“Yes, you are quite an asset to us.”
―Vicente Valtieri to Dark-Claw.

Dark-Claw was an Argonian forest ranger and Blade Knight Brother during the Oblivion Crisis, which began on the 28th of Last Seed in 3E 423. After the end of the conflict, he returned to living as a forest ranger. He died seventy-two years after the end of the Oblivion Crisis, living out his final days in Bruma as an adviser to Countess Narina Carvain.


Early Life and ImprisonmentEdit

“Stop! You violated the law. Since you lack the funds to pay the court, I'll be confiscating your stolen goods and taking you off to jail.”
―An Imperial Watch member to Dark-Claw.

Dark-Claw was born under the sign of the Steed in Blackamrsh in 3E 392. When he was eighteen, he left Blackmarsh and went to live in the Imperial City. Here he fell afoul of the different law systems and when he eventually ran out of money to pay his huge fines, he was taken away and, after a lengthy trial, was imprisoned in the Imperial City Prison. He was let out after a six-month parole. However, two years later in 423, he found himself re-imprisoned. Here he met the Dunmer, Valen Dreth, for whom he vouched at trial after the end of the Oblivion Crisis, despite Dreth's taunts and death-threats to him.

Escape from Prison, Meeting with Jauffre and Battle of KvatchEdit

“As for what you have done, it does not matter; that is not what you will be remembered for.”
―Uriel Septim VII to Dark-Claw.

Dark-Claw soon found himself being joined in his cell by three Blade bodyguards and Emperor Uriel Septim VII. He followed out of his cell down a secret tunnel but a group of Mythic Dawn Assassins soon ambushed them. Dark-Claw was then left to his own devices by the Blades but after several hours, he regrouped with them and helped them fend off another wave of attackers. They then pressed on, finally arriving at a large chamber that was unfortunately rigged for an ambush. Dark-Claw was left to guard the Emperor but failed. He did, however, avenge the Emperor very swiftly before heading to Weynon Priory outside Chorrol to deliver the Amulet of Kings to Blade Master Jauffre.

When he finally met Jauffre after a very long walk to Weynon Priory, Dark-Claw learned that the Amulet of Kings needed to be delivered to Septim's final and illegitimate son, Martin. Martin, Dark-Claw learned, resided in Kvatch as a priest of the god whose very blood flowed through him, Akatosh.

When Dark-Claw arrived at Kvatch, he discovered that the armies of Mehrunes Dagon had destroyed the city. Dark-Claw met up with Savlian Matius and together, they coordinated a plan for a counter-attack. Dark-Claw ventured through the Oblivion Gate that stood before the gates of Kvatch. After fighting his way to a tower called the Blood Feast and then fighting his way to the top of this tower, he succeeded in reaching the Sigil Stone that anchored the Oblivion Gate to Cyrodiil.

When he returned to Kvatch, Dark-Claw led the charge in the counter-attack on the city. He and the surviving members of the Kvatch Guard fought through the first plaza of the city, reaching the chapel of Akatosh withing two hours. Dark-Claw then aided Matius in recapturing Castle Kvatch. This too was a victory and resulted in Matius's being named Count of Kvatch. He then returned to the chapel and took Martin back to Weynon Priory.

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