The Elder Scrolls VI: Daguti (Da-g-wa-te) is the next elder scrolls game in the series and takes place on the lost island of Daguti on the opposite side of Planet Nirn


Daguti is a very large island about as large as the Summerset isles but a bit larger [Size of Cyrodiil] and is a circe shape with rough edges and a large penninsula. It was created in the beginning of time and is inhabited by the Frigon race [Frog race]. It Contains many ruins and temples, but mostly dungeons and prisons that were used for hundreds of years to hold the most worst criminals on all of Nirn. There are 4 main prisons on the island on each corner, But the only Working Prisons are West side Prison and Capital City Prison, while North Side Prison just shut down due to cost to fight in the war. South Side Prison had been destroyed in a Ship battle raid by Orcs. East side prison is currently abandon and has been for 350 years, it is home to Many Dragur, Skeletons, and ends with a Dragur Deathlord and dead Orc Dragur, which were all dead prisoners giving revenge to the Alive and Free. 400 years ago a wall was built that surrounded all of Daguti to prevent anymore Orc raids and Prisoner Escapes, it was named the Wall of Emperor Husi Miage IV.


Daguti is sort of a mix beetween Black Marsh and Cyrodiil, Since its race it Mainly Frigon [Frogs], they like the Water, and is also got lots of Woods like Cyrodiil. ITs Got VERY few mountains, There are 2 little hill ranges in the NorthEast, and 1 in the Southwest.


Sigino- The Capital city in the center of Daguti. Its Surrounded by a A Huge River named the Great River with bridges across. It is the biggest city [Size of Solitude] and Is inhabited by 150 Frigon, 6 Nords and 15 Imperials. Many Buildings cover the city.


Frigon for more, are Beast People like Argonians and Kahajiit, and resemble Frogs and Toads on there 2 feet. There 20% Resistant to Poisons and Fire, and are known for there Jumping skills [Like Real-life Frogs and Toads]. Frigon are the only race that can drink a potion called High Jump which makes them jump 5 feet farther [They originally Jump 7 feet] without being poisoned.


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