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Lord Emilo Deaman was an ancient vampiric Imperial/Nord Overlord.


Given Name: Emilo Deaman

Alias: The Overlord, The Fearsome Necromancer, The First Vampire.

Height: 6`2" (190 cm, Imperial), 6`10" (210 cm, Nord)

Weight: 330 ibs (150 kg, Imperial) 555 ibs (251 kg, Nord)

Race: Imperial (Before and after ressuracted), Nord (Released)

Age: 50, 55 (Resurracted), 4451 (Released)

Born: 1E 0, 1E 55 (Resurracted), 4E 201 (Released) 

Birthplace: Cyrodill.

Death: 1E 50, 4E 750 (Released)

Eras: 1st, 2nd and 4th

Factions: Volkihar Clan (Currently)



As an Imperial Emilo was of avarage body build, normal skin tone, red eyes, black hair styled back and a full chin curtian beard but no moustache. He was also taller the most Imperials. After becoming a vampire his hair changed to dark red and his skin turned pale. After being released from the dimension he lost his body, and his power however his now body was good as his old one. In the new body of a Nord Emilo had a major chance on him, his body was muscular then his old, eyes was completely black, had long orange-red like hair and a full long beard, after Harkon the leader of the Volkihar clan granted his blood to Emilo, Emilo shaved his hair to medium long and his beard to his orginal style, his hair was also turned black and his eyes glowing.

Vampire LordEdit

In his Vampire Lord form Emilo has major differences from the regular form. He was taller, more muscular and his skin was darker, has four fangs, black red eyes, black claws and toes longer the the regular form, his hair was black and still had his beard, wings much longer and wider, a four horned crown, a black red cape that he wore sometimes but not always and very similar hip-cloth except colored dark red and black.



Ebony Sword: Emilo's sword he used during the 1st Era before his death and resurraction. It looks different then the ebony swords in the 3th-4th Eras, the blade has a dark silver shine and slighty curved, the black hilt is bladed with spikes and on is a red jewel, a black handle and on the end of it is a red jewel. It was lost after he died

Emilo's Sword: His primery sword after his resurraction and during the remaining 1st era to the end of the 2nd era. the blade is straight and jagged, a black rounded hilt surrended by spikes on the edges and a  curved black handle with three red jewels on each side. after he was sealed, it was placed in a secret place in the White Gold Tower in the Imperial City.

Daedric Sword: Emilo's primery sword during the 4th era. It looks the same as a normal daedric sword


1sr-2nd Era: He wore a three horned crown, a cheastplate with a demonic symbol covering his dark red shirt, spiked spaulders holding his dark red cape, clawed gauntlets, a spiked fault, black pants and spiked boots.

4th Era: He wore Nightingale armor with ebony gauntlets and boots, after becoming a vampire lord i wore vampire royal armor with gauntlets and boots, he also wore a circlet, necklace and a ring. he sometimes but rarely wore a black robe with hood and boots


Emilo was discribed as a ruthless, selfish, tyrant during his time as the emporor by others, he sees that all races should be used as slaves untill they die by themself or himself, others vampires he sees them as pathetic and weak as they need to feed and their weakness to the sun. He sees the deadra and the princes as weak but they be useful for him. When he was a child he was more friendlier, nicer although his view on all the races was the same. he shows no remorse to anything he has done, he show no regerd to his family nor his so called "friends". he gets rarely angy but he does when someone betrayes him or mention the one who sealed him in which he kills them. the only one he cared about was his daughter Tilmia who carried his legacy after his death. 



Emilo was a master with swords, knowing all styles with it, he favorites curved, jagged and curved jagged swords or greatswords, he doesn't like maces, axes or the two handed variations, he mostly fair but sometimes unfair when fighting an opponent he can't defeat fair, he tries to fool his opponents, ex trowing his sword up in the air and summons another sword and stabs them while the sword in the air lands on their head, killing them. he also is very good at hand to hand combat, enough to beat a warriors, mages and thiefs however he is not good enough to beat Urgog Duth.

Magic Edit

Emilo could use any schools of magic but he favorite the conjuration, illusion and destruction schools. in conjuration he mostly summons swords or dremoras but sometimes raises the dead, Illusion he uses fear or frenzy spells sometimes calm and destruction he uses mostly shock spells.


Emilo was nicknamed "The Fearsome Necromancer" by others, he trained in it during his youth to adulthood and after many years he could raise anyone from the dead even does who died years ago. During his campain for the throne, he raised an massive undead army with dremoras who later betrayed him, the undead seved him untill his death in which they left him and went to their graves and sleept forever.


Early life And deathEdit

Years and Era: 1E 0-50

Emilo was born in 1E 0, 1st day of morning star, morndas. he was the son of two royals who's name have beeen lost in history and had a older brother named Milo. During his childhood Emilo was always outside at night and traid to raise the dead but to no veil, he never spend time with his brother or parents in fact he hated them and would kill them which he did later on, Age of 10 Emilo killed his Milo with a knife by slitting his throat and dumped the body in the lake, the body was found by soldiers and went his parents who was devastating about his death, they had a funeral for him, everybody was there except Emilo who made plans in his room. Age of 12 Emilo killed his parents, the father was killled by being strangled with a rope and the mother was killed in her sleep. Having no parents Emilo was send to an orphanage however he was there in 4 years. at the age of 16 he killled everyone at the orphanage and left to a abonded house in the forest, long away from the citys, no one know that he was there, he spend there in years studying and training with swords, greatswords and of course magic, it took him many years before he mastered all but at the age of 40 he succeded. he forged himself a sword and armor which was made from ebony. Age 50 he died by an assassin who was hired by the King of Tamriel. before Emilo death he made a deal with the daedric prince Molag Bal in which if he died he would challenge him untill no could fight anymore and if Emilo won Bal will grand him immortality and if Bal won Emilo's soul was his forever. after his death Emilo fought Bal and won even though molag would win but Emilo fought unfair and was granted immortality and so become the first vampire. Unlike other vampires Emilo was immune to the sun and didn't need to feed.

Resurraction And Goal For The ThroneEdit

Years and Era: 1E 55-105

After his death Emilo fought Bal and won even though Molag would have won Emilo fought unfair and was granted immortality and so become the first vampire. Unlike other vampires Emilo was immune to the sun and didn't need to feed. Emilo woke up after 5 years in his bloody bed and quickly grabbed his sword and put on his armor, Emilo searched for the assassin, found him and killed him by ripping his guts out. Now that he was dead Emilo tought that now was the time for the plan he made long ago, the plane for the throne. however he needed an arrmy to do so, and army who obeyed him no matter what and then he got it, he would raise the dead of all who have died. So in 50 years Emilo searched for graves and took the corpses with him. At last he got his army and raised from their slumber together with dremoras he summoned and marched to the Imperial city. No one stood a chance against him, even if they killed them, they just rose back up and fought again. eventually the city fall to him and the king was killed. now Emilo had controll over cyrodill and an army who could not die, all that remains was the other regions and then he would controll everything.

Controll over the RegionsEdit

Years and Era: 1E 56-2E