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El'yyc is an Orsimer or Orc. Son of a once great Chieftain, Clarak, El'yyc had much to live up to when growing up in the Orc Stronghold of Diloarn. El'yyc is an incredibly capable warrior, and wields his orcish battleaxe, with rage exceeding that of most Orcs. Headstrong, intelligent, and clever, El'yyc is highly respected in Diloran, his birthplace, and across Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

El'yyc is the current Chieftain of Diloran, and acts like a warlord or even overlord. He expects all Orsimer Strongholds to submit to him, and most do, and is a constant threat to all cities of Skyrim due to his influence on almost every Stronghold under leadership by Orcs.

Formerly an Imperial Legionnaire Captain, he is unmatched in combat by any other orc in his "empire", and few in all of Tamriel can withstand his onslaught. He empthazizes aggression and power while fighting his foes.

A strong supporter of the Strormcloaks due to a common enemy, El'yyc is a firm enemy of the empire. Originally, Diloran had a strong relationship with Cyrodiil and Skyrim when led by Clarak, trading constantly with cities such as Whiterun. However, when El'yyc took control, he opposed relationship with the empire, murdering the Imperial Legionnaires in the city. His opposition was due to the extreme hatred and mistreatment put upon him in Bruma.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

El'yyc was born to Orsimer Chieftain Clarak the Unconquered and his most respected wife, Paueol, in the powerful orc stronghold of Diloran, which is also the largest orcish keep in Skyrim. He was raised to fight like every other orc, and did so alongside three immediate brothers(Char Headstrong, Benerg the Powerful, and Maxtern the Clever) and sisters(Tarlorn Quickhand and Parage the Gifted) , all born of Clarak and Paueol. He also had three half-brothers, Jadern, Zac the Undecided, and Torag.

Like most young orc children, he was trained in smithing early on by his other mothers and kin, and he proved a quick learner after only a few years. He took a liking to bows, magic, and heavy weaponry as he grew older, and later announced a fierce rivalry with his half-brother Jadern, due to his constant teasing. El'yyc considered Jadern a coward and weakling, viewing him as a burden on the stronghold.

The rivalry quickly accelerated into mutual hatred of one another, and Jadern, four years older than El'yyc, challenged him. Despite the rivalry, El'yyc took the threat as an insult, and funneled all his rage into the the upcoming battle. When the day came, the young Orsimer challenged all three of his half brothers, as Zac, now a highly respected warrior, had taken the side of his half brother Jadern, and Torag has manipulated by Jadern, his immediate brother.

The shaman, known as Varg, laid down his own set of rules for the match, allowing only one weapon of choice for each fighter, and any armor that suited their needs. El'yyc accepted the rules with confidence and bravado, and the others did so, albeit with less aggression.

Moments before the fight, El'yyc removed his arms and armor, much to Jadern's excitement and the amuesment of the other two. Upon the beginning of the battle, El'yyc quickly knocked Zac and Torag to the side, and began to skillfully dodge any attack, before beaten on his half brother's head and back. Before the other brothers could react, El'yyc had finished off Jadern via the removal of his head with his bare hands, and than resumed the fight by knocking Tarog out with Jadern's skull, beating him within an inch of his life.

Zac, the smaller but most expierenced could not even put up a fight, and succumbed to deaths embrace after his throat and jaw were removed by the clenched fist of his half brother. The gruesome engagement ended the rivalry and any doubt on the true strength of the young El'yyc. Jadern and Zac's mother would soon commit suicide out of grief, and Tarog spoke little after his humilating defeat.

Rise to Power and FallEdit

El'yyc had gained a powerful position for himself in Diloran as Army Commander, a rare and unheard of rank only given to exceptional individuals of larger keeps. He led Orsimer forces with fierce brutality, savagery, and skill. He proved himself on the battlefield with fearsome rage, gaining the respect of hundreds of orc soldiers in little time.

He drove to eliminate the Giants who settled the plains near Diloran, and took the Mammoths as war beasts. During the short wars, he would defeat a Giant Chief known and feared by many as "Jaderago", swiftly beheading the chieftain after scorching him with his newly found talent of magic, particularly in fire. He regained hundreds of miles of land from the Giants and drove out Khajiit caravans and Imperial Legions on his own. He was seen by elders as a fierce combatant and loyal follower of Malacath; A potential Chieftain.

His skills only tuned as he accomplished victory after victory, defeating waves of enemy combatants in many battles. As he continued his "Siege of Skyrim", jealousy formed in the minds of his brothers and half-brother Tarog. He continued to gain respect, land, and fear for the Orsimer, oblivious to the dangers that would follow.

