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Elder Scrolls VI: Dynasty

“For Years We Have Fought, For Freedom, For Truth. Now It Is Time We Find Superiority. This, Is The Last Great War.”
―The Elder Scrolls VI: Dynasty[src]

The Elder Scrolls VI: Dynasty was a Fantasy game released by Bethesda Softworks based in the Elder Scrolls Universe. The game's story occurs ten years after Skyrim, with the Empire and the Thalmor are at breaking point of the Second Great War. The character, also known as 'Tamriel's Champion' joins the story at a time where the King Of Hammerfell has been assasinated and the player is being framed for his murder. It is believed he was killed due to Hammerfell's neutrality in the war. It is amongst Black Marsh who also disagree with both sides. After being released with a new identity, the player learns of a corrupt Imperial Legate whom has been ruling over Orsinium, where the champion was has been held. Upon arrival to the Wayrest Palace the champion discovers an Imperial General an High Rock's Thalmor Ambassador both about to kill the corrupt Legate. In a split second decision the Champion must choose whether to assist the Imperial or the Thalmor. Whatever is chosen, they kill the opposing side and the corrupt Legate and this act begins the Second Great War.



Ambassador Elvina & Legate Rikke

As the champion leaves the Wayrest Prison, they are directed through the orcish city to the far north, where they reach Wayrest Palace. As they enter, they spot an Imperial on the throne and as they approach draws a familiar figure, Legate Rikke from TES:V. She shouts 'Time To Die Traitor!' and as she launches herself toward the throne she is withheld in mid air. The source is revealed to be an unknown Thalmor soldier, who reveals herself to be the Thalmor Ambassador To High Rock. Elvina delivers the newcomer an ultimatum. They can either kill Rikke or attempt to kill her. Depending on the character's race she will also make an additonal comment, listed in a table in the 'Trivia' category. Once the player has decided they will easily be able to kill their chosen victim in one or two hits. The surviving member of either side will then attack the corrupt Imperial Legate, stating them to be a double agent. Upon leaving the palace with their new follower, the champion is apprehended by the guard of the other side, stating that they had begun the Second Great War. The champion's mentor tells them to run and they both do, escaping out of a sewer vent next to the palace. When they eventually leave the sewer they reach a small jetty with a boat containing a General of their chosen side on it. They are taken back to the home city of either Cyrodiil or Summerset Isle depending on the choice they made. Upon arrival at the city, the champion is given a bed in the barracks where they are advised to rest. The door is locked and the champion must sleep. They awake in a strange dream like reality where they are greeted by a strange figure, telling them a prophecy depending on which side they were on.

If The Empire Was Chosen, The Quote Is As Follows:

'Hail, son/daughter of my empire. You have chosen the side that still believes in me. It is your personal duty to enlighten them, and guide them with my grace. For you, are the Champion Of Talos!'

If The Aldmeri Dominion Was Chosen, The Quote Is As Follows:

'Your kind has long not welcomed me, as they only think of themselves. I do not ask you to change their minds, nor to convert them. All i ask is that you guide them. Prove to them your worth. Prove to them they are not gods, and all shall worship as one!'

Upon the end of this dream, the player awakens and tells Elvina/Rikke what happened. They are then told if they wish to join the Legion/Thalmor they must speak to the General in the Senator's Outpost. When they leave the building they are free to do as they wish.

