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Elder Scrolls V: Bloodbeast is the 6th (I heard there will be a 4th and 5th) and final official add on for
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It will be available on Xbox LIVE for 1200 Microsoft points, on Janurary 1st, 2013. The date has been moved to April 1st, 2013.


The game deals with you needing to save Tamriel from the infestation of Werewolves (like Dawnguard was Vampires), but in a different way. The Werewolves out of no where unknown, start appearing everywhere around Skyrim, attacking many. It is once again, the Dragonborn's responsibility to protect Skyrim from the threat, by joining the Silver Hand, expert werewolf hunters, once enemies if the Dragonborn is or was in the Companion's questline.

Initiations and BeginningEdit

The Dragonborn soon meets a courier with a letter to the Silver Hand, telling you to meet at Silver Cave, around north of Riften. Even if you've completed the Companion's quests, you're a werewolf, and they are enemies, they will not be hostile this time. You travel there and enter the caves, a secret place only accessible in Bloodbeast (which is refering to Werewolves). They will direct you to Silverman Hordac, a Nord and the leader of all the Silver Hand. He says that they will leave all rival and enemy past behind if the Dragonborn helps fight against these Werewolves. Instead of having the Dragonborn remove his Werewolf abilities, they say that he can use them to an advantage, and the Dragonborn will regret it if he/she turns on them. The Silver Hand are not enemies anywhere in Skyrim once you complete the first quest of Bloodbeast. The Companions have nothing to do with any of Bloodbeast, even though most are Werewolves, though Hordac doesn't care either way if the Companion's are werewolves anymore, as they say they don't pose a threat anymore to them, and don't attack people and stuff. After you complete quest one, killing some werewolves around a random location, no Silver Hand in the game are enemies and they are now friends upon meet. You can also recruit many members as followers. The main quest begins after that initiation quest.

New weapons are available in the game: Silver Warhammer, Silver Battleaxe, and any other weapons are made out of Silver. Silver Armor is also available after the initiation quest.

Main QuestEdit

More will be added soon.

  1. Joining the Silver Hand
  2. A Hairy Problem
  3. Taming the beasts
  4. Fate Discovered
  5. Hjorvenrunn
  6. Ending of Death


Much like other Elder Scrolls games, it uses the basic Elder Scrolls' games buttons. Gameplay is the same as anything else is in Skyrim.

New Locations and Items, and charactersEdit

There are many new locations to be added in-game, along with Items such as weapons and armors and characters on your quest. Some are below:

  • Staff of Blood (obtained during Hjorvenrunn quest)
  • Silver Hand Armor set, and complete weapon set; Sword, War Axe, Warhammer, Battleaxe, Dagger, Bow and Arrows.
  • Hjorvenrunn, a large ancient Nordic tomb holding the Staff of Blood, on Dragon Priest Arvakin.
  • The Dragon Priest, Arvakin, In Hjorvenrunn.