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Elisre Stacker is the youngest of the five children of Imperial Guard Captain Korvan Stacker II and Mages Guild Magician Jade Mara-Stacker. His lack of interest in much of the family training led him to learn other manners of protecting himself when he was not with his family, which would eventually land him in the Thieves Guild.


Early LifeEdit

Elisre's parents tried training him from a young age just as they did with his other siblings, however Elisre was so set to being himself and sticking to the shadows that he only learned how to use short-bladed weaponry and either light armor or none what-so-ever. From his mother he learned an invisibility Illusion spell. He spent much of his time trying to be out of the house with his sister, Nessanna, where the two of them would compete breaking into guard sleeping quarters, guard towers, and the homes of many of the richest inhabitants of the Imperial City without being caught and getting back home without anyone finding out. When he wasn't with his sister he was always attempting to sneak around others in the Imperial City in order to keep himself safe, as the family of an Imperial Guard Captain wasn't ever the most popular family - especially with those from the poorer districts.

Family DeathsEdit

Nessanna's disappearanced devastated Elisre, as she was his only real friend either in the family or outside in public and she had been close to him. He was never sure if she died but was one of the most adament about denouncing her death in the Stacker Family. But he keeps a secret concerning what he saw of the assassination of his parents. Later his brother, Torfas, would be found dead outside Bruma in Elisre's 26th year. He wouldn't live long enough to see his other family members dead.

Later YearsEdit

Later on Elisre would donate his savings and inheretence to an anonymous organization and then relocate himself to the Waterside District of the Imperial City. Once he was considered a miscreant merely for befriending known thieves and bums, though he was never caught conducting his thefts, his image was ruined and he had to leave as his face was too well known. He first relocated to Bravil, continuing his services with the discrete Thieves Guild and conducting a large heist on a 'hot' target. Thanks to a minor slip-up he landed himself a year in the Bravil Prison and would be released as his brother, Korvan III, passed through traveling Cyrodiil on a sort of pilgrimage.

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