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This novel is dedicated to my hard working friends from The Elder Scrolls Fanon. The work and achievements that some of them have done is simply astounding, and that's hard for an experienced fan fiction writer to say. So, thank you for the great things we've achieved in pulling this wiki back from what was close to a death. - VaughanTES

Chapter 1 - PrologueEdit

Death. It is the one word that shakes the very bones of many people, and can change the entire world in an instant. It is the cause of everything, war, peace, even love. But what is it that causes death? Curiosity. How far would you go, just to learn the secrets. The Secrets of the Past?

Chapter 2 - An Unexpected HeroEdit

The dusty book was torn open, strange markings littered the tattered pages. A bony finger extended from the mans coat as he stroked the page gently. A slight smirk drew across his face, he had finally found it. The Mysterium Xarxes. He chuckled lightly before snatching the book from the rotting table and slithered away from the scene completely.

The waterfall wept down onto the girl as Elliott watched from behind a bush. He had done this often, besides, he had no better to do while Master Ezyl was away. A shuddering thump shook the ground, the girl fell into the pool below, knocked unconscious by the shaking ground. Elliott twisted his head to see behind him, there stood a gargantuan giant, swinging his club all over the nearby foliage. Elliott barely sat a second longer, extending his arms and leaping head first into the water. He swam to the bottom of the pool, where he grabbed the girls' naked body and attempted to pull himself out.

The slight fur he had on his back, stood on end as the water from the lake seemed to glide into the air. The Giant had crashed his club into the pool, riveting the water straight upwards leaving merely a barren crater in the ground. The giant laughed a little before throwing his weapon directly toward Elliott, as it did so he managed to crawl to the left a little. The giant, thinking the scratty breton was dead, lifted his club to see only the body of the female sprawled out across the crater. Elliott was dangling from the bottom of the wooden club. The Giant kneeled down, confused and searching for another body. Carefully, elliott clambered onto the giants back and leaped onto its head. Disorientated, the giant flung himself upwards, which left Elliott dangling onto the eyebrows of the giant. 'Err, maybe we could just be friends?' said Elliott with a hopeful smile. It, of course was confused by the demeanor of the joke and swung it's club towards him. Elliot leaped down and grabbed it's bellybutton as it smashed it's weapon into it's own already flattened face. BOOM! An ear-shattering quake went through the ground beneath them as the giant fell to its death. Elliott, cowering in fear, peeked from behind his hands and saw the giants death. However, the girls' body was nowhere to be found.

Elliott scampered off back towards Camlorn, knowing that it was soon to get dark. He could already see his mother stoking the fire as he smelt the fresh bread baking in her oven. His mother was a kind woman, but was known throughout the empire for fantastic sweet rolls, as well as her rather... Difficult size. "Betria darling, would you mind passing me the shovel?" Squealed Elliott's father, a tiny little Khajiit man. Elliott's mother, Betria, grunted a little before launching the shovel at her husband. It had been difficult for Elliott, having grown up in High Rock with the taunt of having a slight fur coating on his skin but he had learn to accept his life for what it was. In his school years he had gained the infamous nickname 'Elliott The Werewolf'. Elliott snatched a baking sweet roll from the furnace as he ran up into his family home.

After a few hours of lounging about the house, Elliott's father dashed in, eager to show him a note he had been given by a courier. "Son! Son! Look, Master Ezyn has sent you something!" he said. Elliot groaned a little as he extended for the note. "Zenithar's mercy..." Elliot replied "Master Ezyl wants me to join him in Hammerfell..." Both him and his father paused for a second. "Then you will go to Hammerfell, right away!" replied his father, Elliot's jaw dropped a little. It had been so sudden. He had never left High Rock before. "I don't think mother will be much pleased about this" He said. "To hell with your mother, live your life!" His father wiped a tear from his eye and ran to pack his son a suitcase. It wasn't long before he returned. "Father, are you sure you don't just want rid of me?" "Don't be silly my boy. I could never wish such a thing. But I want you to live life, exactly how you deserve to. Go on now! Il deal with your mother later." Elliott nodded before running out to his horse and leaping on. He had a long journey ahead of him.

Chapter 3 - Resting on the way...Edit

To Elliott, it felt strange to be free from the confines of Camlorn. He had of course been to Daggerfall to study at the Bladedancers College with his Master Ezyl, but since the Sacking Of Daggerfall he had been stuck in Camlorn. He continued to trot along on his horse, passing towns and villages, having to fight the occasional wolf. He arrived several days later in Wayrest, where he decided to hold up for a while. As he leaped off his beast, he was approcahed by a rather intellectual looking orc. "I Am Rek' gro-Ak, steward of Lord Vakenhawk . What brings you to Wayrest' the orc, now identifiable as Rek, asked. "What is it to you, orc?" Elliott replied poshly. "You're just like the rest of them huh. Stuck up bretons" As the orc muttered this he brushed passed elliots shoulder. Elliott stared a little at the Orc leaving before continuing to strut up to a nearby inn.

