Elder Scrolls V: Destiny is the 3rd and final +Add-on to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It focuses on interaction, where you can do more things interactively than before (ex. Join the Forsworn and/or Become Secretary of Falkreath Hold).

From joining the bandits, to becoming a large politician, this game is the one for you. Along with Hearthfire (the 2nd add-on), where you can build your own home and get kids and a wife, this game fits right in with it. (ex. Being Vice Jarl of Whiterun living in a giant built mansion in the Falkreath woods with 2 kids by a giant beautiful lake making 500 gold a day. Who wouldn't?).

Other than that, do all the things you could in Skyrim, join the Dawnguard (1st addon). This game is just for to be more invloved. Quests and such are listed below. Destiny costs 500 Xbox LIVE points to download, and is on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Things to do/GoalsEdit

When you first start the game, you will be where you were last time. Though when you go up to a person or a Jarl or maybe a Guard at times, there will be more options. Like, talking about more things, like Politics, design, anything really. When you're out exploring, when you approach Bandits or Forsworn (maybe even Dwarven enemies at times), there will be a window appear on your screen where you can say you come in peace, or try to beg then to have you join. Not much after that though, but the Forsworn have quests at time (a +1 for you), but little amounts of gold for them ("Your pay is doing more quests" - Forsworn giving you quest).

You can be:

  • High Thane of any hold (this is easy to get if you're already a thane of that hold, and it's higher in authority)
  • Bandit (but still be good to people and they don't attack unless you do)
  • Forsworn (same as Bandit ^)
  • Thalmor
  • More.

Other than interaction, there is nothing else really in the game. So good Playin'.

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