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Born in the second era in the Redguard of Rihad as a son of Khajiit merchants, Do’vas lived to be a master swords man by the teachings of the Redguards. He travelled back to Elsweyr to learn more of his kin and became a Mercanary and a guard for Nobles. This eventually led him to meet and train the young Ri’Shieth...


Early lifeEdit

Do’Vas was born in Hammerfell in the city of Rihad near the Cyrodilic border, son of two merchants in the year 2E 521 as a Khajiit. His parents the Khajiit merchants decided to buy a house and live in Rihad to raise Do’Vas instead of wandering around Tamriel doing their normal trade. Not much else is known about his early childhood other than the fact a Redguard mercenary offered to train the young Khajiit in the art of two handed combat
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Teen yearsEdit

Do’Vas grew up into his teen years learning the art of heavy weapons from the Redguard and merchant skills from his parents until he felt the need to leave when he was fifteen. He wanted to return to Elsweyr the ancestral home of his parents and make a living there; and so he left to Elsweyr. As a farewell gift, the Redguard mercenary forged him a two handed blade to help him on Do'Vas's journey which Do'Vas named S'Nia

He reached the city of Riverhold and begun his life as a mercenary using his skills with the two handed sword to complete his jobs. He continued this until he came to the town of Dune at the age of nineteen.

Time in DuneEdit

When Do’Vas came to the town of Dune he instantly fell in love with the place having similarity’s to the deserts of Hammerfell and settled there. He then started a new life as an adventurer wandering around the desert collecting gold and trinkets from the many ruins that’s lay their ruins. For years he did this, doing little jobs for people finding coin in ruins and buildings until he received a letter from a pair of Khajiit nobles.

New JobEdit

Do’Vas received a letter from a courier when he had returned from one of his many adventures. It was given to him by two nobles from the city of Senchal, offering a job as a bodyguard for them as they knew of Do’Vas’s unique skill with a two handed blade. The Khajiit accepted the job and hastily headed south through Elsweyr. He arrived at Senchal in few mouths and arrived at the noble’s house and set to work as a guard. For 16 years he worked as a bodyguard patrolling their estate and protecting them in the streets. This was until Ri'Shieth was born, from their Do’Vas was instructed to teach the young Khajiit the art of the two handed blade until disaster struck.

Back to DuneEdit

In the year 2E 560 the Knahaten Flu hit the city of Senchal and the nobles did all they could to avoid it. But this was all for naught the nobles died leaving Ri'Shieth a cub of only seven years old. With his parents dead Do’Vas felt sorry for the young Khajiit and took him with him to his old home of Dune. He continued to train Ri'Shieth in the art of two handed combat along the way as they slowly walked their way north. The young Khajiit with no other things to bother him showed natural ability in the art which surprised Do’Vas for he had showed no ability before hand.Once they reached Dune Do’Vas then became a mercenary to put food on the table and get a better house. For four years he trained the young Ri'Shieth and made his money by working as a Mercenary until Ri'Shieth did not turn up at the house one night.

Dying yearsEdit

For the next following years Do’Vas entered a state of depression having Ri'Shieth gone, in this time nearly took to the drug Skooma as he spiralled into depression without the young Khajiit, but his warrior instincts prevailed and he continued his work as a mercenary. However as the years went by he got weaker and weaker, soon he had discovered that he had caught the Knahaten Flu and begun to die.


Jo’Vas is an expert two handed swordsman having being trained by the best; he also has skills bartering and trading since his parents were merchants.   



S'Nia: Do'vas's personal two handed blade forged for him when he left Hammerfall as a farwell gift.

Do'Vas's Sword