As he entered the tattered old building, the atmosphere toned to zero. All went silent as he swaggered his way to the counter. "I need a room..." he asked briskly. The orc landlady barely spoke, and pointed her mangled finger to a sign that read 'ROOMS: 20 GOLD A NIGHT'. Elliott handed over the gold before hobbling his way over to the room he had been instructed to. Inside sat a small Bosmer woman. "Exscuse me... This is my room..." Elliott snubbed, looking to the Wood Elf as she hung her head. She peered above her folded arms before shouting. "IT'S ALL OVER!" Elliott leapt  backward as she screeched. He could see the woman had bursted into tears underneath the shroud of her arms. "What's wrong?" Elliott wondered, in his prickly high voice. The woman sniffled a little before replying. "Fharan is dead! Oh gods, why did I ever let him leave Valenwood with me?" Elliott was confused. "Your friend died?" He asked sharply, showing no emotion to the poor woman. "My fox... He's gone...". The woman reached for a bottle of seemingly skooma. "Now now, you don't need to take that... Come on, i'm sure you can find your fox?" In his mind really, he just wanted the woman to leave so he could sleep in peace. "My name is Alyssa, whats yours?" She wept, staring at Elliott. "I'm Elliott... Now come on, let's go find your fox..." Elliott moaned through gritted teeth.

As they left the tight-knit inn, Elliott asked "So... Where did you lose your fox?" Alyssa only had to point at what was seemingly a forest of burnt tree stumps to the west. Elliott sighed a little before leading the pair into the area. Hoping that he could finally have some peace.

Chapter 4 - The Trouble With Orcs...Edit

Howling screams sprang through the pair's eardrums as they shuffled through the debris of what looked like a mesh of a burnt forest. "Why were you even here?!" Elliott said as echoes flew around the deolate site. Alyssa shrugged a little before continuing ahead of him. She then bended her knees and sniffed the floor a little. Elliott, confused, watched with amazement as she seemingly followed the trail of the fox's smell. Blatent fox footprints began to appear alongside where she had been sniffing, as well as some rather large ones...

On the horizon, a clear structure was emerging into the foreground. Elliott stopped Alyssa as he saw the outline. He extended his thin-boned finger toward it, and then pressed it onto his lip. Alyssa nodded before drawing her bow and cautiously stepping forward. Seeing a nearby hill as a vantage point, they clambered onto it. From the hill, they could see several orcs huddled in a band, shouting at the top of their voices. "SO, LET US SEE WHAT OG, TROG AND GLOG HAVE BROUGHT US FOR THEIR HUNTING TRIAL!" Said a bulky hunk of an orc. "A stronghold..." Alyssa whispered, looking on intently. Before the great orc stood three smaller, seemingly younger orcs. "I HAVE BROUGHT A WOLF." Said the first, a bald skanky little being, presenting the dirt-smothered pelt to the leader. The leader bowed as a sign of respect before continuing to the next little orc. "I HAVE BROUGHT A BEAR!" Screamed a bigger and more clean orc. The shout pierced through the pair's eardrums however it seemed to have no effect on the rest of the camp. The leader pursued to the final orc, it was impetuously small compared to the others and had a covered cage at his side. "AND WHAT IS THAT, GLOG?" shouted the leader. The orc whimpered before handing the cage to the chief. The chief's muscles bulged, as did his forehead. He looked as if he were to combust entirely. It then dragged the tattered rag from the top of the cage, revealing a small fox hiding in the corner of the wooden cage. Elliott could feel Alyssa's hairs stand on end, she needn't have spoke a word.

As Alyssa drew her bow, Elliott grabbed ahold of the arrow. He whispered to her "Just one second..." and reached deep into his pocket. From which he revealed Orcsbane, a mace that he had prepared for an event to which he had to fight orcs, knowing he would have to go through Wayrest. He skillfuly launched the iron tool down onto the camp. A shimmering explosion bursted across the scene, practically blinding everyone. But none had been as much effective as the blinding of the orcs. "WHAT WAS THAT, WHY CAN'T I SEE?!" Squealed the familiar voice of the chief. Elliott leapt into the dust-scattered stronghold, dashing toward the wooden cage that contained the fox. He shimmied through the vast amount of orcs that were stumbling all over the place, managing to eventually clutch ahold of Orcsbane before lurching toward the box. Suddenly, one of the orcs tripped and fell back onto the box, crushing it to oblivion. Elliott whipped the orcs face with the mace before kicking him to the side. He then grabbed the badly bruised fox and dashed away.

Alyssa was waiting on the outskirts of the stronghold. "I have... your fox..." Puffed Elliott, clearly out of breath. She cuddled the poor beast as it snuggled into her. It then perched itself in a small bag on her side comfortably. "Now... Let's get out of here!" Elliot said as he scrambled away from the encampment. Alyssa followed swiftly behind.

Chapter 5 - Let bygones, be bygones.Edit

They had soon returned to the tattered exscuse for an inn and back to the room at which they currently shared. Elliott almost flew into the waiting bed from exhaustion. Alyssa squated back down onto her chair. "Say..." She said. "Where is it you said you were going?" Elliott peaked out of his slumber toward her. "Skaven, Hammerfell. To see my master. He believes he's discovered what we've been researching." Alyssa squinted at the boy before continuing. "I'd much like to accompany you..." she splattered nervously. Elliott looked toward the Bosmer before sighing. "I guess that'd be okay. As long as that blasted fox doesn't get in our way..." He said, as the pair chuckled a little.

The next day, they were prepared to leave Wayrest when a messenger grabbed their attention in the inn's main hall. In his hand he gripped a note. "For you, sire." he muttered before scuttling off. Elliott raised an eyebrow at the letter before opening it. It read...

Dear Sir,

You have been cordally invited to the Audiere household for the royal dinner in Evermor. You were selected as a representative of the Bladedancers College and are expected to be there for discussional purposes amongst the ability to socialise with some of the more... Higher aspectures of life. Should you not attend, Igor Idrigre shall be sent in your place.

