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Dragons are a large, individual creatures created by the god Akatosh early during The Dawn Era from the forgotten land known as Akavir. Although Dragons are seen as beastly and doom-driven creatures, they are rather intelligent and organized and capable of reading, speaking and fast learners of languages that haven't originated from Mundus. When Dragons first appeared in Mundus, an organization of dragonslayers known as the Blades nearly demolished the species' population and were considered extinct by most scholars and researchers.

The dragons eventually returned with the reappearance of Alduin and the Dragonborn. Even with the defeat of Alduin, many dragons still chose to fight for Alduin's return. A few years later, an order known as the Draconic Council rose up to power, initially wishing for peace between humans and dragons. Though during the peace, a large group of the Draconic Council began to rebel against the Council and were bend on dominating the entirety of Nirn, starting with Tamriel.


The name dragon originated from old Akaviri records as draco, meaning "giant serpent". In modern Nordic (based of the Akaviri translation), the dragon species are scientifically and collectively named as drakontos, meaning "of mythological significance". Originally, dating during the time of Ysgramor and the occupying of Skyrim, both Nedes and, coincidentally, ancient Argonians both called individual dragons derkesthai, meaning "legendary reptile (Argonian), ethereal knights (Nedic)". Throughout the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Era, the word dragon originates from the oldest source of the recorded etymology, which is the Akaviri draco.

Anatomy and physiologyEdit

Dragon Anatomy

An anatomy of a dragons by Arch-Mage Shalidor

Dragons are reptilian and scaled creatures that extend their habitat beyond Mundus. There are different types of dragons ranging with different physiology and psychology. A notable example can by Dragonlords, are massive dragons usually known for commanding literally the entire race of dragons collectively. The majority of dragons have bat-like wings and three sharp talons and one vestigial digit known as a dewclaw on each of their legs which others have four legs and are bipedal when walking on the ground. They have a ridged backside and horns. Common dragons only have hind legs which forces them to maneuver on the ground via their wings which exposes them infection of their claws and notable diseases, such as heat influenza or blood poisoning. Contributing to the factor of dragons being one of the most dangerous creatures on Nirn, their tails have a significant impact on the dragon overall; being used in rituals and assistance when flying. There's a large mass of muscle in a dragon tail enough to crush a human being. Within, dragons have multiple systems identical to that of humans although not exactly the same.

Due to their carnivorous nature, a dragon's digestive system is highly acidic and breaks down nutrients and vitamins without creating waste, which exists though never actually leaves the body. Dragons have large lungs extending from their necks to the beginning of their tail. Additionally, male dragons have no visible genitalia but instead of internal muscles which slowly erect outside when aroused. Female dragons on the other hand have a visible slit which is almost exactly the same as a female human's reproductive system, despite the fact of being portrayed as having eggs to store their young.

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