“There is more than meets the eye in Evermor...”
―Francious Aecious, Court Wizard.

 The City Of Evermor is a primary holding of Breton army forces and a city located on the border of High Rock. It has been ruled by the Audiere family since its founding. Evermor is known to be a high place of interest for followers of Meridia, as dug into the cliff face above is a Shrine dedicated to the Daedric Prince. It is also well known for it's high populative of previous members of the Breton army during the Reach War. The Audiere family is supposedly involved with Madanach and the Forsworn.

Founding In The First EraEdit


Evermor is located to the south west of the province, and borders skyrim's reach.

During the first era the Audiere family were already well known nobility as Councillors in Stornhelm. After conflicts with the ruling family of Stornhelm, they decided to seperate from the main council and formed the new city of Evermor. They intended to increase relations with the native tribes there and eventually rule over them. There leader at the time, Cregh, was in agreement with them and they decided to come under the rule. The Audiere family had heavy ties to the Cult Of Meridia, and allow them to build a temple and shrine to Meridia atop the city. It had become a well established city by the start of the Second Era and was a popular tourist destination due to its rough and unique landscape.

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