Yours sincerely,

Lady Ciele Audiere Of Evermor I

Alyssa pondered for a second before asking "What's this 'Bladedancers College'?!" Elliott was confused, he imagined that people from even the most primitive extensions of the empire would be aware of such nobility. "We are a group of Explorers, Spelunkers and in most extents, Historians." As he said this, his face seemed to flare up. "And if Igor Idrigre gets picked over me, he'll never let this go..." Alyssa chuckled at such a petty rivalry before speaking. "I'm assuming this means we will have to go to Evermor?" Elliot paused for a second. "Unfortunately... Yes."

Elliott sighed as he hopped onto his horse. He knew it was undeniably important to get to Evermor and represent the college. Besides, Master Octavier himself may hear of it. Alyssa's steed trudged close behind as they continued through the mountainous landscape. All of a sudden, they were halted. Elliott's horse was continously growling. It bounced into the air and straddled backward. A rustling could be heard from a nearby bush, they silenced as the rustling continued. From the bush leaped a scraggy Imperial boy. "This is area of the league! Pay your fine or face the forfeit!" he screeched. This made the pair chuckle, and Alyssa replied "Move along kid, we're on an important journey here." More rustling scuttled from the bush, and two huge dark figures emerged from it. "This one giving you trouble Emmen?" blurted a gruff voice.

Two orcs emerged from the bush, great clubs in hand. Elliott leapt back in terror. "Who are you?!" screeched one of them. Elliott thought for a second, before saying. "We are nobles, on our way to the Audiere dinner." The imperial, Emmen, hid behind the orcs at this. One of the orcs replied. "Show us your invitation. Now." After elliott showed one of them the invite, they curtiously bowed before admitting. "We are from the League of the Insula, a protection force of the Wrothgarian mountains. And also heavily linked with our lady...". They then jumped on their own steeds before showing them the way down the mountains. Until eventually, the holy city itself came into view. "By Zenithar..." Elliott whispered.

Chapter 6 - The Party of Destruction.Edit

As the steeds approached Evermor, they were greeted by the guards, in the same armor as the orcs. The gates creaked open as the nobles rode in. The orcs diverted themselves to the guardhouse, along with Emmen. Elliott jumped down from his horse before Alyssa added "I've heard stories of this place. The most beautiful city in High Rock they call it." Elliott merely nodded in awe of his surroundings. From high above, a trumpet sound could be heard ringing through the canyon. It gradually appeared that down the hallowed steps stood hundreds of trumpeters, all igniting their instruments as a ball of light flew down the stairs. The ball of light eventually became the dress of a proud and anoint Breton woman. She came to stand on a balcony above the rest of the city. The entire market floor turned silent as they watched her. "Subjects! I am Lady Ciele Audiere, and tonight, we shall feast together as one!" Resounding cheers flew about as she continued. "I welcome all to join us at the dinner, and of course, we are in the presence of our valued guests." All of the wayfare looked around before eventually manging to spot Elliott & Alyssa. Elliott gulped as they silently gawked at the pair. A small clap began to raise from the back of the group, before eventually covering the entire city. The lady appeared to nod at Elliott as he breathed a sigh of relief. Two men came flurrying down the stairs and took Alyssa's hand, expecting Elliott to follow. Alyssa barely had time to blush before they were whisked away up the stairs and into the palace far above.

The lady had already managed to get inside from the great atmosphere of cheering and whooping outside. She welcomed them as they entered. "Ah, so your the historian I am hearing so much about." She said calmly, Elliott merely stood, mouth wide open listening. "Master Octavier had alot to say about you indeed!" Elliott was practically speechless. He doubted that Master Octavier had even known who he was, him after all being the headmaster of such a wide college. He couldn't reply and managed to nudge Alyssa to speak. "Thank you for having us, my lady." Ciele chuckled before adding. "The pleasure is mine."

It hadn't been long until later that day. Elliott and Alyssa were smartened up and ready for the party. They were greeted by the lady before welcomed as VIP guests into the main hall. A great cloth hung over something in the room. Elliott asked, "If you don't mind... What is that?" The lady replied "Something you'll be very interested in..." before continuing onward. She approached a balcony overlooking the vast amount of people who turned up. "My dear friends, it is now our time in history. I intend to change the way that we think! That the world thinks of our city! For now is the time I reveal... Our new weapon!" She chanted. A dark elf appeared next to the cloth, and he tore away at it before standing back and admiring. The entire room was completely silent as they saw the great thing before them. But Elliott knew straight away what it was. The Numidium.

Elliott almost fainted as he looked to the awesome sight. Alyssa was too busy gobbling the starters to realise what had just happened. "That's right my subjects! We are in control of the Numidium itself!". Elliott stumbled up to the Dunmer admiring it. "What the..." Elliott exclaimed. "It's a beauty, isn't it." He replied. "I spent so long finding it..." Elliott was pointing and uttering pure nothings at the device. "I've seen you at the college" Elliott managed to stutter. The dark elf turned and looked at him. "Cirtun Dres, head of the Dwemer pro..." he was about to say. Suddenly, a great shudder shook through the palace. The lady shouted to her subjects not to panic, but before long the roof of the building was torn off by a giant demon. "WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THAT?" shouted one voice, amongst many screaming throughout the building. Elliott dove underneath the numidium and hoped for the best. Cirtun appeared to be playing with some kind of control system. The demon ripped down and attempted to clutch the Numidium, it then snatched the giant machine from its basin and dragged it out of the open box that was once Evermor's palace. The Lady was nowhere to be seen. Elliott pushed the lumps of pillars and debris from his body and looked about. He could hear a quiet barking from the distance which he instantly recognised as Alyssa's fox. Bedraggled, he scrambled towards it. After removing a small lump of Debris from the ground he revealed Alyssa.

