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Lone in the razor snow he stood as the village, his home burned to the ground. The fire lit from the World-Eater's mouth. Hakon was there in Helgen when the end began.Hakon did barely escaped with a knife he bought from the Khajiit caravans and yet his spirits were strong and gave him the strength to go on with his life. His new life as his ancestors lived, as a hunter. As Hakon walked on the frozen road he noticed a trail of blood, which he followed.Hakon got to the end of the trail and found two female Khajiit caravaners bleeding to death on the frozen soil.

Hakon asked "What happened here?" and the response was as dull as a moth's sound. "Ma'isha and her daoughter ran away from the dragon and yet...I fought the beast to protect my sweet daughter Aki' blade broke and my shield burned. Good young Nord, pleasetake care of my daughter Aki'sha." Hakon without question agreed and carried the uncounsious body of Ma'isha's daughter. Aki'sha could live but Ma'siha won't, it is to late for her. so very late.

Pick up the arms for the Hunt

'Home, kin, peace. lost. Not even the biggest or stronger nord can tolerate to lose af friend or family member. Hakon is wondering what to do. Cry over the loss or thank what he did had? Hakon's answer to that question was simple "Living today happy about what you had is indeed better to cry over what you lost. Living happy or unhappy is a choice you make. Choose it wisely adn think about it."'

So did Hakon moved on, and yet he feared that his only obstacle wasn't the harsh environment of Skyirm, but a cute, female, skinny, cat furry called Aki'sha. Well Aki'sha was indeed in a horrible state, but when has that ever stoped a nord? Obstacles are challenges and challenges are meant to be overcomed. 

Hakon walked nearly alone with Aki'sha carried on his back, Hakon traveled until he found a place to settle. So he did. Hakon finally found somone! a shack made almost completely of wood, Hakon enterd but no one was there like if the habitants just vanished. Hakon walkon around the shack and found a journal decribing how the one habitant settled and moved away. Knowing that the shack was abandoned Hakon settled and poked around the shack hoping to find a healing potion or ingredients to make one for Aki'sha. no potion.

Hakon gave up looking for a potion and grabbed Wheat and Blisterwort. Luckily, this shack used to be habited by an alchemist so it had an Alchemy lab. Hakon mixed the potion well, his mother was the local alchemist who sold potions and cures to the people of Helgen, that taught him some about potions. Hakon applied some disinfectant to Aki'sha and then he applied the medicine. Aki'sha soon began to wake up slowly, in fact when Hakon tried to hurry her to waking up Aki'sha mistook him for an orc.

Hakon decided to hunt a bit since Aki'sha wouldn't wake up. Hakon went outside the shack and tried to return soon with a deer, sadly the deer he tried to kill was eaten first by three wolves. (Let me tell you, it is a BAD idea to eat something wild hounds ate, they could have rabies and it would be passed to the dead animal.) Hakon was a true nord and beated them up easily and continued to hunt, several hours later he found a deer, and killed him with an arrow in the ass. Worriedly, Hakon returned to the shack, it became night time and he couldn't be so sure Aki'sha was fine at all. Hakon dragged the dead animal's meat and fur, and returned to the shack. By the time Hakon made it to the shack Aki'sha was sleeping but shaking. Khajiits wernt' made for cold. Hakon noticing Aki'sha's state he started a fire. "Take care of the fire when it is small and when it grows it will take care of you."

The WakingEdit

The fire burned warmly as Hakon took care of Aki'sha. Aki'sha finally woke up and asked how she ended up here. "What is this place? Where are we? Who are you orc?" Aki'sha asked to Hakon.

- whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there calm down. This is Skyrim's wilderness. I found you bleeding to death nearby so I brought you here and applied some tonics on you.

-But...mother wouldn't have me to die.

Hakon turned speechless. He didn't knew how to tell someone that their parents died, do he told Aki'sha a lie."You were attacked by brigands, a bunch of them kidnapped you and took you away from the rest of the caravaners. I followed them to see where they were taking you so I could take you back to the caravaners, yet they caight me in the middle of the road and attacked you. I managed to know and brought you here. Don't worry you are safe and I'm sure the caravaners will look for you." A well made lie and yet not the best.

Aki'sha was offered some venison and she gladly accepted it nd thaked Hakon for everything. The roof, the food, care and aid. After Hakon and Aki'sha ated they slept near the fire. "Sweet dreams"Hakon said to Aki'sha and "Sweet dreams to you too" Aki'sha said back.

It seems that the "sweet dreams" only applied to Aki'sha who dreamed a flashback of herself with her mother picking up pretty flowers in a vast garden, then Aki'sha found a bunny. "Mama, she is cute can we keep her?" Ai'sha asked with a smile. "Aki'sha of course we can...we may be traveling merchants but even us can open our hearts." Ma'isha responded. Mai'sha died happily knowing that her loved daughter will be safe with Hakon, a friend, an ally.

