the All Flags Navy, that had stopped on Mount Orcanthus for rest. The navy was completely destroyed, and very few of its crew managed to escape. When the crew returned back to Cyrodiil, they told numerous tales about the creature, although none seemed to believe it. However The Empire of Tamriel had long closed trade routes with the Summerset Isle. For two Eras the creature went to sleep. Until Orcanthus exploded, releasing one megaton of lava to the open sea. The creature then woke up.

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