Elliott shook her for a while before deciding to attempt the kiss of life. He pressed his lips against hers and breathed in heavily. As she awoke, she found herself attached to the man. She quickly pulled away and blushed a little before shaking herself down. "You didn't have to do that.." She said, embarrased. "I couldn't think of losing my best friend." He replied. Alyssa smiled at him before allowing her fox to climb onto her shoulder. He flicked quickly around to see Cirtun screeching at the empty basin. They ran up to him quickly and joined at his side. "NO! NO! NO! IT CAN'T BE GONE!" Elliott squinted a little before saying. "We can find it. Don't worry."

Chapter 7 - Felling of The HammerEdit

Cirtun sighed as they left the now deserted walls of Evermor. He looked back on the burning city as he remembered the events. Elliott came up to him and made him move forward. "We should go see Master Ezyl in Hammerfell. He'll know what to do." Elliott mentioned, as Cirtun looked at him. Elliott could see the distraught face that he now portrayed. Cirtun simply said "Okay." before pushing his shoulders backwards and moving afront of Elliott. Elliott tailed him and Alyssa who was leading the pack. "We can get to Hammerfell if we take a cart from Wayrest. They'll probably've heard of what happened here by the time we arrived." Elliott stopped for a moment and pondered.

"Alyssa... We still haven't figured out what that thing was." He asked, Alyssa stopped, not sure what to say as Cirtun butted in. "I know exactly what it was..." He sighed. "It was one of Dagon's demons." Elliott's face seemed to scrunch up a little. His Grandfather was one of the Blades who fought against Mehrunes Dagon in the Oblivion Crisis and had a great hatred for the Daedric Lord. "But why would Mehrunes Dagon want the Numidium?" Elliott replied, a little anxious. "Why wouldn't he want it? It's the ultimate weapon of destruction. Tiber Septim destroyed everything in his path that didn't agree with him." He added. "Don't worry however, the Numidium is useless without the heart of a god." Elliott sighed a breath of relief as they continued walking. Eventually, Wayrest came into view.

As they trundled down the hill, they could see the entire area looked deserted. They stepped past the borded shops, people taking peeps out of the windows before quickly hiding back. They soon arrived at the stables, to see only one cart left, inside sat a broad shouldered Nord. They walked up to the man in awe, Elliott said "What are you doing out here?" The Nord smirked at Elliott and sarcastically replied "What are you doing out here?" Elliott squinted at the man, before deciding to shake it off. "Can you take us to Skaven?" He asked. "Yes." Said the Nord, bluntly. Alyssa stepped ahead of Elliott. "Look, will you take us there?" The Nord smirked once more and said "I would, if the entire empire wasn't on lock down." Alyssa, heated with anger, slapped the man in the cheek, sending him into a state of shock. "G..Get on..." He stuttered. Alyssa nodded to the man before leading the trio to the rear of the cart. Elliott was confused, he hadn't seen Alyssa be so angry as of yet. As they all leapt onto the cart the driver yanked the reins of his horses and they set off. They were going to Hammerfell at last.

Chapter 8 - Learning The TruthEdit

It hadn't been long before Elliott fell asleep in the back of the old wooden cart. He was awoken by hitting a bump in the road, only to find Cirtun snoring opposite him. He turned his head to the left, feeling a slight weight in his shoulders. As he looked he found Alyssa fast asleep, her head leant on him. The Nord began to speak. "I'm glad one of you are awake at last." Elliott rubbed his eyes before responding. "Yeah.. I guess. How long until we reach Skaven." The Nord pointed directly out ahead of them toward a tunnel. As they began to enter it, the entire world flashed into darkness before quickly flickering into light again. Directly ahead of them was Skaven, the city where everything would change.

As they pulled up next to the stables, the cart jigged and woke up both of Elliott's comrades. Alyssa yawned "We're here?!" Elliott nodded in answer. They leapt quickly off the cart. "Wow... They say Skaven is one of the most historic cities in all of Tamriel. And a great place for culture." Added Cirtun. "Let's not forget we have a job to be doing..." Elliott said. They all began to trundle through the ancient passages of Skaven, it was a beautiful city. Covered in mosses that set their roots hundreds of years ago, and smouldered in the heat of the sand. Elliott pulled the crumpled note out of his pocket and read the address. 

The Holding House, Arabello Road, Skaven.

"Sounds like an interesting place" Alyssa said as they continued to walk through the busy streets. People appeared to be panic buying all sorts of things. They manage to shuffle there way to a building that seemed to be the Holding House. They barged through the door to see a tavern littered with drunkards and the madder population of Skaven. Elliot led them to the barfront, where they inquired "Ezyl Fathiere?" The young Argonian barmaid pointed them up to a bookcase. They approached it, unaware of what to do. Elliott removed a book and it slided downwards, revealing a secret laboratory behind it. They stepped through the gap and into the lab, when they saw a redguard huddled in the corner. As they walked up to him, Elliott tapped him on the shoulder and smiled as he span around. "Elliott My Boy!" He shouted. "It's good to see you. I was worried you wouldn't come after this bother in Evermor."  Elliott soon added. "Well, it su..." Before Ezyl interrupted. "What was it like... Seeing a real live Daedra?" Alyssa seemed to tut at the mans interruption. Elliott continued. "Interesting. But the Numidium was taken by it." Ezyl sighed a little before seeming to walk up to a bookcase and withdrawing a book called 'Heart Of A God' "Let me read a little of this to you..." (Footnote: The part of the chapter is written as an extraction from the book being read to the trio by Ezyl)

To activate the Numidium, there are four things required. Keening, Sunder, Wraithguard & The Heart Of Lorkhan itself. Keening is a dagger, a fiddling tool that is used to manipulate the heart itself. Sunder is a hammer, used to knock the heart into shape and prepare it for use. Wraithguard is the only item able to handle the heart, those who try to touch it without Wraithguard have been recorded to explode, internally combust, bleed to death, and those who survived are mentally scarred. But alas, the most important thing. The Heart. In reality, the heart of any god would have enough power to ignite The Numidium however Lorkhan's is the only known in Nirn's exsistence. It is an extremely delicate object that is entirely unpredictable. If you find the heart, I wish you luck. You are going to need it.

