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Biographical and chronological information


  • Leader of the Order of the Mythic Dawn





4E 162

Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:

Reddish brown

Eye color:




Societal status and affiliations


The Mythic Dawn


Do'arji was a male Khajiit Suthay-raht from Elsweyr infamous for being the "reinstated" leader of the Mythic Dawn. Starting his life as an apsipring mage Do'arji was expelled from The College of Whispers for his controversial book, "The Truth of the Mythic Dawn". Along with his cousin he joined a group of slavers and pirates, raiding villages in Elsweyr, Cyrodill and Hammerfell.

During his travels he met an Imperial named Silus. Silus offered him payment in return for the pieces of Mehrunes Razor. Do'arji, who was short on money at that time, agreed. After retrieving the pieces from a hagraven, orc bandit and citizen of Morthal, Do'arji and Silus managed to reconstruct the legendary dagger. However Mehrune Dagon spoke to Do'arji, saying that he could have the dagger if he killed Silus. Do'arji obeyed, thus becoming Dagons champion.


Early lifeEdit

Do'arji was a descendent of the Khajiit king known as Do'arji the Elder, and was named after him . Do'arji the Eldar had become the king of Riverhold after the Obilvion crises, but was killed by the Aldmeri Dominion. Do'arji grew up in Elsweyr with his cousin Raksada. Do'arji eventually worked at a shipyard, where he and the other labourers were forced to work long hours. This led Do'arji to develop a tidy skooma habit.

Do'arji hammerfall

Do'arji in Hammerfall

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