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Ervyn a is a Dunmer female Mabrigash, that used to be a wise woman of an Ashlander tribe living out in the wasteland that is present day Morrowind. She betrayed her tribe by delving into forbidden magic, after witnessing many atrocities by the male members of her tribe. She sought revenge after the death of one of her friends, which caused her to break the taboos of the tribe, and become what is only known as a Mabrigash.


Early LifeEdit

Ervyna was born on the island of Vvardenfell in the year 4E 168 to an Ashlander tribe wandering the north of the island. Not soon after her birth, Ervyna’s parents were killed by raiding Argonian’s and she was left orphaned, and given to the care of the tribes wise woman. From there, she was made an apprentice to the wise woman of the tribe  


To Ervyna, the wise woman whom became her mentor, Uylria, became like a mother for her. She was taught by Uylria, about magic, a skill Ervyna was talented in, and soon she in her early age begun to surpass the other apprentices. At this time, she was taught in the skills of restoration and healing, as well as a little in the art of illusion and curses. She was told however, not to stray into the dark arts of this magic, as it would only mean the end for her.

Eventually, as the years went by, the other apprentices were slowly cast away, forced to do other jobs in the tribe. Then, at the age of 16, Ervyna became the only apprentice of Uylria, and knew that now she was destined to become a wise woman. She was prideful in her work, knowing her ancestors would be proud of her, for what she was doing. As the next year went by, Ervyna became a master in the art of restoration, and became a healer for the tribe as she continued her studies.  

Halfway through her sixteenth year, disaster happened to the tribe. Argonians, seeking to free the many numbers of their kin kept in captivity by the tribe attacked. They came in great numbers during the middle of the night under spells of Illusion, and ambushed the sleeping Dunmer, killing many in their sleep. However, the alarm was raised, and many of the Dunmer awoke to meet with the Argonians, brandishing their blades. The battle that followed was long and bloody, and with Ervyna being a healer of their tribe witnessed much of the brutality. Dark Elves with severed limbs and magical injuries flowed into her tent as she desperately tried to heal them with her magical powers. Within minutes of this, she became increasingly tired, mentally, and could not keep this up. Eventually, one Dunmer warrior burst into their tent, and told her their Ashkhan (Warrior-Chief of the tribe) Vonos had been mortally wounded on the field, and needed her help.

Reluctantly, as she was tired from all this healing, and afraid of what terrors lurked outside, Ervyna wandered outside. She was greeted with scenes of death and horror, as the Dunmer struggled to hold back the tide of invisible Argonians. Tents were burning, and the screams of death could be heard all around her. But yet, Ervyna persisted and followed the warrior to where Vonos was. When she arrived, she used the last of her powers to save their dying Ashkhan before falling unconscious.  

She awoke the next morning in her tent, to be met with the cries of agony from fellow Dunmer wounded in the battle. When she left her tent, it was apparent that a battle had taken place here. Tents were burnt down, the smell of smoke and ash was in the air, and piles of dead Argonians burned as no one could be bother burying them. As Ervyna walked through the devastation, she was met by one of the Dunmer warriors of their tribe, and was told to meet with Vonos. When she did, her life changed. She was told that her mentor had died during the fighting, and that she was the only one whom could replace her. From then on, Ervyna became the Wise Woman of the tribe.         

Young Wise WomanEdit

Ervyna, despite how young she was, fell easily into this new role. She liked this position of leadership, and liked the challenges it gave her. To the other members of the tribe, she was wise beyond her years, granting guidance when they needed it, and showing the young of their culture and traditions. After mere months of her in this new role, already rumors about her power and her wisdom spread through word of mouth, claiming that she was the reincarnation of one of the tribe’s greatest wise women, Veriia. However, Ervyna dismissed these, and focused more upon her role in the tribe.

As the years went by, Ervyna’s wisdom and understanding of magic grew, and so did her knowledge of the darker arts. These darker arts intrigued her, and she begun to study these further out of simple curiosity. However, she stopped herself before she went too far; heeding the words her mentor had told her. She then continued her duties as a wise woman, and blocked herself from straying once again into the dark arts.

Things however, as the next year coursed by, begun to turn for the worse. Vonos’s condition begun to worsen despite the help Ervyna provided him. Within the space of a few days it seemed almost certain that he would die. However, when Vonos lay on his deathbed, it became apparent to Ervyna that he was not in fact dying from the wounds he had sustained years ago, but from a poison. Knowing this, she begun work extracting this poison, and saved Vonos’s life once again. However, her efforts were in vein, as when she checked on him the next morning, there was a dagger piecing his heart.  

In the events that followed, Vonos’s nephew Vlandill took the leadership of the tribe, and begun to change it to suit his needs. The Wise Woman’s position, and the positions of women in general begun to be downgraded, and privileges of those positions were cast away. Vlandill changed his tribe into a tribe were the men warriors rule and decide things. Ervyna was not happy with this, as her position became only ceremonial, and held no power any longer. All this begun to attribute to her abandonment, and her turn into a Mabrigash.


