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Commandant of the Great Daedric Legion, Commander-In-Chief of Vahkaran
Biographical and chronological information


Vehkayemkhotayemrohtayemneht, 3E


Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht, 6E

Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:


Eye color:



Vahkaran's Tear

Societal status and affiliations


Mount Dagon Citadel, Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht


“Hefhedayemtayemhekemekemroht Dohtayemgethohtneht gethiyavehkekemseht mehtekem sehttayemrohtekemnehtgethtayemhekem! Yahkemohtyoodt sehthekemayemlyrlyr tayemayemsehttayem yahkemohtyoodtroht ohtnehtweb bedtlyrohtohtdoht! Webekem sehthekemayemlyrlyr hefhedekemayemsehttayem ohtneht yahkemohtyoodrtroht hefhedlyrekemsehthekem! (Father Dagon gives me strength! You shall taste your own blood! We shall feast on your flesh!”
―One of Drake's more famous battle cries

Drake, or Commandant Dohtrohtayemkhotekem, is the Commandant of the Great Daedric Legion of Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht. None know where he came from, only that he was "born" in Governor Vahkaran's realm during the last day of the Third Era to order to assist Vahkaran in the expansion of his realm. He was given the strength of his "father", Mehrunes Dagon, and the powers of any Dremora Markynaz.

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