The Kingdom of Esroniet, or Esroniet, was a great imperial power from the Third Era onwards, and was located in the Sea of Ghosts. The capital and most populous city was Paranor. The population of this country was mostly of Atmoran, Akaviri, and Ehlnofian descent. There were about one million inhabitants in Esroniet. Esroniet was a long establised monarchy that survived Esroniet's conquest by Uriel V, Emperor of the Septim Empire. Esroniet was a member of the Tamriellic Alliance during the Oblivion Crisis.

However, given that this lore is boring, it is therefore wrong.


Esroniet was a large tropical island in the southern region of the Sea of Ghosts, compromising of one major island, Esroniet. Esroniet was located in the southern region of the Sea of Ghosts, many miles off the coast of Black Marsh. It was situated in the Mid Continental Zone, the area between the two continents of Tamriel and Akavir.

The northern region of Esroniet was mostly flat and fertile. The central, and southern regions, had lots of hills and were very green. There were large forests in these regions, but agriculture was less easy in these areas.

The Kingdom of Esroniet was divided into three provinces, or regions: Monaco, Andorra, and Basque. All of these provinces had a capital town or city. These towns and cities, listed in order were: Leah, Storlock, and Culhaven.


The large island of Esroniet layed between the continents of Tamriel and Akavir, which in effect, made the island of Esroniet a tropical, and warm island. It had a very comfortable climate, which made agriculture easier and more popular.

In Morning Star, the temperatures were usually semi cold. In Sun's Height the temperature was usually pretty warm. The maximum temperature was very hot.


Esroniet had a strong and stable economy considering that it was inhabited by its sizeable population. Though the economy of Esroniet never reached the level of the Septim Empire or the Pyandonea, it still had a pretty good economy. The most important branches of the Esronietan economy were agriculture, smithing, ship building, enchanting, painting, and the various ores that were mined from beneath the island. The largest companies on the island of Esroniet were the East Empire Company, Flavian Smithies, Liberty Mining Corporation, and the Nine Shipwrights.


Republic of EsronietEdit

Esroniet has been ruled by several governments. The first government, which existed during the First Era, was the Republic of Esroniet. The delegates of the Republic were elected by the people. The legislative branch of the Republic, the Council of Elders, proposed and voted on new laws, and reforms. The two delegates with the most votes were made High Chancellor. He or she appointed the governors and other officials of the Republic.


The royal family was very privileged, the ruling monarch and his or her partner were both automatically heads of government, much like the Emperors of the Septim Empire. The King and Queen had an important role in politics. Many kings acted as dictators. The King and Queen had much executive power as well as all of the legislative power.

Tamrielic and Akavir RelationsEdit

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