'Blood and bone, broke by stone. Love and heal, broke by steel. But there is one that cannot be broken. Faith and belief, and the knowledge that I will always be at your side' - Eienaur


Eienaur was born as a nord on Atmora, and eventually helped Ysgramor colonise Skyrim. On the return to Atmora, Ysgramors' Son, Ysmir stopped in the continent of Lae and built a city. When Ysgramor returned for his son, Eienaur stayed in Lae and set up an empire with the 20 other nords who remained. Eienaur wiped out the current race living there the Sylancthe. By this time there were over 800 Nords living in Lae, and Eienaur was quick to allow other races in. He felt sorry for the Sylancthe King, Dremoth and so gave him a region of his own, Maersley. Argonians filled up a small island to the south and soon enough Redguards and Khajiit were living in the desert islands. Bretons had managed to find away into the far north and Bosmer had founded a small Jungle nation. Akatosh was impressed, and granted him a queen. Aeronne, Akatosh's own daughter.

In death, Akatosh granted Eienaur godship of Lae, and his only mortal son lit a flame in his honor. That flame still stays alight today. He had two god children, Niaghta & Cassian who ruled as undergods.



Eienaur Aged 30 In The Chrome Palace

Eienaur has always had long straggly black hair, and unlike most nords prefers not to have a beard. He is muscular and often wields War Axes.

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