Main StorylineEdit

The Champion meets with their Monarch and discusses what is to happen next. In the discussion, a courier enters and tells the court that Hammerfell has been taken by the opposing side. They then set out to regain the country in which they hear legends that the Nerevarine has returned. Hoping the Nerevarine can help discover the meaning of the Champion's dream they travel to his isle of residence, Stros M'kai. After realising that the dream was in fact a prophecy sent by the god Talos, the Nerevarine joins the cause of the Champion. Together they travel to meet with the Psijic Order who tell the champion of the location of the prophecy. It is in an Elder Scroll! After discovering it was buried in a huge twisting labyrinth made by the Left Handed Elves long ago. After traveling there and conquering the labyrinth and gaining the scroll, they are caught by the An Xileel and held in a prison in Stormhold. In a few days they are broken out by forces of the champions side and they take Stormhold. After eventually capturing all of Black Marsh, the newly promoted General Rikke or newly promoted General Elvena tell you of one of the last Moth Priests traveling to Morthal, Skyrim. After venturing there and meeting Lorvel Nexius they find that the prophecy dictates that this war will be known as 'The Endwar' and will be one of the last wars in Tamriel's history. To discover the full meaning of the prophecy Lorvel advises the pair to go to Windhelm's Shrine Of Talos and speak to the high priest. Upon arrival they find a mysterious cloaked character praying to the altar. He whispers something about 'Dragonborn' before leaving the temple. They then speak to the high priest who tells them that Talos wishes for peace between Human and Mer as they have been fighting for long enough. They receive notice of a battle beginning in the Imperial City and realise they cannot get there in time. At this moment a dragon swoops down from the sky, a mysterious cloaked rider on its back, telling them to get on. After some persuading it is revealed that the man is the Dragonborn and he will take them to the Imperial City. And surely enough, he takes The Champion & The Nerevarine to the Imperial City battle where they either defend or fight for the city. The battle ends upon the top of the White-Gold Tower, where they find the Empress and Elvina both out of breath. General Rikke tries to push Elvina over the edge, but the Nerevarine stops her and allows The Champion to speak. After a long dramatic speech the war ends with both Elvina & The Empress dropping their swords and finishing the war. The Nerevarine gifts Elvina the Elder Scroll, inside is drawn a map to Aldmeris. In a final scene on the Summerset Isle, Elvina is seen drifting a way on a boat carrying several other Altmer on it. The Empress & The High King Of Summerset Isle shake hands and agree to a final peace treaty that allows Summerset Isle inclusion in the Empire, Talos to be worshipped once more, and that all gods are to be worshipped as another. The camera shortly shows Elvina atop the ship looking to the elder scroll as a map, and the camera finally zooms in to the scroll before displaying the credits. (After this the champion is still able to continue as they wish).



After awakening from the dream the champion should go to the nearby Senator's outpost and join the Imperial Legion/Aldmeri Dominion.

Prophet (Dynasty)Edit

The Champion should speak to the King Of Summerset Isle (Thalmor) or the Empress Of Tamriel (Legion) to discuss the dream.

Blood NightEdit

After appearing at the Majesty's court, the Champion learns that Hammerfell has fallen into the hands of the opposing side and must journey there in an attempt to regain the state.

Battle Of Brushmudt KalEdit

An orcish stronghold in the south west of Hammerfell must be gained for a barracks.

Battle Of RihadEdit

The champion must regain the city-state of Rihad for the Empire/Thalmor.

Battle Of SkavenEdit

The champion must regain the city of Skaven for the Empire/Thalmor


The champion must regain Hammerfell's capital of Sentinel for their side, and name a new High Monarch For Hammerfell.

The NerevarineEdit

After regaining Hammerfell, the Champion is sent to speak to the Nerevarine on the isle of Stros M'Kai to speak about the dream.

Gaining A HeroEdit

The Nerevarine has agreed to join forces with your side, and has named you 'Talos' Prophet' due to your timely meeting with the god himself. Now you must return to the King/Empress' court.

Loose EndsEdit

The Champion and The Nerevarine have been sent to find an Elder Scroll in Black Marsh, without being noticed as an Legionnare/Thalmor Soldier due to the neutrility of the state.

Cause And EffectEdit

After being found with an Elder Scroll inside Black Marsh, the Champion and the Nerevarine must escape prison and meet with Elvina/Rikke at the border.

Battle Of StormholdEdit

The Champion must Gain Stormhold for The Empire/Thalmor without the help of the Nerevarine, who has joined the Court.

Battle Of GideonEdit

The Champion must gain Gideon for the Empire/Thalmor.

Archon's EdgeEdit

The Champion must now take the Capital City of Black Marsh, Archon and name a new High Monarch for Argonia.

