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Duessha is a harsh land, probably the harshest in all of Barachis, with an equally harsh history to match. Throughout the years this piece of desert in the centre of Barachis has been ruled by many races and kingdoms. But now it is ruled by the Dalmer who in turn are part of the Barachian Empire.


Duessha at first during the beast era was called Guundur literally meaning 'place of sand' in the languages of the Jallark and the Yeenin; the two beast races that first lived there. However when the Darwishi invaded at the end of the age of Beast the name was changed to Ghubar to more suit the Darwishi language. This name over the new Darwishi empire was popular and it became its official name until the fall of the Darwishi. The more modern name ‘Duessha’ appeared during the Alt-Nai Era, when the Dalmer (known then as the Valmer) were the masters of Barachis.

They named it cursed sand in their language (Duessha) for then many feared to venture into the place for it was filled with many dangers. This name became increasingly popular when at the closing stages of the Alt-Nai era, the Dalmer were banished there by the curse of the Sammak. For that reason all the other modern races of Barachis now take to calling it that.


Beast EraEdit

In the very early days of Barachis, just after the end of the dawn era, Duessha was ruled by two nomadic beast races known as the Jallark and the Yeenin. They were both fierce in reputation, making Duessha at the time seem like a place of only death for all who dared venture there.

Unfortunately in a decade of massive drought, tensions between these two races begun to erupt. As the water in the river’s dried up from the intense heat, daily life begun to be a fight for survival as the lifeblood of the two races begun to disappear. Eventually the tensions broke and a great war was fought between these two nomadic races, filling the empty rivers in blood. This war did much damage to both the races alike leaving thousands dead and lasting for a great many years.

The war finally ended when the two races could not handle any more bloodshed and a peace was made with the two joining together to create the great city of Anmethen and the first civilisation in Duessha. This newly made civilization made terror all over Barachis raiding and pillaging from other races making themselves prosper as well as earning a fierce reputation of a Kingdom to be feared.

Darwishi invasionEdit

For a great many years this mighty civilisation stood, prospering on its warlike nature. However, like many things this was not to last. Rumours came from the east telling whispers of a great army cutting a path through Barachis, taking no prisoners and leaving none alive. Many took to hiding like the Sammak that had mysteriously disappeared under the ocean, but the Jallark and Yeenin peoples were proud and would not let outsiders take their home. </span>

When this new threat finally came, now known as the Darwishi, they understood why the other races went into hiding. Great plagues spread over the land killing thousand’s before the enemy even stepped foot inside their land, and when they did there was no fight, only a massacre. The great city of Anmethen was raised to the ground with all its inhabitants slaughtered without mercy. The people were butchered, and those that did survive were left with a fate worse than death. </span>

Finally, both of the civilisations gave in, surrendering, and accepting all terms. The Darwishi then used them for their own designs. Making them build massive shrines all over the desert to extinguish their hope and their right to rule this land.

Valmer Empire invasionsEdit

For many years both the Jallark and Yeenin people’s toiled over the construction of the many great shines the Darwishi ordered them to build. Many thousands died to their master's whips, but many more were taken away, never to be seen again.

This all changed when one by one the Darwishi began to leave. This sudden departure from Duessha by the Darwishi was unknown by the Jallark and Yeenin, but what they did know was that it was time to rise up. A quick rebellion against the Darwishi took place, and what little number of Darwishi that remained in Duessha were forced out. The Jallark and Yeenin people’s now had Duessha back as they had wanted, but this was not to last.

Unknown to the new Jallark and Yeenin Empire a new threat had gathered to take Barachis. This was the Valmer, another race of elves that had left their island archipelago to escape the devastating effects of a volcano that had erupted there. In a matter of a few years the Darwishi people had all but fled to the island now known as Nagos, and had hidden there. The Valmer, unopposed, proceeded to enslave the other beast races that had begun to form their own kingdoms out of the shattered fragments of the Darwishi one, in a war named the Rei Xu War. The Yeenin and Jallark mistakenly thought themselves safe, seeing no reason why the Valmer would invade Duessha. But they were wrong.

The Valmer did not have any interest for their land, but they did however have interest in its people. So, not long after the Valmer consolidated their power over the rest of Barachis, they then turned their eyes towards Duessha.

Valmer Empire

Extent of the Valmer Empire during its golden age in the Alt Nai Era

</span>launched and the same thing happened to the Jallark and Yeenin as the Darwishi did over a thousand years ago. Cities were sacked, their people massacred and leaders paraded in front of crowds of booing Valmer. Eventually the Jallark and Yeenin sued for peace, but something happened that they did not expect. The Valmer let them keep their land, as an act of kindness, but they would be a vassal to the greater Valmer Empire with some limits to its freedom.

