Fidelis Singularis
Biographical information



The Shadow


Summerset Isle


3E 333


3E 369


Anise Teridus (Mother), Maximus Singularis (Father)

Physical description





1.90 Metres

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Third Age


Ranger of East


Bruma City Guard, Rangers

Fidelis Singularis often reffered to as Fi by his colleages and friends, was an Imperial "Ranger" born on Summerset Isle in 3E 333. He lived there for four years until his family moved to Bruma in Cyrodiil. Born under the Shadow, Fidelis was great at being hidden for surprise attacks and eavsedropping.

Early LifeEdit

His father began teaching him to hunt when he was eight and he became quite a marksman over the years. There he decided that he would join the City Guard as an Archer. He became captain of the Archers within months and eventually was the captain of the entire Bruma City Guard. He was known for taking down many crime bosses with his archery as well as intercepting couriers.


He left the guard to become a Ranger, a group of swordsmen, archers and thieves who devote their work to good. The swordsmen and archers would fight against bandits, necromancers and vampires while the thieves would steal from the evil and poison them as well. He restricted his operations to High Rock, Skyrim and mostly Morrowind. And because he mostly worked in Morrowind, he gained the title, Ranger of East. However, it was not until 3E 359 when he began working in High Rock. After a few years of working for the Rangers in High Rock, Fidelis recruited a Breton Archer who was skilled espcially in Alteration. She and Him worked as a team on many missions and eventually settled down in Leyawiin, Cyrodiil. They married there and from there on both did their operations in Cyrodiil and Morrowind. They died together on a mission near Leyawiin when a group of Dunmer and Orc Agents attacked them.

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