The Elder ScrollEdit

The Champion travels to Morthal, Skyrim, to meet with Lorvel Nexius, a Moth Priest who can read the elder scroll.

Finding The True PurposeEdit

The Champion meets with the Nerevarine in Windhelm where they travel to the Shrine Of Talos to discover the prophecy's meaning.

The EndwarEdit

With The Endwar prophecy armed, the Champion is directed to go to the Imperial City, as the final battle of the Second Great War begins.

Battle For Imperial CityEdit

The Champion must join their side in either attacking or defending the Imperial City.


As the two sides sheathe swords, they realise the mistakes they had made. Summerset Isle is given over to the Empire. The Elder Scroll is read, and depicts a map to the mystic land of Aldmeris. Many Altmer depart on a journey to their sacred homeland and the rest are left to the hands of the New United Empire. Where all may worship as and who they wish.

Other QuestlinesEdit

Alongside the Main Quest there are 6 factions that can be joined by the Champion.
  • The Fighters Guild (Cyrodiil)
  • The Psijic Order (Summerset Isle)
  • The Dark Brotherhood (Morrowind)
  • The Companions (Skyrim)
  • Bladedancers College (High Rock)
  • Thieves Guild (Valenwood)

The Fighters GuildEdit

The Fighters Guild is run from Cyrodiil's Cheydinhal. It's storyline focuses around a rivalry with the 'Drak Sha'Mato' a Khajiit only warriors guild in Elsweyr. The other side appears as a 'Heroes Guild' to the Khajiit people but has in fact been hiring Nord mercenaries to do all the work for them, with them reaping in the credit. They eventually manage to expose the guild, and destroy them from the inside.

Main Quests:Edit

  • Rangers
  • Bloodied History
  • Unknown Beginnings
  • Hook, Line & Sinker
  • Ramshackle
  • Mandatory Death
  • Glory Of The Corrupt
  • Masterful Deception
  • Crown Of The Cleansers

Notable Members:Edit

Haryn Castellius (Breton, Guildmaster)

Yorun Long-Tail (Nord, Second In Command)

Turns-Many-Leaves (Argonian, Radiant Quest Giver)

Lolora (Altmer, Radiant Quest Giver)

Psijic OrderEdit

Psijic vadril by theminttu-d4nv0xt

A Typical Psijic Monk

After the falling of the college of Winterhold, the Psijic Order have been trying to get there hands on the Staff Of Magnus so they can maintain the Eye's evergrowing power. As the eye threatens to destroy all of Artaeum, they must find the staff and manage it quickly. 

Main Quests:Edit

  • Joining The Order
  • Passing Of Sheogorath
  • Turning A New Leaf
  • Oddysey
  • Magnus' Obsession
  • Wayrest Palace
  • Cornered Docks
  • Heavy Discovery
  • Disclosed In This Note
  • Fed To The Dogs

Notable MembersEdit

Quaranir (Altmer, Leader)

Yensuing (Dunmer, Second In Command)

Azzuray (Altmer, Radiant Quest Giver)

Andres Kilneore (Breton, Radiant Quest Giver)

The Dark BrotherhoodEdit


Obey The Night Mother! Obey Sithis!

“Darkness Be With You!”
―- Lorenze Lachance[src]

Since the Argonians retreated from Morrowind, The Dark Brotherhood has had a major effect on the newly built Dunmer capital, Azuria. The Azuria Branch is run by a Dark Elf named Sarethi. The entire Brotherhood and the 5 other visitable sanctuaries are overseen by an Imperial named Lorenze Lachance, a descendant of Lucien Lachance. It is also notable that the Dawnstar Sanctuary is visitible.

