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Ezorvee was an Argonian master criminal who lived from 4E 180-4E 233. He grew up in the streets of Thorn, Black Marsh, and moved to Skyrim in 4E 201. He was revealed as Dragonborn in the same year. His masterful skills in the art of stealth granted him leader of the Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood, while he joined the Companions to retain his sense of honor. The last guild he joined, the College of Winterhold, was pursued in the hopes of becoming a masterful mage.


Early LifeEdit

Ezorvee was born in Thorn, Black Marsh, on the 18th of Sun's Dawn, 4E 180. His parents were unknown, and he grew up on the streets. He lived a rough childhood, and often obtained necessities by stealing from others, setting him on a path that would follow him his entire life.

He first experimented with weapons at the age of 7. His close friend and sister, Meesei, had stolen his food, as she had not eaten for two days. Ezorvee was enraged. He stole a knife from the butcher, and killed his sister. She had already eaten his food however, and he was hungry. He ate the left arm of his dead sister, and all memory of this was wiped out for a long time.

He killed a lot as a kid, although even adults could not find out that he was the culprit, for he was already a mastermind, and could get away with just about anything. The sadistic, twisted kid was seen as a poor, friendly child by adults.

In his teen years, he fled Thorn, haunted by his memories there. He had stolen a bow and some arrows from the town Fletcher, along with a butcher knife from the meat shop. From there, he traveled all over the wilds, killing game, keeping a daily journal to remember who he was.

Over time, his memories of Meesei faded away, and he didn't know that he had killed his sister, or that he even had one. He wanted to start a new life, away from distant memories, so he fled north, headed towards Skyrim. He had heard about the province from a traveler that was passing by, and decided he wanted to get out of the wilds.

When he arrived in Skyrim, at the age of 20, he found himself caught in an Imperial ambush on the Stormcloak rebels. From there, he was taken to Helgen and sentenced to death.

Early FreedomEdit

Helgen and Championship of HircineEdit

Once at Helgen, when he was about to be executed, the dragon Alduin attacked, burning the town. Ezorvee ran to a keep where he escaped with the Imperial soldier Hadvar. He had discovered the realm of magic durinng his escape, when he burnt a band of Stormcloaks to death. Once he left Helgen, he headed towards Falkreath, to live there for a while.

Once at Falkreath, he stayed at the local inn for a few days, running errands for gold. He visited the graveyard one day, and saw a family weeping. He learned about a werewolf named Sinding who had ripped a girl to death. He visited this beast in prison, and Sinding gave him a Cursed Ring of Hircine, and subsequently escaped prison.

He found a great beast, a stag, which he hunted and killed. It then turned into an aspect of Hircine, who told him to slay Sinding at Bloated Man's Grotto. Ezorvee obeyed. He traveled to the grotto, and hunted the werewolf down with a small band of hunters. After the beast was slain, Ezorvee harvested the skin into the Savior's Hide- his preferred armor for a while- and became the Champion of Hircine.

Events at Whiterun and High HrothgarEdit

After travelling to Whiterun to tell the Jarl, named Balgruuf the Greater of the dragon threat, another was coincidentally spotted outside the city. Ezorvee slew this dragon, and absorbed its soul, revealing he was Dragonborn. He was then directed to High Hrothgar, home of the legendary Greybeards, masters of the Way of the Voice.

He learned the meaning of being Dragonborn while there, along with new knowledge of shouts. He was sent to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, but he did not retrieve it for a long time.

Instead, he travelled to Riften, home of the Thieves' Guild. He had heard that this Guild could bring incredible riches unto its members.

Rise to FameEdit

He eventually joined the Thieves' Guild, completing many jobs for them, and making a quite large income. Eventually, he learned of an outcast named Karliah, who had killed the previous Guildmaster, Gallus Desidenius, was apparently plotting to kill the current Guildmaster, Mercer Frey.

He and the Guildmaster travelled to confront her, and she revealed that the Nightingales of Nocturnal were a real order and that she, Mercer, and Gallus were all Nightingales. She also revealed that Mercer had killed Gallus, not her, while Ezorvee watched the conversation helplessly on the ground, paralyzed.

Mercer tried to kill him after he heard the conversation, but failed. Karliah rescued him, and they worked together to stop Mercer. They travelled to the Thieves' Guild headquarters and revealed to a high-ranking member, Brynjolf, that Mercer had been stealing from the Guild. He and another high-ranking member, Delvin Mallory, proved Karliah correct.

So, working to stop him, they became Nightingales of Nocturnal at Nightingale Hall. They travelled to the dwarven ruin of Irkngthand to stop Mercer, who they learned was trying to obtain the legendary Eyes of the Falmer. Once there, Mercer and Ezorvee showed off in an epic and long showdown, after which Ezorvee proved the victor, by killing Mercer. Ezorvee took the Eyes of the Falmer and sold them, then stole one and sold it again.

As a Nightingale, he was under an oath of secrecy, and he was not very well known yet. He travelled all over Skyrim, returning the Guild's fame, and eventually became the Guildmaster, replacing Mercer. Many knew him now, mainly do to an incident where he got caught and thrown in prison, but escaped.

At this time, Ezorvee was Ezorvee of Thorn, Guildmaster and Nightingale.

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