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Order of the Dragonlords
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Vespian Scipio

Historical Information

Notable events

“In an universe in which Dragons are remembered for burning down villages and attempting to destroy the worlds, the Dragonlords exist to protect the Dragons from all who wish to slay them”
―Constantine Maraennius[src]

The Dragonlords, more commonly referred to as the Dragonlords, was an order of dragon protectors, established by Odahviing to counter the threat of the Blades during the Fourth Era, due to the Penitus Oculatus refraining their responsibility to protect Dragons. They are sworn to protect the dragons, namely against the Blades, whom seek to slay every single dragon in existence, despite the fact that the majority of Dragons actively isolate themselves away from Tamriel by fleeing to the continent of Dragonsoil. In addition, they seek to be bring justice against any rogue dragons who threaten other dragons or the people of Tamriel and to the Alduinic Dragon Cult. It is lead from the continent of Dragonsoil, the new homeland for the Dragons.

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