As his strength grew more and more powerful, his brothers began to fear for their chances at chieftain. Two swore loyalty, but Benerg was corrupted by greed and zealous want for respect. He began creating a simple but effective plan to eliminate El'yyc from the competition as Warlord of Diloran. Sooner than expected, Benerg challenged Clarak, easily gaining title as Chieftain after defeating his father in single combat.

Benerg sent his younger brother on an impossible task, directing him to defeat the Whiterun guard.He taunted El'yyc after his refusal, mocking the warrior with anything and everything he found suitable, saying: "I thought you were El'yyc the Invincible, El'yyc the Undefeated, El'yyc the Untouchable, El'yyc the Merciless?" He want by saying he was a coward and feared for his own life, and would disrespect his own brother out of cowardice.

El'yyc, always having been stubborn, refused to back down, and went off with a small platoon to ravage Whiterun. Undefeated in any previous conflict, he would not stop now. He picked only the finest warriors, including two warriors named Yarg and Maul, an archer known as Flech, and a mage known as V'Yarg. Others were selected from previous encounters, battles, and a few from different strongholds. Believing himself prepared, he marched towards Whiterun to usurp the throne for the glory of the Orsimer.

Unbeknownst to him and his warriors, Benerg had sent a courier to warn the Jarl. Whiterun prepared for the attack, still underestimated El'yyc's will and stremgth in all arts of war. He defeated the gaurds and defeated Imperial upon Imperial, Nord upon Nord, and citizen upon citizen. His fury and rage was un-oppossed until his confontation with the Companions who had managed to fight and kill off most of the attacking Orsimer.

He faced off multiple Companions, and discovered the Under Forge, not realising that it was a trap in which he was meant to find. He was attacked by several Circle members, and apon defeating one, they turned ino beasts of the wilds, Werewolfs. He fought bravely and desperatly, killing all but the Harbinger. In final acts of vengeance, the Harbinger, Jordon-Grey Mane, nearly killed El'yyc after a fierce battle, which resulted in the death of Jordon.

Enraged but left with little choice and even fewer surviving soldiers, he retreated after denting a considerable portion of the Whiterun population. He saved the last few of his soldiers except for V'Yarg, who sacrifced himself in order to allow their escape. Days later, V'Yarg was brutaly executed and his body left in pieces by the remaining Companions.

Upon his return to Diloran, Benerg immediately banished him wth approval from the Elders, but allowed the other survivors to attempt to establish themselves as worthy. Disgraced by his actions and shamed by his very own brother, he retreated to Cyrodiil, and served as a Gladiator and later as an Imperial Legionnaire. Before he left, he personally reminded Benerg he was the stronger, and that he would have revenge. He left in nothing but elk and goat hide, and a sword and axe.

Reentering Fame Edit

Upon being bansihed, he still lust for blood and the glory of battle, and so he hoped to travel to the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, along the way hunting down animals for food and living in the mountains, rain forests, and river banks. He did what he could to survive, and gained a reputation in Bruma after murdering an Imperial Captain who had constantly mocked him and Malacath. He eventually fled, having nothing left to do in the city, and in fear of his quest for vengeance being halted by an "irrelevent" crime.

He escaped to the Black Marsh, travelling with an Argonian band of werewolves, vampires, and most importantly, a very large Argonian archer by the name of Scourge. Scourge had once been a Companion apart of the Circle, which forced a new rival into life until they both beat each other limp, and ended the feud as blood brothers. Scourge was extremely clever, held a sharp tounge, and possessed strength that rivaled El'yyc's. They quickly decided to end their journies with the group of Maruaders, killing them all.

Scourge soon confessed that he was a Werewolf as well, and wished to stay his lust to enter the night as a beast. El'yyc, feeling pity for the Argonian, tried to find a cure for his friend, and what he considered his only family. Upon realising a cure was hopeless, they departed, Scourge leaving to meditate with a group known as the "Beholders", and the former Army Commander leaving to the Imperial City to join the Legion.

Along the way he was capturred and illegally enslaved after a brutal fight where he managed to resist many attackers, savagely tearing them apart after he had lost his sword and battle axe. His captors, Dunmer slavers, admired his determination and brought him to Atornach, a large city in Morrowind that insisted on keeping slavery intact and legal.

He was fitted to enter battle against multiple other slaves, and was dubbed a "Gladiator" by his captors. Obce unleahsed into the arena, he defeated multiple other slaves and several popular Gladiators with nothing but a steel head spear. He managed an easy victory, much to the glee of his master, Casorrow, who had anticapted much gold to be made from his new found trophy.

His name became both famous and infamous to the Nobles of Atornach, many despised him, others enjoyed his savegery. He started to become a legend among the Gladiators and slave owners, earning his name, and even enough gold that his master would allow him to leave. But he refused.

