Template:Pverse Effective Spellcasting Methods was a college thesis paper published by Tyrmil Camorin, an Altmer studying at the College of Winterhold during the First Century of the Fourth Era.


Effective Spellcasting Methods

Thesis paper by Tyrmil Camorin, former apprentice at the College of Winterhold

An educated mage understands how any individual, regardless of their race, age, or understanding has deep reserves of magic at their disposal. Those who choose to pursue a path in magic are sure to learn that they possess a power that allows them to warp the fabric of our world and bend the world to their rim. There are a great number of ways that any individual can tap into their magical reserves, however, the most common method is surely through spellcasting.

When we cast spells, we are essentially interacting with the magic that surrounds us through the physical manipulation of our hands. A skilled spellcaster knows how each subtle movement we make in the physical world has a profound, yet limited effect on the magical world. In other words, if certain physical movements are executed correctly, we create a temporary bridge between the physical world and our own magical reserves. Despite our limitations, the results of spellcasting can be astounding.

For example, with an outwards flick of our wrist, we can generate substancial amounts of heat energy. Before trying this, remember to keep the muscles in the hands that you plan on casting with relaxed with as little tension as possible. The shortest distance in the gap between your curled fingers and your lower palm should be at least one pointer-finger length apart to avoid causing any self-inflicted burns. You might wish to leave a larger gap depending on the amount of fire you wish to summon. When flicking your wrists, do so with control so that you may also maintain control over the heat you are tunneling into the physical world. Avoid spastic muscle contractions or you might instead drain your own magicka! If you are new to casting fire magic, expect to receive minor burned on your first few attempts, as you become confortable with summoning fire. The heat you generate will only last for a second before the bridge collapses and your fire is extinguished.

Were you successful in summoning fire? If so, try it again, only this time try and sustain the connection between the physical world and your magicka. Gently repeating this flicking of your wrists, only slower now. If you succeeded, congratulations! If not, keep trying until you master this technique.

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