With the Dark Brotherhood riding strong after the Assassination Of Emperor Titus Mede II, the first Listener has gone to set up a sanctuary in Alinor, Summerset Isle. After your induction to the brotherhood you are advised to speak to the true leader, who happens to be visiting the Night Mother's coffin in Dawnstar. Upon arrival, you discover Cicero and a strange hooded man speaking whom reveales himself to be Lorenze Lachance, a descendant of Lucien Lachance. After several minor contracts Lachance tells you he wishes to set up a primary contract. At this moment a loud feminine voice is heard by Lorenze and the Champion. When Lorenze sees that the Champion is also a listener, they begin to plot out a new target. The Night Mother advises them both to go to Daggerfall, High Rock where they should meet with Garenze Gultius, the Daggerfall court mage. When they meet with him, they discover that High Rock has made a deal with the Argonians of Black marsh to start another uprising against the Empire. The court mage wishes not to be involved in war, and declares that he wishes for the slow deaths of the members of each court. He also states he wishes to be hidden whilst this occurs and Lorenze agrees to hide Garenze in the Morrowind Sanctuary. They then begin to co-ordinate the deaths of the members of each court, beginning with the lowest ranked. They plot out to kill the twinned members of each court when they are meeting. To do this, they get Garenze to co-ordinate meetings between two members of the courts. After the sufficient deaths of both Stewards and Black Marsh's court mage, they set up a press interview with Garenze, who had 'Escaped' from the Brotherhood's grasp whilst Black Marsh's court mage was killed. The interview blamed the deaths on their rivals, the Morag Tong. After High Rock forces discovered the Morag Tong hideout in Morrowind, they destroyed them believing the deaths to be over. Now came the main plan of attack, Lorenze was to go to Black Marsh's palace and kill the King and his Thanes whilst the champion would get to Daggerfall palace, do the same, and then meet at the Morrowind Sanctuary. After the champion kills the King and His Thanes they return to the Sanctuary to find Garenze with a knife at Lorenze's throat. Garenze then reveals himself to be Haryn Lachance, Lorenze's brother in disguise, and also the leader of the Morag Tong. Lorenze tells the champion not to worry about him, but to kill Haryn. As Haryn stabs Lorenze, He attacks the champion where he must be killed. Lorenze gives the Champion the Blade Of Woe and leadership to the Brotherhood. As the Champion descends to the rest of the Sanctuary, they discover Sarethi and 4 other surviving members of the Brotherhood next to the dead bodies of Morag Tong assassins. Sarethi then reveals herself to be the 6th child of the Night Mother. Who avenged her siblings by killing her later on. She then tells the champion that they are now the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, and that she will rebuild the sanctuary in Azuria. She also gifts the Champion with a map of all five Dark Brotherhood sanctuaries, including the newly created Alinor Branch, where the player will find the Dragonborn from the main quest to be a listener.


  • An Offering To Sithis

Kill a notable character in Morrowind.

  • A Once In A Lifetime Lachance

Meet with Lorenze Lachance in Dawnstar, Skyrim.

  • Sanctuarial Tasks

Receive and complete 3 contracts from Nazir.

  • A Mother's Grace

Help Lorenze and the Night Mother find a new major contract.

  • Mandatory Messaging

Speak To Garenze Gultius, The Court Mage Of Daggerfall.

  • Unrenowned Discipline

Return to the Azuria Sanctuary and have Garenze create a meeting between the country's stewards then kill them.

  • A False Front (Dynasty)

Kill the Argonian Court Mage and then convince the High Rock Military to destroy the Morag Tong base.

  • Borderline Corruption

End the lives of the High Rock King and his Thanes whilst Lorenze does the same in Black Marsh.

  • Burnt Bridges

Kill Haryn Lachance before he destroys the Dark Brotherhood forever!

  • Revealations

Find out Sarethi's true identity and receive the title of Listener.

  • Sweet Solitude

Go on a Sanctuary tour with Cicero.

  • Hail Sithis! (Dynasty)

Continue the work of the Dark Brotherhood in your new role as listener.


  • Lydia has become the Jarl Of Whiterun.
  • Two of the previous players characters are featured in the game: The Nerevarine & The Dragonborn.
  • M'aiq The Liar is featured in the game, in the country of Elsweyr.
  • The Reach has become a part of High Rock.
  • Solsthiem is the only part of Tamriel unavailable in the game.
  • Daedric Lord Raenor is featured in game with his artifact, Staff Of Ravens