Draconic Heavy Armor set
Physical traits and magical qualities

Base rating

Complete set: 150

  • Armour: 50
  • Boots: 20
  • Gauntlets: 20
  • Helmet: 26
  • Shield: 34


Complete set: 96

  • Armour: 40
  • Boots: 11
  • Gauntlets: 11
  • Helmet: 12
  • Shield: 22

Base value

Complete set: 7000

  • Armour: 2100
  • Boots: 11
  • Gauntlets: 11
  • Head: 12
  • Shield: 22

Additional effects

Take 5% less fire and frost damage from Dragons (per piece)

Production and usage information

Armor type

Heavy armor

Tempering material

Dragon Bone

Required perk

Draconic Smithing


The Draconic Heavy Armor set is a heavy armor set available in The Elder Scrolls VI: Plainswalker. It is draconic in design, and is forged with the Dragon Bones, which can be acquired from the remains of slayed Dragons.

Draconic Heavy Armor is aesthetically and statistically different from the Dragon Armor sets available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It could still be considered to be the purpose equivalent of the heavy Dragonplate Armor set, however.

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