Nightmares asleepEdit

Black and dark Hakon's nightmare was. A flashback, Hakon was enjoying a black-brair mead with a bunch of his friends in a real traditional Nord party including fistfights, troll-slaying, mead and beards. Hakon turned his face to a window and noticed the stormcloack's execution Hakon went outside the house to be at the event, then a dragon black as night flew over spiting fire. The dragon landed and looked eye-to-eye to Hakon's younger brother, Hakon ran to grab him and push him away...too late, the dragon ate him, severed the head off and ate him. Hakon with fury ruling his heart grabbed a sword and slashed it to the dragon's neck. no use. Hakon slashed the blade again. no use. The dragon turned his head to Hakon's face and stared at him like if Hakon was his meal. The dragon was about to use his Thu'um to kill Hakon, then his father shove him over and shouted at him "Are you nuts? Run away!" Hakon's father got distracted and that is when the dragon ate him whole. "Father!" Hakon shouted in fear as he witnessed how the dragon devoured his father. A blonde nord grabbed Hakon's arm "I'm sorry friend but we need to move now." the blonde nord said to Hakon as he pulled him to a tower. Hakon was forced to enter the tower, he willingly entered and yet he couldn't put a smile on his face, he turned his head towards a window and discovered that his home was burned to the ground. He turned his face down and a tear grew out of his eye, and fell off to the warm ground. The nords fought and died bravely with their blood and steel but that was away from Hakon's mind. Hakon's mind was only full of regret, regret of what he did not do, that is when he realized that he should be gratefull for what he did had rather than crying bout what he did not. “Jarl Ulfirc what is that thing? could the legends be true?" the blonde nord asked to another blonde nord wearing a fur coat. "Legends don’t burn down villages." A lightning took everyone for surprise, even the greybeards might have heard it.

Hakon woke up and found himself in a cold embrace even tough it was morning, the fire burned up all it had to burn so it died. Hakon started wondering that he suffered pretty much the same as Aki'sha, family killed by dragons and no home to return to.  Soon after Hakon went to hunt a bit whaile Aki'sha was resting and returned with a bucket of water and meat. Hakon looked at Aki'sha for a moment ans lost all his ability to speak. Aki'sha was holding a small rabbit with both of her arms, resting on her chest feeling her heartbeats. (trust me if you were there you would have fallen to the ground speechless. Imagine a cute bunny resting on a gorgeous female khajiit's arms and chest.)"The government thinks that khajiits are all lawless beasts. Aki'sha is proof of her ignorance." Hakon told himself as he smiled. Then a immense wave of heat threw him to the ground. Thalmor. "There is the stormcloak soldier! kill that filthy heretic and that vermin of animal traitor!" the Thalmor justiciar shouted and commanded to his seven soldiers. Aki'sha woke up and took the bunny with her. One of the thalmor shooted an arrow to the rabbit, Aki'sha in anger pulled out a dagger and swinged it to a thalmor as she shouted "murderers" the justiciar punshed her between the lungs knocking her to the ground, in the moment she fell the justiciar placed his foot on Aki'sha's neck. Hakon pushed the justiciar off. The Thalmor surrounded them."This is not over Aki'sha, we will live."

Mage FireEdit

Hakon told Aki'sha that they would be fine, yet a tought crossed the mind "will we live?" Hakon didn't care if he would get alive or not, all that mattered to him was to fulfill his promise to Ma'isha "protect Aki'sha" Hakon and Aki'sha got surrounded by thalmors then a thalmor swung a blade toward Aki'sha, Hakon blocked it with a tree branch and countered the attack with his thunder-fistin the altmer's head. the blood fell from the fist to the ground and the head turned into ice "Nord power!" Hakon shouted as he punched the elf's golden face. 

Aki'sha grabbed Hakon's arm and cried "we must get out of here" 

-you will.

-what about you?

-I'll stay here and watch your back, run before it is too late.

-I'm not going to leave you to die.

As they both got distracted by their discussion the Thalmor regrouped without Hakon nor Aki'sha noticing. Sudenly a huge thunder stormed the wilds. A rouge dunmer mage was literally turning the Thalmor to ash piles. This dunmer weared some kind of black robes with a cape and hood, and used thunder magic as his weapon. The Thalmor had to flee from this mage or else they would die.  Sadly for them their pride made them stay there to die. So they did died. 

"Thanks, I dont think we could have made it without you." Hakon told to the Dunmer but the Dunmer's answer was silence. The Dark elf stared at Hakon's face and pulled out a dagger and trusted it in Hakon's chest, Hakon was attacked by surprise and couldn't do anything. A few seconds after after a bleed from Hakon the Dunmer healed him to full strength. "Why you did that" Hakon asked to his odd dark elf. "To make you bleed" was the darkelf answer

-but why stab me?

-You see I am...

-You are?



-I made you bleed to drink your blood without making you a vampire.

-You bitted me?

-No. I spilled blood and then drinked it, in order to not make you vampire.

-But why me?

-It is rude to hurt women you know.

-Bloody narcisst.

-By the way I am Vanthon.

Hakon and Aki'sha met a new ally but they asked themselves if they could trust a vampire or not, or what this vampire is seeking, or perhaps he is working with the Volkihar clan. To trust someone new is difficult, new vampire faces are hard to trust. Hakon tried but didn't liked the idea, yet someting inside of him told him to let him be. like a voice or whisper.

