The Esronietan Chronicles I is an ongoing fan book series written and produced by Darth Storm, which can be found on the Tesfanon wiki. The first novel, Esronietan Chronicles I: Departure from Paranor, was released on October 1, 2008 and set in the Third Era during the childhood and later life of Rone Ellendil. Departure from Paranor introduced several original characters to the Elder Scrolls universe, including the Esronietan king, Casamir Ellendil, the Bosmer Warrior, Dunfee Aran, and the Tsaesci Arch Mage, Thras Harad. In Departure from Paranor, Casamir, aided by Dunfee Aran, and Thras Harad goes in search of his mother, who has been missing for sometime.

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