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Daniel Grailin, also known as the Heir of Kvatch is an Imperial that played a major role in the War of Secession in Skyrim, and the Dragon Crisis. He was a close friend of Fafnir, the Dragonborn. He has lived a varied lifestyle, and was one of the greatest adventurers of his time.


Early LifeEdit

Daniel Grailin was born a member of House Grailin as the son of Thaddeus and Veridia Grailin, the Count and Countess of Kvatch in 4E 178. According to accounts his mother and father had been praying at the Chapel of Akatosh when his mother went into labor. That day a violent storm had been raging, and it was deemed too dangerous to try and transport her back to castle Kvatch.

At the time a traveling priestess of Kynareth had been passing through on pilgrimage. She too had been praying in the chapel when she heard the countess in labor. She offered to aid with the delivery. Thus it was that Daniel was born in the Chapel of Akatosh, and was delivered by a priestess of Kynareth.

As a youth Daniel was groomed for greatness. His father took great care in having him instructed in numerous areas that he believed would be vital to Daniel in the future. His studies included etiquette, diplomacy, business, politics, history,science, combat and espionage. While his father invested much of his time in Daniel's upbringing, he rarely spent personal time with his son. This combined with him being constantly busy with his own affairs caused the relationship between the two to be distant. Luckily enough Daniel's mother proved to be a warm supportive figure in his life.

Feeling trapped by his constant studies, Daniel began to sneak out of the castle in order to explore the city and enjoy himself. He would go out in plain clothes, and pretend to be a normal citizen of Kvatch. After sneaking out numerous times Daniel met, and befriended a young street urchin, and pickpocket named Valker. Daniel admired Valker's freedom, and will. During this time he also began wanting to explore the world around him more, and more. Knowing that he couldn't actually leave he began to read stories about various adventurer's, coming to idolize the Hero of Kvatch in particular.

While wandering the castle one day Daniel came upon a secret passage by accident. He followed the passage down into a mysterious chamber. There he found many wondrous treasures, but most of all he found a curious book. He read the book, and after a short time he realized that the book was in fact a diary that belonged to the Hero of Kvatch.

Naturally Daniel was elated to hold the personal accounts of the hero he most idolized. Afterwards he spent many of his days down in that chamber, reading the diary. Finally he read a passage that brought him to a startling realization. According to this entry after the end of the Oblivion Crisis the Hero of Kvatch settled down in the newly rebuilt city. More so in honor of his deeds for the Empire the Hero was named the new Count of Kvatch. With this Daniel came to the epiphany that the Grailin family were direct descendents of the Hero of Kvatch, who could only have been the family's founder, Alexander Grailin. This development only fueled Daniel's desire to go out into the world seeking adventure.

Leaving KvatchEdit

Daniel's fervent desire for adventure and independent, rebellious attitude caused an increasing rift between him and his father. As Thaddeus' eldest son Daniel would be the one to inherit the title of Count of Kvatch. More so Daniel's father had far bigger plans for Daniel, though he would not know this until much later. Thaddeus wanted Daniel to focus on his studies and training, and became frustrated at Daniel's lack of dedication. Daniel in turn was angry at his father for limiting his freedom, and dismissing his desires. The enmity between the two only continue to grow as time went on.

While Daniel had long been considering leaving Kvatch, his father and the life of duty that he would be forced to behind, the love of his two younger siblings, Nathaniel and Rien, and that of his mother kept him from going through with it. Thus Daniel resigned himself to his eventual fate, and comforted himself with the small rebellions against his father's will that he had always done.

However this changed when Thaddeus became aware of Daniel's frequent liaisons with Valker. Thaddeus censured Daniel for shirking off his duties in order to mess around with some street urchin, and forbid Daniel to continue seeing him. Daniel was furious about his father trying to get in the way of his friendship with Valker, and naturally he ignored his father's order.

However one day Daniel was out on the town, and could not find Valker. He searched all over Kvatch, and despite his best efforts he could not find his friend anywhere. Daniel simply assumed that Valker was off doing something on the less legal side of the law, and dropped the issue, but Valker continued to be absent for weeks, and he did not return.

Daniel became convinced that his father had done something to remove Valker from Daniel's life, and he confronted him about it. Thaddeus denied having any part in Valker's disappearance, but Daniel refused to believe him. In Daniel's eyes his father had crossed a line that could not be forgiven. In the dead of night Daniel packed what needed and snuck out of the castle, and leaved Kvatch for a life on his own. From this point on Daniel would not go by his family name, Grailin. This was both so that his father would not be able to find him, and because he wanted to distance himself from the Count

On His OwnEdit

“It needed to be done. I had to leave my home, and escape from my overbearing father. it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I got the adventure that I craved for, and I met the man that should have been my father.”
―Daniel talking about how he ran away from home.