Elliott was nodding intently as his master read, as was Cirtun. Alyssa, on a whole, appeared bored by this. "If Dagon has his hands on The Numidium, he's only 4 steps away from being able to convert its power. To stop him, you will need to find the three tools, and the heart itself." Ezyl explained. Elliott replied "Master, how can we find these tools? They've been lost ever since the Nerevarine left to Akavir." Ezyl nodded a little to the boy, before continuing. "A fair point. I feel we have need to use this more than ever..." Before Elliott could even ask what, Ezyl was hobbling towards a podium in the corner. He picked up and showed off a Black-bound book. "What is it?" Cirtun asked contently. "A black book of Hermaeus Mora himself. He, will have the knowledge that you desire." Alyssa suddenly became excited by the thought of adventure. "Well! Let's go then!" She said, trundling up to the book. "Not so fast young lady, we must first know what to ask." Alyssa stepped back, puzzled. "You must know that Herma-Mora isn't the most... helpful daedra. He will only answer to those of great importance to his and oblivion's survival. Be careful. His seekers are incredibly powerful." All of the trio nodded in respect, and as Ezyl read the book, they all leapt into the portal after another. Just before Elliott left, he decided to ask his master a question. "Sir, why was it you called me here in the first place?" Ezyl shook his head a little before answering. "You forget my boy, I am a seer of visions. I saw Dagon's attack happening on Evermor, and I knew that you are required to stop the destruction of Nirn itself." Elliott nodded before leaping into the portal. Ezyl chuckled before bringing the Mysterium Xarxes to his chest.

Chapter 9 - Apocryphial PropheciesEdit

As the trio arrived in the desolate library, They saw the bulging tentacles elongating from patches across the floor and tower high bookshelves that seemed to extend forever into the darkness. Suddenly, a green mush evaporated into the air, folding itself and eventually revealing to be a giant eye. Alyssa ripped out her sword and Elliott removed Orcsbane. The eye began to speak. "Ah... So the lambs come to the slaughter... Which one sent you? Neloth? The Augur? Even The Emperor Himself?" Elliott gawked at the monster as Cirtun added "Ezyl sent us here." The eye seemed to retract a little at this name. "Alas... Ezyl. What a... Calamity." Alyssa seemed to growl a little as it said this. The eye moved onto Cirtun, and suddenly enlarged at a great pace. "I... I am so sorry... I did not realise your identity..." It mumbled. "What knowledge do you desire?" Cirtun seemed confused, but said anyway "We want to know the location of Lorkhan's Heart. And the three tools used to manipulate it." A tentacle extended from the eye and gripped a hold of Cirtun, dragging him off into the vast corridors ahead of them. "WAIT! NO!" he screamed as he flew off into the distance. Elliott sighed before turning to Alyssa. They nodded to each other and ran after him.

They were halted by two seekers. Alyssa slashed her sword down onto one of the beasts, ripping through its tired flesh. Elliott launched Orcsbane at the other, tearing through the aethareal body that it once possessed. They continued chasing Herma-Mora at a fast pace. They eventually reached a long hallway, which at the end stood a book, and also Cirtun. As they dashed down it, they realised that the hall was elongating the faster they ran. Elliott thought for a moment before realising what needed to be done. They sneakily leapt onto the back of a seeker as it went at a regular pace down the hall. Time was not slowed and they eventually reached the end. Alyssa hugged Cirtun as they reached him. Cirtun awkwardly attempted to return the hug. They then all turned to see another black book. Elliott reached out and grabbed it, they were instantly teleported to a dank cave. "What happened?" Asked Alyssa. "We must've managed to find the way out of Apocrypha." Elliott looked down at the book ahead of him, there was a small podium nearby which he placed it gently on. As he ripped open the pages, bats flew out and off into the darkness. Dust splattered all across the floor. Inside, were 4 diagrams. They had found it. The way to get the heart.

Chapter 10 - Battle Of WinterholdEdit

They left the dank cave to discover themselves in an icy tundra. In the far distance they could spot what seemed like a small town. The light blinded them a little as they began to walk onwards. All of a sudden, an arrow skimmed past Elliott's head. They looked from it's direction to see 3 men firing at them. Alyssa instantly whipped out her bow and fired 3 perfect shots into the men's heads. They dropped to the floor as she put her bow away and continued walking onwards. "What was all that about?" Wondered Elliott. "Bandits." Alyssa simply put. They managed to arrive at the town, discovering it to be Winterhold, the once capital of Skyrim.

As they approached the city, they could see hundreds of men clashing steel on the border. They instantly came to the scene and watched. Some of the men that were attacking turned and saw them, running towards them all with speed. Elliott instantly noticed many of them to be orcs, and so threw Orcsbane into the ground, where it let out firy explosions around, killing many of the attackers. Orc or not. The rest of the attackers fleed seeing the power they wielded. As they approached the gate, the guards bowed to them and allowed them entry. They instantly turned to what appeared to be the Jarl's palace. As they walked inside, they were greeted by a puffy man in a huge fur coat. "I! Am Jarl Engeir! I watched your actions just then, truly astounding! Astounding! Now, please, what is it you came to Winterhold for?" Elliott chuckled at the man, as he was seemingly hasting them off. Perhaps it was the fact that he didn't like outsiders in Winterhold, or just Bretons in particular.

