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The Elyk are a species of man-beast that inhabit Andromedas on the continent of Barachis. They are technically classed as a bestial race, due to the horns on their head and lower body structure. They are also considered to be half goat, but the precise animal is unknown to most. Most Elyk are academic, becoming bards, poets and even famous philosophers. Magic is a highly respected art amongst the Elykan community, and they have a particular interest in Alteration & Illusion magicks.



A typical male Elyk.

Despite being classed as a bestial race, Elyk have a human structure in the upper half of the body, with a light green/greyish tinge to the skin. Females have also extra fur across their chest, while males have distinguishable muscles.


Elyks are said to be the descendants of one of the Great Hunts performed by the Bosmer of Tamriel. After time, one of these hunts was said to have become civilized after being captured by Nordic Tribe of Solstheim, the Skaal. This hunt eventually evolved into the Elyk, and they sailed far from Tamriel's reaches. The Skaal made a pact with the Elyk, which allowed them to keep their lives if they kept the secret of en-capturing and torturing them from the rest of the continent.

Upon arrival to Barachis, they found the vacant forestlands of the north, deemed uninhabitable by most of the other races. They soon set up tree cities, much like their Bosmer ancestory, where they would live a life of peace. The Elyk have only been known to be involved in a single war throughout Barachis, when they invaded what they thought was the empty Solistal. This was of course instantly counter-acted by the Solin at what became known as The Imagination War. The name was gained simply as both sides used powerful conjuration spells designed practically on the spot. The final battle took place on the now named Imaginarium Mountain, where the Solin created a beast so incredible, that the Elyk ran as far as they could. It is believed that the beast they summoned was in fact the dragon-god that most Solin worship to this day. Alkaumtaukbah.

Since this war, they have been known to keep out of empiral affairs, remaining loyal to the Empire as they do not have any particular political structure. They merely rely on 'The Everking', a king who has reigned for all of the time the Elyk have been on Barachis. This Everking is supposedly kept alive by a ritual performed on the 6th of Spriggan's Oasis called Everday which all Elyk in the entire province meet at the Secreil Tein River, home to the Secreil Tein Palace where the king resides.

Notable ElykEdit

  • The Everking
  • Teblet The Philosopher
  • Gratouri
  • Ervelo