“With every lunge of an axe I make, or every time I am pierced by an arrow, I come one step closer to my goal. I have never felt so good in years, not since my time as a real Orc. This is a training ground for me. One that teaches the deepest respect for the blade, and most honorable notice of magic. I will soon leave, but not until I have satisfied my lust to kill.”
―El'yyc, before his stunned master

Eventually, after countless exhilerating victories, he faced against the undefeated Champion of the Arena, another Orc by the name of Dag, a former warrior under the command of El'yyc, who had thought him dead at the Siege of Whiterun. Dag had been unkowingly left behind, and torturred by the people of Whiterun before he escaped and was later enslaved just like El'yyc.

Neither of the two knew who the other was, El'yyc under the persona as the "Merciless" and "The Savage", named this after refusing to allow any of his victims to live, no matter the crowd's verdict, and Dag, a forgotten memory in the back of El'yyc's violent mind tainted with hate.

They met on the Arena Grounds after several other presentations of blood spilling, the victors being allowed to fight in the main event. Among them were several other famous Gladiators of incredible skill, they included Darrieus Quick-eye, Garrus the Hammer, "The Monstrosity", and a Khajiit, who would later play a significant role in El'yyc's life. The Khajiit had taken part in the battle much to the shock of the Crowd and Nobles, as he had easily defaeted a heavily favored oppenent.

They met in battle with a ferocious clash, Garrus the Hammer was immediately defeated by Dag, who had, after disarming Garrus and forcing him to his knees, smashed the right side of his lower-face with the Hammer's hammer. El'yyc made the second kill on Darrieus, who shot three arrows into The Savage, one penetrating his jaw, before he quickly executed Quick Eye with his war axe.

The Monstrosity fell to the Khajiit warrior, who shot him from across the massive arena with a Bow, hitting him dead on in the knee, and then slowly walked to the massive Redguard, promptly beheading him off the wall and into the spike pit that encircled it. As he did this, El'yyc and Dag had met in battle, both still oblivious to the ecah other's identity as they both wore masks and helms.

Eventually, El'yyc caught hold of Dag's trophy, Garrus's hammer, and tossed it. He quickly pierced his heart with his sword, and threw a punch into Dag's head, tearing the mask off of his face, pouring memories back into El'yyc's mind. Recognizing Dag, he made him stand, and revealed who he was before beheading his former lieutenant. El'yyc was then stabbed in the back by the Khajiit, whom the crowd had began calling "the Swift". In a furry of bravado and anger, he attacked "Swift", an Orange-yellow khajiit with a large mane and a muscular frame. The duel went on for nearly thirty minutes, El'yyc refusing to tire and the Swift straining as he dodged every powerful strike.

Finally, the commander-turned slave manged to make contact with his blade, slashing a bloody cut across his adversaries chest. He pushed his blade directly into the beast-man's upper abdominal, and allowed him to survive for his glory; If he could survive his wounds.

El'yyc later left the city of Atornch in the final pursuit of the Imperial City. Accepting little gold from the master that he made rich, he travelled entirely by foot and for the majority fo every day, stopping to rest very rarely or to hunt for his next meal and set of clothing. He faced little that he conisdered a burden, and stayed far from most towns and cities.

Upon entering the Imperial City, he immediately went to the closest recruitment center. He joined the Legion, passing training with ease only obtainable by a skilled and merciless warrior. He was brought to the attention of Captain Jerome and General Tulius, who saw the potential of great leader inside of their new recruit. As El'yyc showed further strength and an incredible grasp tactical warfare, he was promoted. Eventually he rose to the rank of Legate, or Captain, and served as the young General Tulius's right hand man alongside Jerome.

El'yyc became known as a ruthless guard and some even called him evil, as he followed the word of the Legion with vigorous and unmatched loyalty, even arresting Legate Jerome over a dispute after he had assaulted and killed a citizen, even though he had been defending himself. He executed the guard and his once friend personally, stating that Jerome should have dealt with the situation via submitting his attacker, instead of killing.

His reputation began catching the attention of other Legionnaire officials and large trading companies under investigation, forcing the corrupt to become more cautious with their trading and dealing. El'yyc then completely tumbled the Ocean Fair Trading Company, destroying it's empire after he had suspected it of illegal smuggling and proving the accusations.

During all this, Samuel Benard, an East Trading Company supervisor, hired the Dark Brotherhood to eliminate the fierce Legion Captain. The attempt ultimately failed, and El'yyc removed much of the Brotherhood's presence in the capital of the Empire. He put great pride in General Tulius, but he himself saw it as only doing what he was supposed to.

When the Storm Cloak Rebellion broke out, General Tulius returned to Skyrim, having El'yyc stay and serve General Brutus Signus, a large, decorated, Redgaurd soldier with a name known across Tamreial for his actions in the Great War; The same actions had resulted in his promotion.