As woman’s roles in the tribe became more and more downgraded, Ervyna was forced to watch the brutality inflicted upon them by the male members of the tribe. It was only because of her respected position that she herself was exempt from this. However, she could not stand by and continue to watch it happen. She began to yet again delve into the dark arts, seeing it as the only way to save her fellow female kin. As she continued more and more into these dark arts, the more she had to learn. Eventually, study of these art begun to consume her mind with the power they promised, and the strength to save those she loved.

After many weeks, Vlandill and his Dunmer warriors became suspicious of Ervyna doings. They wondered why she spent so much time in her private tent, and why strange noises came from there during the night. So they confronted her, and were aghast as well as fearful at what they saw. Ervyna became what they called a Mabrigash, a witch woman with much power in the skills of magic. Seeing this, Vlandill’s warriors attacked without orders, and tried to kill Ervyna where she stood. But she had become to powerful. She cast the ghost snake spell on them, draining the life from their pathetic souls, leaving them lifeless and twitching on the ground. At the show of this defiance, Vlandill showed his true colors and ran.

Following this, Ervyna left the tribe, not wanting anything to do with it any longer. She headed south towards the ash that spewed out of Red Mountain vowing to return and ‘liberate’ the women that were treated as slaves.   


Ervyna eventually made to a cave, weathering through numerous ash storms that erupted out of Red Mountain. In this cave (which seemed to be an old lava tube) Ervyna begun to perfect he craft and study of the dark arts. When she eventually thought herself powerful enough, after many months alone in this cave, she set back out, hoping to gain revenge. At this time, terrible rumors had spread out about her power, and the darkness that was erupting from her cave. She had become feared, and now none dared look upon her. 

With only the word of revenge burned into her mind, Ervyna journeyed back towards the tribe that had cast her out. When she arrived, they trembled, aghast at what she had become, and fearful for what she would do next. Only Vlandill and his most loyal warriors worked up the courage to even speak to her. They demanded to know what she wanted, and why she had come back. She only smiled at their words, and then demanded that all the women of the tribe be free from their tyranny, free to join her at her side. Vlandill, of course, refused to give into her demands, and ordered his warriors to attack her. This was a big mistake. Ervyna released all the fury, the hate, and the sadness that she had kept away for so long, and drained these Dunmer to death. Vlandill then showed his true colors, and ran, never to return back to the tribe.

With Vlandill gone, and most elite warriors of the tribe lying dead at Ervyna feet, the oppressed women were now free. Many joined her, intrigued at the power she could give them, many other just simply left. But whatever the case, the Ashlander tribe that Ervyna was part of, was now effectively destroyed.  

Forming of the covenEdit

(See main article: Coven of the Mabrigash)

Journey to SolsthiemEdit



Ervyna is a dedicated Mabrigash, meaning she has the power to drain the life force of anyone using the Ghost Snake spell. She is also quite fast on her feet, able to dodge most attacks in order to gain the upper hand in a close quarter fight. Because she is fast on her feet, it also means that if things go wrong, she has the ability to run away from most enemies without them. However, normally she has not use for running away, as most enemies run from here.

Being a former Wise Woman also means she has access to a whole range of restorative and healing spells. It is rumored Ervyna could cast back someone's missing limp, however she denies this. But, she is known to be able to cure most illnesses and curses, and is sometimes sought over by the sick and needy.


Ghost SnakeEdit


Being something she has trained since birth in, restoration is one of Ervyna's more prominent skills. She is able to heal up most sword wounds with almost little effort at all, as well as being able to cure some of the most potent poison's and curses. Ervyna is also rumored to be able to regenerate severed limbs, however this skill remains as it is, a rumor, and Ervyna denies being able to do so.


Ervyna has learnt many curses in her time as both a Mabrigash, and a wise woman. She delved into this forbidden art simply out of curiosity when she was in her early years as a wise woman. However, before she continued to far she stopped herself, and prevented herself from falling into the dark arts. But a few years later, when she had left the tribe to become a Mabrigash, she delved once again into this forbidden art, and begun learning it many secrets. Since then, Ervyna has learnt many curses, and have used many of these to kill, wound or otherwise harm her enemies. These include:

Shadow MagicEdit

Thanks to being away from the rules and traditions of the Ashlander tribe, Ervyna has studied darker forms of magic, most namely, shadow magic.


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Ervyna hates this dunmer with an iron passion, not only for what he has done to her, but what he turned her into. She would now seek anyway possible to cause harm to him, and constantly tries to harrass him with her fellow Mabrigash.




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Coven of the MabrigashEdit

(See main article:Coven of the Mabrigash) The Coven was formed by Ervyna a few years after she abandoned her Ashlander tribe, in an effort to strike back at those whom had wronged her and her new friends.


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