"We need access to the college." Alyssa said. The Jarl groaned a little before sitting back on his throne. "Another set of wannabe mages eh?" He moaned. "No" Said Elliott "We require something the College is in possession of." The Jarl signalled to one of his men to show them to the college. The guard bowed before leading the trio out of the building. "They seem to be very hasty here..." Whispered Cirtun. The man eventually reached the beginning of a bridge that would lead them into the college.

A small Khajiit woman welcomed them and asked "Welcome, welcome. New initiates i take it?" Elliott giggled a bit, knowing of his colleges rivalry. "No, no. We're here to see Abadeus Altein?" He replied. The Khajiit nodded and said "Yes, Master Altein said he had a sense someone was looking for him... He is a little eccentric, but bare with him and i'm sure you'll get what you need.

Chapter 11 - The First Signs Of InsanityEdit

She quickly scuttled in through the gates, showing them to the Hall Of Countenance. She nodded for them to enter and returned to her post on the gate. As they pushed the door open, they discovered it to be extremely tough. After a hard shove by Alyssa, the door bashed open and crashed pieces of furniture backward. A Breton man in the corner flipped round almost instantly as he heard the disturbance. "WHOOO ARE YOU? ABADEUS WONDERS!" He shouted, clearly insane. Elliott, with patience, answered. "I am Elliott Beaufort. And we need your assistance." The man tickled his chin a little as he looked to the trio. "Hmmm... Very well! But I am struggling to understand what in oblivion it is that you could require from a tiny impetulant lump of flesh like myself?" He said, breathing in heavily after. The trio chuckled at the man's rather strange personality.

Elliott sat and explained what was going on to him. After some difficulty, such as him not knowing what a fox was. He managed to understand what had happened. "So. You need Keening..." He asked "Well... one block lifts the other..." Elliott sighed a little, feeling that there would be another fiasco. "And what is that?" Cirtun asked chirply. The man stood up on a ledge surrounding a pool of magicka. "Well!" He exclaimed. "Deep in the darkest, dankest reaches of Yngol Barrow... Lies the Helm Of Yngol!" The entire trio seemed to sigh from exhaustion. "Hmph. You seem tired friends. Perhaps you need to rest before we continue. Very well! You may sleep here!" The three ran to empty beds. Cirtun and Elliott managed to get the remaining beds, leaving Alyssa without one. "You could always... Stay with me?" Elliott offered. Alyssa, rather shocked. "Well, after that night in the inn, i suppose it wouldn't be the first time."

Upon their awakening, they found Abadeus pacing the hallway, seemingly reciting some kind of code. "AH! GOOD MORNING MY FELLOWS!" He shouted beamily. Elliott stretched as he looked to the man, "Alright. What is it you need." Abadeus squinted a little. "You don't seem all that pleased with this. But ah well, I shall continue anyways. Deep in the dampest, dankest and darkest stretches of Yngol Barrow lies Yngol's Helm. That helm would be... incredibly useful to me and my enchanting." The trio nodded, knowing what it was they needed to do. Before they had to listen to Abadeus screech at them again, they were already off. Taking a map of winterhold with them.

Chapter 12 - A Helmet, A Dagger & A Skooma CatEdit

They had finally made it there. It had taken much time to travel halfway across Winterhold to find Yngol Barrow. After some searching, they uncovered the door. Cirtun, being an expert on ruins, managed to unlock it and they were in. As soon as they entered, they could see a shiny helm right in front of them. They walked towards it, and grabbed it in their hands. "Well. That was easy enough." But Elliott had spoken to soon.

The entire ground beneath them started to shake and crumble. The floor ripped into many parts and they crashed down into the depths below. As they soon awoke from unconsciousness, they discovered they had fallen deep into a chasm beneath the Barrow itself. As the brushed themselves down, they looked around to find a way out. They trundled a long a corridor, until they met a strange figure in the darkness. It fired a shot directly toward them, and Alyssa countered with another. The blow instantly took it down as they rushed towards its body. It was a draugr. All of them gulped as they ran along the corridors, killing Draugr as they could. Eventually they reached a metal door. They pushed it open and had appeared to arrived in an icy place. They clambered around, eventually seeming to find ruins, and then, alas, a ladder.

As they clambered the way up it, they eventually reached the top and into the open air of Skyrim. Or so they thought. It appeared that they were in the college. A figure ran directly toward them, it's arms flailing in the air. This was eventually revealed to be Abadeus. "YOU'VE FOUND IT! OH SWEET HEAVENS ABOVE! HERE, I DON'T EVEN WANT IT ANYMORE!" He screamed, and threw keening into the air. Elliott skillfully caught it in his hand. The trio opened the dusty book and followed the map to their next destination. Cyrodiil.

Chapter 13 - Through The Looking GlassEdit

They had managed to catch a wagon to the city of Falkreath. There they went to the gravetard as a break from travel. Eventually, a priest came to behind them. "I know where you want to go, friends." He made Elliott jump out of his skin as he turned around. He eyed the man, he was an Altmer, seemingly rather old. "Where is it we want to go then, mister know it all?" Said Alyssa confidently. The High Elf smiled before replying, "The White Gold Tower." Alyssa leapt back in shock, not expecting him to know the actual location. After welcoming them into his home, he revealed that he was in fact once a member of The Mythic Dawn, and that he knows where they want to go and why they want to get there.