Soon, however, El'yyc told his superior he wished to go to Skyrim, to "...Fight alongside my brothers, and feel my rage being fed by the blood of the Empire's enemies." He was later shipped off to Skyrim to serve under the Thalmor in Solitude; Much to his annoyance, but he complied. He would never make it as far as Solitude, however.

As the Imperial Caravan neared the border to Skyrim, they were attacked by Stormcloak Soldiers. Most of the Legion's soldiers were killed immedately by the archers and a single ballista, and almost all of the remaining men were sacked by a line of charging rebels. El'yyc and another Legate, Maximus Desolas, held off as many as they could.

When the last of the Legionnaire's fell and Maximus suffered several injuries from the archer's arrows, El'yyc fell to the berserker rage that he had managed to hold off for such a long time. He charged the main front of his attackers, and decimated the Stormcloak maruaders. Those who were lucky enoughto survive ran back to their outposts, leaving behind the mess that El'yyc had effortlessly created out of former insurrectionists.

He brought the Legate, Maximus, to Riften, and sought help from the local infirmery.





Personality and Traits Edit

Headstrong and lacking of empathy, the Warlord of Diloran is extremely brutal and fits into Orcish stereotypes perfectly. Slow to give any his trust, and very quick to hate, El'yyc is an extensively cruel leader, and punishes the weak with death. Originally a firm worshiper of Malacath, he extends his savage agenda on to all of his influenced lands. Although no longer a believer of any deity, his life is still influenced heavily by Malacath.

Chieftain of the Orsimer El'yyc possess berserker rage unmatched by any of his followers, his passion for hatred and violence erupt into every swing of a blade or unleashing of a quiver. His awesome onslaught of power is considered his main reason, alongside his amazing ability to rouse a crowd, that he rose to power. His unshakable confidence and sometimes foolhardy bravado add to his impressive fear factor.

Although not actually racist, and accepting of other races in his ranks, he hates outsiders with a fiery passion. His treatment of them is pathetic, and their deaths do nothing to change his attitude. Those who do not prove their worthiness will have to fear for their life in Orsimer territory; They will have no justice done for them.

El'yyc stands a head taller than most Orsimer, and is very muscular and strong. Jagged scars mark the left side of his face, and one scar trails down his forehead and through his right eye. Two large teeth extend from his lower lip, and his upper canines sprout, albeit slightly, from his upper lip. His eyes are dark blue, set deep under his bony eyebrows. The top of his head sprouts two, "decent" sized horns, uncommon among Orc-kind, and four more, much more jagged horns on the back of his head, resembling Malacath. In between the gap of horns lies carefully groomed, black hair, shaved at the sides and ending in an upright ponytail. He often grows a short goatee in winter, which he always braids at the end.

El'yyc possesses Orcish armor and arms made of pure ebony, and most often wields his battleaxe. He crafted the armor himself, basing it off the armor that chieftains commonly wear. He also created a detachable face-plate for the helm, which hooks ridge and metal plates on his helm. Alongside the facemask, he used his skills of smithing to create a neck guard, which greatly resembles one of the layered pieces on the actual armor.

Religion and Beliefs Edit

“There are no Gods. There are none worthy of worship. Eternal life in the outer realms is merely a ruse to capture the attention of the weak minded. To rule over us and install fear. I have seen passed this pathetic attempt which fogs all of your minds. I have seized limitless power. I am Immortal, and I rival your Gods.”
―El'yyc on his views of Immortality

El'yyc grew up as a fierce believer in the Ways of Malacath, taking the slightest insult to the Daedric Prince with zealous offense. Like most Orsimer, the ways of Malacath and the Orcs conditioned him into a fine tuned killing machine, survivor, and carrier of great rage. El'yyc, during his early rise to power, forced the Way of Malacath on many of the peoples of Skyrim and some in Cyrodiil; Whether they were Orsimer or Dunmer, Argonian or Nord. He advanced the Orsimer far faster and with more aggression than any Orc, including all of the great Orsimer Chieftains.

After his banishment from Diloran and leaving the Imperial Legion, he began a new life as a Scholar, taking in many meditations offered by Malacath himself to calm his unstoppable rage. He worked alongside an Altmer, or High Elf, scholar, training his mind in the powerful arcane arts, and learning the sciences behind the universe from his mentor, Evroan, the Altmer. He began viewing all forms of Immortals as mere people, and believed he would also gain their power one day. His actions for power infuriated the Daedric Princes, who were all kept at bay by Malacath and Azura's council, who wished to have El'yyc uplifted and admired his determination.

After murdering Evroan, who oppossed El'yyc's rise to immortality, El'yyc began his war on the Aedra, Daedra, and Nine Divines alongside Alduin, Malacath, and Azura. The war was known as the Great Holy War of the Divine.