Dalmer OccupationEdit

Despite the conditions of the treaty the two beast race’s prospered under the Valmer rule, still however holding a hatred against them despite their happiness in the empire. This lasted for a while until the Valmer Empire begun to crumble, slowly at first but picking up speed as the years went by. These crumbling pieces soon shattered when the Sammak cursed them after finally gaining enough power. The Valmer now being called the Dalmer or Damned elves were forced into the deserts of Barachis by this curse and instead of sheltering them, the Jallark and Yeenin betrayed them slitting the throats of those who sought refuge. However in the light of these atrocities the Dalmer fought back under the light of their new pantheon, the twenty-one.

Once again the cycle continued, but this time the Jallark and Yeenin did not survive. The Dalmer destroyed them under the orders of their new gods, hunting them down as if they were animals and building cities over their ruins. Eventually the two beast races where all but wiped out, becoming little more than a footnote in history. The Dalmer where now the masters of Duessha, and they wrote their history in fire and blood.     

Red EraEdit

Split of DuesshaEdit

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Isgar EraEdit

Imagination WarEdit

Barachis EmpireEdit



Dalmer Map



Quan-Anu- Quan-Anu (Safe haven) is the capital of Duessha and the beating heart of the Dalmer’s political power. It is located in the centre of Duessha standing under the shadow of the Alt-Shan Mountains. It was built just after the Dalmer had stabilized their control over most of Duessha during the Red era as a safe haven, hidden from the view of unwelcome presences. Now it has grown into a great city showing off the rich architecture the Dalmer possess.   

Dal-Sha- Dal-Sha (Shezon:Cursed Sandwas the first city built in Duessha by the Dalmer or Valmer at the time, during the height of the Alt-Nai era. It was built then as a trading city to the Valmer Jallark and Yeenin protectorate’s bringing in wealth and power from the great slave trade. Now it still is a major trading city located in the extreme northern plains of Duessha.

Aka-Shi- Aka-Shi (Shezon:Dragon sea) is the southernmost city of Duessha, thought to be built over the remains of a legendary dragon, that plagued the land in the late days of the Beast era. This dragon was killed eventually when the Darwishi came and they built a temple city over it, that was later sacked by the Valmer who then built the current city of today over those ruins.

Jiandan-Shan- (Shezon:Mountain plain)  is a prosperous city as a centre of learning for the Dalmer people. It holds the Trimillon library, a massive centre of learning a knowledge containing some books like the Tribulatorium. Originally however this city was once of Jallark and Yeenin origan before being destroyed and reproposed by the Dalmer during the start of the Red era.   

Shamosium- (Shezon:Desert city)has a mysterious surrounding as no one knows exactly when it was built or what is was purposed for. It is now widely accepted that it was built some time during the chaos of the red era, but the reason for its creation is still unknown. Now Shamosium is a largly small city, a shadow of what it once was due to many major disasters there over the years such as sandstorms tornadoes and cyclones.

Jia-ShamJia-Sham (Plains desert) is the youngest of all the cities located on the on the eastern edge of the Duesshan desert’s. It was originally purposed as a fort during the Imagination war, to fight off against the Solin invaders coming from the east. However once the war ended it became a hub for the Dalmers eastern trade with the Solin building a rich reputation for its goods and trade.


Anmethen- Anmethen was once the capital of the Jallark and Yeenin Kingdom, built to symbolize the new friendship better those two races. However the city was raised by the Darwishi when they came to Barachis and the place fell to ruin and was forgotten. Now, present day it has been searched through many time for a legendary treasure that rumour has it is buried beneath its depths.

I`nik Yath- I’nik Yath was once the greastest temple built by the Darwishi when they ruled Duessha with an iron fist. It was constructed to honour their great god and was placed in the dead centre of the province. However it has now become a place of ruins since the Darwishi abandoned it to the Dalmer, and is rumoured to be filled with all manner of beasts. Also, from what few adventurers have dared step foot into the ruin, rumours have been told of a dark energy that resides within its depths, like some great power resides there.

Yin-Alt- Yin-Alt (Ever high) was once a major Morimer city sitting on the Duessha-Feldurium border before being destroyed by the Dalmer taking advantage of the Morimer war with the Peldron’s. It was built as a temple city and named Yin-Alt (Ever High) to signify its closeness to the divines. However, now it is a ghost city, disappearing and reappearing in the desert sands.