"Dagon betrayed my people. He told us it all and then we were no longer needed. If you need any help. Then I am here to give it to you." He said, calmly. Elliott nodded before responding. "We need to get to Cyrodiil, to get Sunder." The Altmer nodded before saying "Yes, of course..." He seemed to cast some kind of strange ritual upon them before making them dissapate into air.

They arrived, not in Cyrodiil as they had hoped. They were in seemingly a vast volcanic landscape, when suddenly a voice blurted from nowhere. "YOUR MEDDLING WILL NOT BE OF USE. I WILL ALWAYS WIN. AND YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE. I SEND YOU NOW TO WHITE-GOLD TOWER. YOU WILL RETRIEVE THE TOOLS YOU NEED AND WE WILL MEET AT RED MOUNTAIN. THAT IS HOW IT SHALL BE, THAT IS ALWAYS HOW IT HAS BEEN, AND THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL DIE." The entire trio whimpered at the sound before they dissapeared once more out of the void and back into Cyrodiil.

Chapter 14 - The White-Gold TowerEdit

As they arrived conveniently at the top of the White-Gold tower, they looked at its peak, too see the gold hammer reclusing at the top. "Wh-What just happened?" Asked Elliott. "I-I don't know..." Cirtun replied. "Come on now... We can't be put off by Dagon. We're in too far now." Shouted Alyssa, already clambering to the peak of the building. They soon followed, lightning struck all around them as they reached the top, and Alyssa grabbed a hold of the hammer. They all slid down and landed on there bottoms. They giggled at this a little before running down the stairs.

As they reached around halfway, they found a door. They pushed it open to find the Emperor himself on the other side. "Well. Isn't this an interesting meeting." He said, the others were speechless. "I do not expect you to talk, but to listen. I know what you are doing here. And I know that you are our only hope of fighting Dagon again. You are now going to go to Morrowind. There is a cart expecting you. Waste no time, go straight to Vivec. Only there will you find recluse. He will give you Wraithguard, and then... You will have to find the heart. But hear me now. The heart does not exsist." The entire group were shocked. "But it is still possible to defeat him. You. Dunmer. Are not who you think you are. At the age of ten you were given a false memory. You are the illegitimate son of Stendarr himself. Your mother brought you to me, knowing that she had done wrong, falling in love with Stendarr's avatar here on Nirn. But now, you will become a great part of this. These will be your final days, Cirtun Dres, I wish you all luck. For this is the moment where you lay down your place in Tamrielic history."

Cirtun's emotions were etched on his face. He had no clue what had happened. However, he realised now why Hermaeus Mora had been so kind to him. It had been a little euphoric finding out that he was a half-divine, but he wondered now what the emperor's meaning of the words he had told him. Meanwhile, the events of today had not quite sunk into Elliott's mind. All he knew is that one of his best friends was essential to these events. They continued to journey to Morrowind, where they would find the final part of their adventure. Wraithguard was a gauntlet that is the only object that could handle the heart. There was only one person who knew of it's location. Vivec The Poet himself.

Chapter 15 - Poetic NightmareEdit

Days and nights past, our trio trekked onwards eventually reaching the most far north part of Cyrodiil. Snow seemed to envelop everything, similar to the harsh conditions of Skyrim to which they had recently traveled. The wind was powerful and had little care for those who bravely traversed it. The nights were the worst, vision was scarce and what they could see was of no use. Until one point, a flaring embodyment throttled from high in the distance. "Stendarr's mercy, what was that?" Screeched Alyssa over the piercing screams of the wind. The flying cocoon of light burst into a thousand pieces and dropped from the sky. "Th-That can't be right!" Shouted Cirtun. "That's Red Mountain! It's erupting!" The trio looked high into the sky, spectating the unearthly sight of the flying rocks. "Then time is late. We do not have long. We should move quickly." Elliott added, as they powered onwards.

It hadn't been a long time before they eventually reached the city of Vivec. The entire city was on lockdown, barely anyone braved the streets. They hopped across the cobbles as a deathly silence rang throughout the place. Eventually they discovered Vivec's temple, and they dashed to get inside. As they entered, inscences flared through their nostrils and fires brimmed across the floor. It was desolate of people inside, however hope still stood in Elliott's heart that Vivec would not abandon his home. As they entered his sanctum, a vibrant buzz stung people's ears.

A podium swivelled around, revealing the holy Vivec himself. They bowed in faith to the mangod as he allowed them entry. "You have come. That is good, I've been awaiting you." He said calmly, his voice was ripply smooth. Elliott nodded before speaking. "Sir, we desire Wraithguard so that we may command the Numidium, and halt Tamriel's destruction itself." Vivec nodded to this before clapping to one of his few remaning servants to fetch the item. "I give you the arm, for it is the only thing that will save the people of Nirn. You are our last hope, defeat Dagon, whatever the cost maybe." He finished. The trio bowed in respect before leaving the temple, the end was in sight, the reward in their grasp. There was still hope.

Chapter 16 - The Summit Of Red MountainEdit

The group stared at the looming presence of the mountain. It was finally time, all the work they had been doing would soon all be worth it. They were Tamriel's last chance of survival. Cirtun knew The Numidium inside out, it's nooks and cranny's, and the only way possible to ignite it's power. They began to clamber up the side of the beast, handling rocky enclaves and powering through great walls of pure rockface. Rocks of enormous size danced out of the spout of the mountain in a blaze of power. They flew and knocked onto the ground far below them. They pulled up into the summit of the mountain. There stood a familar face.

