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Darkness IncarnateEdit

Drake Malice is a Breton who is infamous for his long history of assassin work throughout Tamriel, though namely in Cyrodiil and Skyrim. He is a Vampire of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum, or the Order as it is known, and can be traced back at least 200 years in that particular province. It is estimated that he is much older but can only be traced back to Mid-Third Era shortly before the Oblivion Crisis. Drake was an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood who became well known for his finess-style killing and his calling card. He was stealth-proficient enough to avoid detection in heavily guarded forts and estates and once he killed his target he placed a Nightshade flower down their throat, stem-first which usually stuck out of their slice wound. There have been recorded incidents of this marker going back to the Second Era which is why he is assumed to be quite old. His "discovery" came about when one of his journal's was found in an ancient hide-out for a long-dead group of Vampire Assassins called the Crimson Scars. The journal is noted to be one of many and only goes as far back as the Oblivion Crisis. It details his involvement with the Dark Brotherhood and the Order. A second journal was found in a blood-soaked cave in Skyrim and it detailed his involvement with the political schemes and war in Skyrim.

Morndas, Morning Star, Third Era

"I have finally arrived at my new sanctuary and the Family has been quite welcoming of me and my Veteran Status... there is another Vampire here of my Order named Vicente. We seem to get along quite well and he has been more than gracious enough to assist me in planning out my hunts by detailing the nearest and most easily obtainable Blood supply. My first contract here is to kill a guard captain of a Royal Estate but make it appear to be the work of the Second-in-Command. This will be far easier if i just make the underling kill the captain problem for a superior Nightwalker such as myself..." -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume IV


Drake was noted to be of considerable skill even for a Vampire. He was adept at close-quarters combat with his hands as well as any blades or swords. He carried an enchanted dagger supposedly obtained from Oblivion itself (Boethia's Realm most likely). It could steal the life and soul of it's victim, and so it was called the Voidblade. He also carried an Akaviri Katana made of Ebony and Bone that was said to cause cuts so deep they never stopped bleeding but only when the sun was down. He called it Duskwalker. Drake's mastery of the art of Stealth was so absolute that he would often leave Nightshade flowers in the very hands of those in power without they or anyone else ever seeing them. This served as a warning or even a prank to terrify Counts, Lords, and Kings. His footsteps made no sound as if he glided across the ground and his figure casted no shadow as if he were invisble. Even outside of combat Drake employed skills of exceptional magnitude including seduction, coercion, manipulation, indimidation, mis-direction, and investigation which he used to increase his standing with those in power.

Sundas, Morning Star, Third Era

"Interesting events are unfolding...Kvatch was burned to the ground by Daedra, Necromancer's are attacking Mages from the University, a strange doorway has opened on the lake beside Bravil, and a new initiate has arrived here at the sanctuary... I can feel something powerful coming to Cyrodiil very soon. Recently a contact from my Order was slain along with his entire following in a cave outside the Imperial City...he had set up a Vampire Hunting Organization in order to make his cover more believable...but apparently he was slain by a member of that very group. My latest contract will take me to Leyawiin to kill a visiting Noble. I will get a bonus if I can make it look like they drowned... I love a challenge..." -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume IV


Drake has been noted as being quiet and observant when not "on the job" and spends his time meditating and contemplating in silence. He is very solitary and only interacts with others when it is required. When infiltrating a court he is always straight to the point and adapts to the mindset of his target in order to better interact with them. He can become a snobby Noble or entertaining Fool in a moment if it is needed for the task. He prefers to work alone and often views others as a hinderance or less skilled than himself. This often keeps him separate from his allies as they tend to see him as a loner. As a Vampire and assassin it is obvious that he has no qualms about the damage he causes to the world, but he does not seem to show joy when he kills, he may see it as more of his purpose rather than his hobby.

Morndas, Sun's Dawn, Third Era

"Purification...Lucien and the Black Hand ordered the killing of everyone in the sanctuary...they think that I or one of the others was a is THEY who have betrayed us...betrayed me. I will have vengeance for this. Sithis knows that I am eternally loyal to him but his children have just earned my ire. I have fled to a secret lair I discovered during my trip to Leyawiin. It was the base of a group of Vampires who sought to overthrow the Dark Brotherhood but were wiped suits my new purpose well. I will rebuild this group with the help of my Order and the Black Hand will tremble as I drain the Blood of every last one of them..." -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume IV


Due to his Vampirism Drake has been involved in many Blood-Cults, Molag Bal Cults, and Clavicus Vile Cults. Now however he owes his faith only to Sithis and his allegiance to the Order. He holds Molag Bal and Clavicus in high regard but feels that Daedra are far too obsessed with themselves to deserve his devotion. He once held the Night Mother as a Deity but since he fled the Dark Brotherhood he seeks only her removal from power.

The Crimson ScarsEdit

After leaving the Dark Brotherhood Drake decided to revive the long dead organization of Sithis-Worshiping Vampires, The Crimson Scars. He used their original base of operations, Deepscorn Hollow, near Leyawiin to start his recruitment. He gathered the most individually powerful Vampires of the Order from across Cyrodiil with the promise of power and blood provided by the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood. For nearly 200 years they worked in secret foiling the Dark Brotherhood's contracts by warning their targets, alerting the authorities, or even outright killing the assassins. Unfortunately once the Black Hand discovered this they already knew where to find the Crimson Scars...

