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Dovahneii is a fairly large city that connects to High Hrothgar, that is in the shape of the Skyrim Dragon Logo. The Jarl is the Dragonborn himself, the housecarl Delphine, and the court wizard Esbern, all of them residing in the capital building, Dragon Tower. Dovahneii is surrounded by a wall like Solitude and Whiterun that must go into it's respective town area.


World Map and PopulationEdit

Dovahneii's position is next to High Hrothgar, up the Throat of the World. The world map logo is also represented by the Skyrim Dragon Logo, residing in the "tail branch" of the city.

Dovahneii's population is almost the same as Whiterun, with a little more population (about 10 increased).


Dovahneii's areas are mostly connected by bridges for easier transportation. It's inn is called the "Bane of Black", which is most likely a reference to Alduin. A player home, called Dragonbirch, is also there, somewhere in the east "wing" part. The city is divided into 3 "branches", which are:

  • Wing Branch: Where most of the houses are located
  • Tail Branch: Where the entrance, a few houses and the inn is
  • Head Branch: Where the main and important buildings and Dragon Tower is

Dragon TowerEdit

Dragon Tower is the main building of Dovahneii, where the Dragonborn, it's Jarl is. It is like Dragonsreach, but it has many differences, like a High Hrothgar-style design (like all other buildings in Dovahneii) and a courtyard where the High Hrothgar courtyard used to be.


The guard's color appearance is silver and brown, like Studded Armor. There are about 5 guards in each branch.


As mentioned above, the wall design of buildings is exactly the same way High Hrothgar is, although some other building designs have been changed (e.g. in Dragonbirch where the design is like the one in Sky Haven Temple)

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