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This, the second novel in The Ancients Trilogy is dedicated to Pikapi, without whom's hard work this wiki would be nothing like what it is. He's a great friend of mine, and the overseer of all on the wiki. Kinda like the Smelter Overseer in Skyrim, but does his job right. ;) Here's to you. - VaughanTES.


Nirn was safe. It had been 6 years since the Dragon Crisis, over 200 years since the Oblivion Crisis and most importantly, 100 years since the eruption of Red Mountain. Few knew of the sacrifices made that day, those who found out often led to a sticky end. In the emperor's mind, 'It is better that people understand something believable. As much as i want to carve their names in the list of saints, perhaps it is better this way." But the magic binding Dagon's portal to the mountain was breaking. Something was disrupting it. But what?