Morndas, Hearthfire, Third Era

"My operatives discovered that Lucien and almost everyone in the Black Hand is dead...killed by the same traitor that my sanctuary was purged because of...that does not matter and it is NOT enough. They have a new Listener...the young initiate who joined the sanctuary shortly after me and carried out the Purification. Luckily they are all very distracted at the moment with the invasion from Oblivion. There is rumor of a new Emperor hiding out with the Blades...perhaps a cotract will be taken out on him and only a master assassin will be able to fulfill that job. That will be my chance to show the Dark Brotherhood true fear..." -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume IV


Drake is a master of improvisation when it comes to combat but he always prefers a good blade. He carries a Daedric Dagger which is said to come from Boethia's realm and it alone has tasted more blood than the Oblivion Crisis and the Civil War in Skyrim combined. He also carries a custom Akaviri Katana made of Ebony and Bone, though it is unclear as to what kind of bone it is made from or even where Drake obtained it from. It is possible he has been to Akavir itself but there is no evidence to support that. Drake wore the Dark Brotherhood's Shrouded leather armor for most of his time in Cyrodiil (Recorded Time) but once reforming the Crimson Scars he had some thralls in the finest blacksmithing and tailoring shops across Cyrodiil design a new set of armor for the Scars. A set of a more Noble and Vampiric nature rather than the typical Shrouded leather. A Hooded Red and Black set perfect for Court or Death. Drake also wears an ancient ring created by Molag Bal called the Band of Eternal Blood which amplifies all of his Vampiric powers as well as making him nearly impervious to magic. He often carries a variety of poisons ranging from Paralyzing to Frenzying and of course outright death dealing toxins.

Turdas, Hearthfire, Fourth Era

"The Brotherhood has come...they are above the Hollow right now fighting to the death with my kin. I will join the fight soon but even if we win this place must be abandoned...why did I choose this place? They have cleared it out before, of course they knew where to find us. I have heard that the Listener has vanished and this assault was the coward's last order. They are afraid of us... my vengeance will have to wait... I will have to set up a new lair somewhere else. But first these intruders will know the wrath of the TRUE sons of Sithis!" -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume V

The Fourth EraEdit

After the Oblivion Crisis Drake waged war with the Dark Brotherhood for 200 years until they finally forced him out of Cyrodiil. When the Aldmeri Dominion invaded Cyrodiil during the Great War the Dark Brotherhood was almost completely wiped out, which the Dominion and other groups took credit for but in truth it was Drake and the remnants of the Crimson Scars. Drake then set his sights on the Night Mother herself but by the time he arrived in Bravil a battlefield was all that he found and the crypt of the Lucky Lady was empty. The turmoil and political shut-down being experienced in Cyrodiil made it no longer an ideal place to be a member of the Order. So Drake disbanded the Crimson Scars temporarily until such a time that things were set right. The Dominion had taken control of the Empire and were using that to cause unrest in other provinces, namely Skyrim. Drake traveled north to the Nord homeland to try and infiltrate the heated political debate occuring there. He traveled throughout Skyrim gaining favor with each hold and always searching for signs of the Dark Brotherhood...

Morndas, Sun's Dawn, Fourth Era

"In Skyrim the brutish Nords fight with each other constantly whether it be because of this petty civil war or just to keep each hold separate. The Thalmor have quite a presence here and they are always watching...they have the Emperor's authority to kill anyone they see fit for any reason. I find their belief in their superiority birth right can match the power of the Vampire. But I can not turn my attention to them just yet...the Dark Brotherhood, or what remains of it, is here in Skyrim. They know that I am here as well. I was attacked on the side of the road by a lone assassin. They were no match for me but in their pocket was a note. The kill order from the sanctuary leader named Astrid, they did not know my name, only my appearance. Too bad the note did not tell the assassin that I am far too powerful to be slain by a single being, even in broad daylight. I may have more problems than I thought here, recently in the town of Whiterun I was looking for some fresh prey when a pair of Vampires and their thralls attacked the city. The Volkihar must truly be as savage as I had heard, to rush foolishly into a walled city and attack. The guards put them down swiftly but this attention to Vampires is the last the thing I need right now. I can not afford to have my identity revealed while I am so close to control here..." -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume V

Blood WarEdit

While in Skyrim Drake found himself hunted by the native Vampire clan, the Volkihar, who were already openly attacking civilians because of an ancient prophecy. It was whispered that when the Dragons returned to Nirn that Vampires would blot out the sun and it would be the Apocalypse. Like any true Nightwalker Drake knew that the sun's absence would mean freedom...but then the Order's power would be forever diminished by the constant presence of the other strains. In order to keep the Cyrodiil Vampyrum's way of life alive he would have to keep the sun in the sky. Drake took a break from his hunt for the Night Mother's wretched children and directed his attention to his political schemes. He made the Jarl's ever aware of the threat the Vampires posed so that they would be better prepared as well as placing bounties on the heads of any Vampires in Skyrim, therefore increasing the amount of Vampire hunters as well. Drake even tipped off the new Dawnguard with insight into Vampires who were trying to get close to the Jarls (These Volkihar were adept at Illusion magic, allowing them to hide their obvious Vampiric traits).

Turdas, Rain's Hand, Fourth Era

"Dragons...even I thought they were a myth. As it turns out they are as real as the Snow Elves and the Daedra. Massive lizards that breath fire or frost and consume soldiers whole. This is as much proof as I need to know that the prophecy of the Sun is true. The Volkihar are going to eclipse it for eternity. I will have to stop it... in doing so I will ensure that the Order remains on top and these savages are forced to stay in their frozen lakes. I have convinced a few Jarls to make their guards get their weapons blessed by Arkay as well as hiring Vampire hunters as mercenaries. An old order called the Dawnguard has been reformed and they are hunting the Volkihar. I have made them aware of the Volkihar's spies who can hide their form with Illusion. So far they have stopped any Jarls from being least by the Volkihar..." -Drake Malice, The Black Journal Volume V...