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Dagon's March is the story of the great scourge of Daedra, Baltis Llervu, leading an army to repel an attack from Mehrunes Dagon and all his forces in the Imperial City. Dagon has been summoned once more, many years after the end of the Oblivion Crisis, and he's more than angry, wanting revenge and blood from Llervu and his friend Axel Iceblade. Now Dagon is laying waste to every city, every person, everything that stands in his path from his goal - ultimate destruction and Llervu. Will Baltis and his allies be able to defeat the Daedric Prince of Destruction? Or will Tamriel, or even the whole of Nirn burn in the Daedra Lord's unholy flames?

Characters Edit

  • Baltis Llervu - A 30-year-old Dunmer who was the Champion of Cyrodiil. A known scourge of Daedra, he is feared as one of the most battle-hardened warriors in history.
  • Axel Iceblade - An old Nord who assisted Baltis during the Oblivion Crisis. A great warrior, but is now quite old and retired.
  • Vahkaran - A half-Dunmer, half-Dremora warlord. Ruler of the great daedric realm Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht, also known as Vahkaran in the Cyrodiilic tongue. As a devout Dagon worshipper, he is shocked to have his own realm harmed by Dagon.
  • Shegorton, or Sehthekemekemgethohtrohttayemohtneht - Son of the second Sheogorath, Sheoth. Goes renegade against the Daedric deities and his own father and fights against Dagon alongside Llervu, Iceblade, and the army.
  • Vaskil - A young Bosmer hunter whose village is destroyed by Dagon. Seeks revenge and is willing to put himself at risk to do so.
  • Varona Alor - A young and fair Dunmer maiden whose father was a nobleman in the Imperial City. Llervu falls in love with her after he rescues her from the remnants of the Imperial City.
  • Bedtlyrohtohtdoht - A half-Dremora, half-Xivali Dremora Valkynaz. Is equipped to the Nines in Dremora armor, carries an enchanted Warhammer, and has the Xivali's brute strength. He has inner soft spots for humanity and resents himself being born, since he is just a pawn in Dagon's service.

Prologue Edit

It started when thunder was heard. Except it was thunder on a cloudless, blue-skied day. Then it sounded again. The earth rumbled, the sky turned red, gold lighting struck the top of White Gold Tower, setting it ablaze. A deep voice, loud and monstrous, roared, "I am Mehrunes Dagon! I am your lord! I am the bane of this mortal realm! Fear me!" And then a giant ax destroyed White Gold Tower, the monument of the Ayleids, splitting it into two major parts, the rest of the stone crashing into a thousand pieces. And before they knew it, the city was in flames. Dagon raised two of his fours hands and two Great Gates appeared next to the crumbling ruins of White Gold Tower. Out swarmed Dremora Valkynaz, Xivali, Atronachs, every single Daedra you could imagine by the thousands. They ripped apart men, tore down buildings, captured every single maiden, and brought the end of the world upon the city. But the city was not lost yet.

Amidst the flames, amidst the carnage, amidst the destruction, hidden behind the smoke, the Dunmer warrior Baltis Erghad drew his Daedric blade and yelled a battle cry, the thundering of a thousand footsteps behind him. And the battle began.


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