"Well, well, well." It said. "If it isn't my little servant and his college buddies." The figure emerged from the darkness, revealing herself to be Lady Audiere, suited fully in Daedric Armor. "You... Were with him the entire time?!" Screeched Cirtun over the enpowering fire. A smirk drew across her face. "Of course, Dagon and my family have been... acquainted for years. And now his little puppets have brought me our items, we can finally complete what we began years ago." Alyssa pushed past both of the men, and drew her sword. "Well, you'll have to get through me first."

Audiere removed her large greatsword and brought it to her side. "Prepare to die!" she screamed as the ran forward into Alyssa. Alyssa shoved her backwards a little with her sword, before swiping her down. Audiere attempted to fling her weapon forward but Alyssa counter-acted in time, parrying her. All it took was a swipe of Alyssa's elven sword to slice into Audiere's flesh, and throw her to the floor. "Your reign of terror has come to an end. We fight for this land's survival. Die now, may Dagon judge you as himself." She whispered calmly, before sending down her sword to her neck and slicing her head right off as it fell deep into the lava pools far below. Alyssa stood up, and wiped a tear from her eye. She nodded to the pair, as they began to descend deep into the mountain's heart.

Chapter 17 - Heart For A Heart.Edit

They eventually clambered deep inside the mountain. It had been incredibly hot and tiring and occasional spurts of lava would often burn onto their skin. As they managed to reach the bottom of the spire, the great Numidium itself came into view. Around it sat a laboratory, perhaps makeshift by Dagon himself. "This is suspicious." Cirtun added bluntly. "We have to go along with Dagon's plan." Elliott also bluntly replied. Cirtun nodded, his heart was pacing like the beat of a drum.

Elliott ran up to the Numidium, placing Wraithguard onto his hand, he pressed a button that should hold the location of the Heart Of Lorkhan. Cirtun sighed as he saw the empty box, Elliott nodded to him as they looked at each other. Cirtun's eye teared a little, but he wiped it away. Alyssa was confused. "What's going on?" She asked. "The heart was destroyed by the Nerevarine. Which means that we need the heart of another god." Cirtun nodded as he drew his dagger to his chest. Alyssa burst suddenly into tears, weeping all over the floor. "Now, now. There's no need to be sad. After all, when I die, I'll go somewhere else. Nobody knows where yet, but it'll be somewhere. And maybe we'll meet in that somewhere sometime. After all, we always have eternity." If anything, that made her cry even more. Even Elliott shed a tear as he heard this. Cirtun braced himself, and plunged the knife through his chest, tearing his heart from it. As it did so, the knife dropped from his hand, as his body fell to the floor.

Elliott wiped the water from his eye and scooped up his still warm heart into his hands. "Goodbye old friend." He praised as he placed his heart in the podium, it span around a little before he placed Wraithguard on. He picked up the heart in his hand, and proceeded to use the tools to fiddle it into place. After some time, it fit inside, and the machine was locked. All at once, an apparition of Mehrunes Dagon and two guards appeared. "AHAHA! YOU FELL FOR MY PLAN. WEAKLING. NOW YOU SHALL DIE." Elliott merely smirked at the man as he pulled down a lever and the Numidium shocked into life.

Chapter 18 - We Always Have Eternity.Edit

The Daedra began to claw away at the great beast. The Numidium merely growled at them at as Elliott fiddled with the controls. Steam smothered the entire room as Alyssa attempted to fire arrows at the confused Daedra. The almighty creation threw its giant arms down at the tiny creatures that Dagon flung at him. More and more kept spawning from the portal, but they were no match for The Numidium. In one awesome move, it threw its body onto the ground and sent a quake that quivered almost the entire mountain.

As the smoke cleared, the portal was expanding, although nothing was coming from it. Until eventually... A creature so great and large pulled itself shapely from the devil hole itself. The thing was almost as big as the beast itself, and it squared right into it's eyes. "YOU MAY HAVE BEATEN MY FOOLISH SERVANTS. BUT NOW YOU SHALL FACE ME!" It screeched as it bellowed a great roar from it's mouth. As it was about to swing it's arm into the Numidium's belly, the beast gripped onto it's arm and threw it to the floor. It then kicked it several times as it rolled onto the ground. Elliott commanded the Numidium to push it to the edge of the massive lava pool. "I banish you beast. Like Martin Septim before me, and as many others as it takes after me. I BANISH YOU!" Elliott shouted loudly at Dagon. The Numidium plunged Dagon into the lava, melting it to the very core.

Chapter 19 - SacrificeEdit

"So... That's it?" Alyssa asked contently. Elliott sighed and replied "No. I must seal the portal." Elliott walked up to it, and caressed the edges of it. "How do you do that?" Alyssa asked. Elliott turned to her and clutched her shoulders. "Sacrifices must be made." He said, tearfully. Alyssa broke down into tears a little. "I-I'm coming with you." She cried. Elliott nodded to her, and gripped her hand.

They then stood in the portal, and he pressed his lips against hers, as they pushed themselves into the portal, The Numidium exploded, causing a massive eruption all over Vvardenfell. But that was not the extent of the damage that Dagon's plan would've done.

"Death. It is the one word that shakes the very bones of many people, and can change the entire world in an instant. It is the cause of everything, war, peace, even love. But what is it that causes death? Curiosity. How far would you go, just to learn the secrets. The Secrets Of The Past?" Elliott chanted valiantly.

The portal snapped shut, and Elliott & Alyssa with it. Nirn was safe, for now. Would anyone ever remember what they did that day? Vivec knew, The Emperor knew. Would they tell anyone? Only the child that Alyssa had bore.

Final NotesEdit

The Trilogy will continue in The Blood Of The Archaics. Thank you for reading, it's been of much enjoyment for me to write this book, and i hope you received as much pleasure reading it as I did writing it. - VaughanTES