In order to distance himself from his father, as well as his contacts in other partrs of Cyrodiil Daniel distance himself from colovia and the Imperial City where he knew his father had allies and informants. He chose instead to lose himself in the crowd of a city with a less than sterling reputation, Bravil. Being deep in the Niben Bay and traditionally one of the poorer cities in Cyrodiil, Daniel believed that Bravil would be far enough geographically socially from his father to allow him to avoid his ear.

Initially Daniel did well on the streets of Bravil. His time with Valker as well as his quick wits served him well in the dog eat dog city. However Daniel underestimated the difficulty of living alione without support. He quickly found himself destitute and had to steal just to get by. He was simply another urchin on the street, taking whatever he could get his hands on so that he could eat another day. This would go on for some time.

This changed when Daniel got caught stealing from some particularly nasty people. The targets of his ill-fated attempt at pickpocketing had been some local criminals with a reputation for brutality. Daniel was very nearly beaten to death for his audacity, but was saved last moment when a man stepped in to stop the violence. After pulling the thugs off Daniel the man managed to talk them down. He then took Daniel to his shack somewhat outside of the city and nursed him back to health.

The man had been a thief by the name of Remus Krine. Remus had noticed Daniel over months he had been in Bravil. To the more experienced thief's eyes Daniel had been a boy with the talent to get by, but not the experience and know how. He also observed that if Daniel continued the way he was going he would surely end up dead. Deciding to take pity on the poor boy, remus chose to take Daniel under his wing.

Under Remus Daniel blossomed as a gifted thief. Remus had a great deal of experience in his craft, and while he was not a formal member of the Thieves Guild, he did have many friends among its leadership, including the reigning Grey Fox. Daniel absorbed everything that Remus could teach him, and they became incredibly close. To Daniel Remus was the father that he should have had. To further solidify this bond Remus unofficially adopted Daniel, and as a result Daniel would introduce himself as Daniel Krine thereafter.

Daniel the ThiefEdit

Daniel swiftly became an expert thief and con artist in his own right, gaining a reputation for his cunning and his silver tongue. He also gained a reputation as a ladies man during this time. He became known as someone that could talk, sneak or seduce himself into or out of anything. As His skill and reputation grew Remus began introducing him to more of his contacts, and allowed Daniel to work his own jobs, though the two of them would always maintain a close working relationship.

Among the people that Remus introduced him to was a Redgaurd lady thief by the name of Moira Calhain. Moira was a low ranking member of the Thieves Guild, born and raised on the Imperial City Waterfront. Moira got into the Thief's life in order to support him numerous siblings, and her ailing single father. Moira was initially all business with Daniel, and leery of his reputation as a womanizer. Despite this after working with him on a few jobs the two of them managed to strike up a friendship, and eventually a romance.

Thing seemed to be going well for Daniel, but this would change swiftly. For a number of years a prominent crime boss named Sythir Tyrantalos had been gaining sway in Cyrodiil's underground, becoming the most powerful criminal in the region. One of the few groups opposing his monopoly on crime was the Thieves Guild and the Grey Fox of the time. To finalize the creation of his criminal empire Sythir had the Grey Fox assasinated, and replaced him with a puppet that would answer to him. Following this change in regime Sythir and the new Grey Fox decided to clean house.

Targeting all of the previous Greyfox's most notable supporters and contacts, it was only a matter of time before Remus, as a close friend of the old Thieves Guild leader, made their hit list. Almost overnight Remus and Daniel were forced t ogo on the run as the newly reformed thieves Guild and Tyrantalos' own organization sent assassins after them. Unfortunately Remus' luck eventually ran out.

Remus was dead, and while he had only been a secondary, collateral concern of the Thieves Guild due to his association, Daniel soon found that he had been blakclisted through much of the underground. All of his old friends and contacts were either dead, since many of them had also been acquintences of Remus and hte Old Fox, or were avoiding him so as not to upset the new regime. Most painful of all was when Moira turned her back on him. She only did this because she needed the support of the Thieves Guild in order to support and keep her family safe, but it cut Daniel deep none the less.

With nowhere to turn Daniel began working with anyone that would have him, which was a pitfully short list during those days. This is how he ended up joining a bandit group lead by the infamous Vior-saa Bloodscale for a time. The Argonian Bandit that operated out of the swampos around Leyawiin was one of the few outlaws that didn't bend the knee to Tyrantalos at the time. However Vor-saa's cold, ruthless approach to his work quickly caused the relationship between him and Daniel to sour. Daniel had always been a scoundrel, but he never fancied himself a coldblooded murderer. Vor-saa's group was his last refuge, and as such Daniel was forced to make a choice. He could either turn his back on his priniciples and continue working with Vor-saa, or he could accept that there was no place for him in Cyrodiil anymore.

Choosing the lesser of two evils Daniel headed north towards Skyrim.