Walking on the snow, Hakon's party thinked through and through if to accept Vanthon or not. A vampire is not to be thrusted with, yet not to reject. Rejecting someone makes them an enemie, something you don't want to get, still accepting Vanthon would mean risking their necks.


Hakon finally camed to a desision, turned around and faced Vanthon eye-to-eye. "Vanthon" Hakon said to Vanthon in a menacing voice ignoring what he heard from the depthps inside of him. "Get out of my sight vampire." The words that came out of Hakon's mouth shattered Vanthon into pieces. "But...what about I did for you?" Vanthon said to Hakon in a supplicant voice.

-No matter, vampires are vampires. I don't trust your kin now or ever.

-I am not evil! I swear I have no vile purposes!

-Then why are you following us vampire!?


-See? You are seeking our blood arn't you?

-That's it. I could have helped you, I offered my help, saved your lives and you trow me away like moring's trash. I will go away like you so wish, I hope our paths don't cross again.

Vanthon turned back andwalked away with an angry look at his face, he didn't attacked or harmed Hakon in any way.

"Why you rejected him? maybe he could find a city or town."Aki'sha asked to Hakon

-He is vampire. 

-So what? He doesn't necesarilly needs to kill us.

-He is still vampire, I won't take chances.

-Then? You just trow him away?


-Even if he still needs help?


-Then if I turned into a vampire you will leave me alone to die?


Hakon's words shattared Aki'sha's small and delicate heart like if a blade was thrsuted in her chest. Aki'sha's eyes turned wet in tears and a small, cold tear flowed through her cheek all the way to the ground, her ears shrinked and i'ts edges pointed down to the soil.

Aki'sha took a slow backstep away from Hakon, then ran away with tears and insults in her face.

"Aki'sha!" Hakon shouted then ran after her."Why I said that!? I am sworn to protect her...I can't leave her even if she turns into vampire, she is my only companion, I don't want to be alone, I don't want her to be alone as well..." Hakon asked and told himself in his mind "Aki'sha...I'm sorry"

Striking the MindEdit

Hakon went after Aki'sha, dashing over the frozen grasses, and cold wind. The dark day dawned its end. Hakon followed Aki'sha for several hours and finally fell to the ground exhausted while Aki'sha was still running to somewhere she holded dear."Aki'sha..." Hakon muttered "Take care" Hakon said before he fell to the frozen soil. Aki'sha yet wondered alone in Skyrim's cold woods. 

Hakon banished asleep, his body was starting to get buried in snow but his mind was elsewere.

Hakon dreamed of a wooden bench. A bench in the middle of a cold mist, Hakon sat in the bench and turned his face to the left. there was his family, all of them, his friends, mother and father and everyone else. Hakon was in Helgen. Hakon turned right and there were caravaners, Khajiits, amongst them Ma'isha and Aki'sha. Hakon smiled and his face was filled with joy. "Everyone is here." Hakon said to himself. "I'm happy to see them again" he tought. Hakon's smile shutted down and his face turned sad. "But this is not real." Hakon said, thena black dragon apeared and spitted fire all over the area. Hakon's family was killed once more by the dragon, Hakon's home was again burned away and taken from him. Ma'isha fought the dragon, sadlly she died. Only Hakon and Aki'sha were left. Aki'sha still standing asked Hakon "Are you feeling lonelly?"

-Yes, I am.

-Want your familly back?

-Yes,I do.

-Are you willing to serve?

-Yes, I am willing

-Even a deadra?

Past in the Cold Desert

(This part describes Ma'isha and Aki'sha's past in Skyrim.)

In a great, white plain, there was life and joy, a simple plain covered in snow. "This will be a perfect place to start. won't you agree?" a khajiit merchant by the name of Ri'saad said to his fellow merchants. "Suiting for a good start Ri'saad." A female khajiit named Atahbah said. "We will start with the fire Ri'saad." Ma'isha said. "Ma'isha" Ri'saad said. "Ri'saad wants you to protect a caravan.

-A caravan? This one means that we will split up?

-Yes, we will travel on different roads, we will all split into many caravans.

-Ri'saad, can Ma'isha travel with her family?

-Would be most convenient, you will wll work easier as a team scince you are all family.

-Ma'isha thanks you.

-No need to thank, you are a good friend. I would do anything to help Ri'saad's friends.

"We are on Falkreath hold, well today we will rest after building a small camp." Ri'saad told to his caravaners. "Agreed, it is already night time" Ma'isha agreed.

The many khajiits worked out a camp out of scratch and what they brought from their homeland. Aki'sha was weak and sick, she caught a cold on the way to Skyrim. Carelessly she sneaked away in look of fun. She steped on a rock and fell to the cold soil, luckly she didn't got hurted in any way. As Aki'sha tried to stand up something moved around the bushes. Aki'sha tried to stand up faster, then she discovered that her leg was trapped on a tree's root. Aki'sha didn't feared what kind of beast could be behind the bushes, she worried about her mother's reaction to this event if Aki'sha died. Aki'sha wanted to live not for herself but for her mother's sake.


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