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The Dalmer (Aldmeri: Damned Elves) are a race of mer (desendant from the Valmer) hailing from the province of Duessha in the centre of the continent of Barachis. They are a proud people once holding an empire that spanned all over Barachis. But that day has now passed, and they are a part of the Barachis Empire.   


Duessha (cursed sands) is the Homeland of the Dalmer people located in the centre of Barachis. It is a harsh land of desert and badlands with the only habitable area's being the coast's and near what few rivers run into this dry place. In the modern day Duessha is considered part of the Barachis empire.


The Dalmer have come far from their original Valmeric appearance


History for the Dalmer began in what is known as the Middle Merethic era to the races of Tamriel. Then, the Dalmer were known as the Valmer (Valiant elves) who set sail from the doomed continent of Aldmeris. But instead of following the others to Tamriel the Valmer headed west into uncharted seas.

From what little is known about this time it is believe a storm hit the Valmer and split their sailing fleet into two. The one that managed to continue their current course were later known as the Darwishi and they were the first elves to successfully land on the continent of Barachis. However the other group of ships that were forced north by the storm were the ancient ancestors of the Dalmer and they landed on a tropical archipelago north east of Barachis.

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Before the fall of their empire the Dalmer believed in their own variation of the eight divines. They were in fact the people that brought worship of the eight to the continent of Barachis, with their empire preaching it's worship all over Barachis to the beast folk. They are now known as:

Aurial - Akatosh/Auri-El

Orkae - Arkay

Belle - Dibella

Julinus - Julianos

Cinarth - Kynareth

Mare - Mara

Stadur - Stendarr

Xenthur - Zenithar

However when the the curse of the Sammak hit their mighty empire, the eight did not come to help and soon the Dalmer lost faith in them. This was until a mighty vision was shown to them, of the twenty-one. These gods helped the Dalmer, giving them mighty visions of what was to come if they were strong. But not known to them was that this was all a lie made up by the Daedric prince Boithiah to expand his/her worship and portray Morlag Bal as an evil god to be hated.


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The Dalmer military acts as an offensive and defensive force in service to Duessha and its people. Its greatest strength is its speed and readiness to the call of arms, calling up thousands of slave soldiers in the space of a few days.  

Horse ArchersEdit

Horse Archers make up a large portion of the Dalmer armed forces, and are instrumental in battle. Made up mostly of trained ‘richer elves’, these elven cavalry harass the enemy, firing off arrows into enemy ranks, and feigning charges against the enemy. These warriors are probably most effective in the vast deserts and plains of Duessha, due to their need for mobility to destroy the enemy. However, in jungles and forests, these warriors are pretty useless, and often are dismounted when fighting in such areas.

Slave SoldierEdit

Slave soldier’s make up the bulk of the Dalmer army, made up from people all over Barachis as they are easy to train, and cost next to nothing. In times of war, each house has the ability to demand a number of slaves from anyone in their area, in order to bolster the forces of their army. These slaves come from everywhere around Barachis, captured by Dalmer man hunters during raids on the other provinces. Despite their number in the army, slave soldiers are weak in the fact that they have little to no training in combat, meaning they will break easily. They could also potentially backfire against the Dalmer, as it has been known of them to turn against their masters during the height of battle.

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