Greener Yet Wilder PasturesEdit

On coming to Skyrim Daniel found a very different environment from the one that he left. The culture and laws of Skyrim were quite distinct from that of Cyrodiil, and the land posed unique threats such as Giants and Sabercats. It also posed unique opportunities since Bounties were not carried over from one Hold to another. With a small period of adjustment Daniel quickly adapted to his new surroundings.

Daniel Avoided the Thieves Guild in Riften, as he still remembered what had occured with its southern counterpart. Additionally he had heard rumors that the Guild in Riften was in bad shape and thus he figured he would better off on his own. Instead Daniel decided to begin his career in Skyrim ooperating out of Markarth. The city was large and wealthy, and if anything Daniel had heard of it was true there was ample demand for a man with his skills.

Daniel soon found that while he could easily find work, he did not particularly care for the city. The Silver-Blood clan that ran much of the illicit activity in the Reach were often more comfortable hiring catspaws than burglars. Additionally there was the constant threat of the Forsworn to be worried about. Daniel learned how true the saying "blood and silver are what flows through Markarth" was. The city was just too violent and bloodthirsty for his taste.

Daniel would finally have enough of Markarth after a near lethal job. Daniel was hired to steal the contents of a wealthy Merchant's safe in revenge for a client. The job went well until Daniel cracked the safe. The Lock had been extremely easy, but the safe had been enchanted with a curse that acgtivated if one opened the safe without its special key. The curse would kill its bearer after 48 hours unless it was undone.

Daniel searched for a mage that could remove the curse only to be assured that it was very high level, and that without already knowing the counter-curse only a highly gifted mage would be able to lift it. The only mage of such skill that Daniel knew of in Markarth was the Jarl's court wizard Calcelmo. However if he went to Calcelmo he would raise questions, and possibly expose himself as the perpetrator of the crime.

With time running out Daniel began to despair, believing that he would have to turn himself in so that he could be saved. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily a strange man at the Silver-Blood Inn had heard of Daniel's plight. He claimed to represent someone that could help Daniel out of his situation for a price. With no alternative Daniel accepted.

Daniel was lead bloindfolded to an unknown house. There he was introduced to Mannfred. Mannfred, being a mage of particular skill offered to remove the curse in return for a favor to be repaid later. The old man had the feel of a practitioner of the dark arts, and Daniel had a bad feeling about the entire arrangement, but he was desperate. Daniel agreed and Mannfred removed the curse, and then sent Daniel on his way. Daniel left Markarth the very next morning.

A few mionths later Daniel would find himself in Windhelm. He was looking to raise his profile by pulling a big heist, and he had a specific target in mind. Daniel quarry was a bejeweled amulet in the possession of none other tha nUlfric Stormcloak. The amulet had been a gift from a relative, and if Daniel managed to pull off this job not only would he eat well for a while, but his name would become more famous among certain circles.

Thinking it unwise to stay in a place where he might be recognized by some of Ulfric's guards daniel avoided Candlehearth Hall, and oopted instead to operate out of the New Gnisis Cornerclub in the Gray Quarter. figuring that the local Nords wouldn't want to mix with the Dunmer, Daniel considered it the perfect place to plan his heist.

Things were proceeding smoothely until a pair of drunken Stormcloak soldiers came to the Cornerclub to harrass its Dunmer patrons. One of the louts was being particularly ulpleasant to a Dunmer girl, which prompted Daniel to jump in. The Stormcloak drew his sword and attempted to fight Daniel, though Daniuel had no intention of seeing blood spilled. The stabbed at Daniel and over extended himself, which Daniel answered by sidestepping and tripping the oafish Nord. However the nord's head struck the corner of a table, killing him. His compatriot ran off to tell the guards.

It had turned out that the dead Stormcloak was the younger brother of one of Ulfric's more prominent officers, Rigvald the Woodsplitter. Realizing that he was in deep trouble Daniel decided to move his plans up to that night. a wise man would have simply bailed out then, but Daniel's pride wouldn't let him simply walk away from his carefully planned heist.

Daniel managed to complete his job by the skin of his teeth, nearly dying in the process. However he was seen by the guards, and he was forced to quickly flee Windhelm. A bounty was placed on his head in Eastmarch for 5000 Septims. Luckily Daniel had been operating under an alias, so the guards did not know  his name, but all the same Daniel flet it best that he not show his face in Eastmarch for the foreseeable future.

Shortly after this Daniel began operating in and around Whiterun. The city was not as wealthy as others, but he took a liking to the people, and the security was lacking enough to make his job easy. In addition to pickpocketing and burglary Daniel decided to try his hand at being a highwayman in order to bolster his revenue. He rotated between a number of nearby roads including one that connected Whiterun to the nearby town of Riverwood.

A Fated MeetingEdit


Abilities and TraitsEdit