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Cynthia AotD Leader Attire
Cynthia Maenn
Biographical information





Frostcrag Spire (moved to Winterhold)

  • Martin Septim (Famous Ancestor)
  • Nola Maenn (Famous Ancestor)
  • Basch Maenn (Ancestor)
  • Ashelia Selida-Maenn (Ancestor)
  • Vaan Maenn (Father)
  • Penelo Relista-Maenn (Mother)
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Chronological and political information
  • Arch-Mage (CoW)
  • Grandmaster, Dynast (AotD)
  • Dovahkiin

Cynthia Maenn is the descendent of Nola Maenn and Martin Septim, as well as leader of the Alliance of the Dovah. Prior to that, she was a Stormcloak and Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold. Her equipment includes Nola's 2 weapons: a Katana given to her by the Hero of Kvatch and the longsword she used to kill Mannimarco. She also has the Battle Axe of Nola Maenn's and Martin Septim's son, and the Amulet of Cynthia's Mother. She is currently marked as Wanted by the Thalmor. She also has contracts for her death taken up with the Dark Brotherhood, and is therefore being hunted by Dark Brotherhood Assassins.


Early LifeEdit

Cynthia Maenn was born in Frostcrag Spire in Cyrodiil in 4E182. Her parents were devout followers of Talos, and, therefore, hid in Frostcrag Spire because it was, fortunately, out of reach of the Thalmor.


However, when she turned 19, Cynthia felt something pulling her to Skyrim, so she left home. No sooner did she cross the border did she get caught in the crossfire between the Imperials and Stormcloaks. When this happened, she was taken with the Stormcloak prisoners to Helgan, and was marked for execution. However, the arrival of Alduin ironically saved her. During the attack, she manage to sneak off with the Stormcloak Ralof. Afterwards, at request of Ralof's sister, she warned Balgruuf, Jarl of Whiterun, about Alduin.


After retrieving a stone tablet for Balgruuf's Court Mage, the dragon Mirmulnir came out of hiding and attacked. Aiding the Guard against the dragon, Cynthia was the one to deal the final blow. As Mirmulnir died, its soul was absorbed into Cynthia, who proptly, and compusively, used the first stage of Unrelenting Force. After conversing with the guards and Balgruuf's Housecarl about the possibility of Cynthia being Dragonborn, and discussing the next possible course of action with Balgruuf, she left to meet with the Greybeards.


Greybeards and BladesEdit

After training with the Greybeards, she was contacted by Delphine of the Blades. After helping Delphine defeat Sahloknir, rescue Esbern, and reclaim Sky Haven Temple, she learned from Esbern the contents of Alduin's Wall, and, finding out about a Shout used to fight Dragons, returned to the Greybeards to see if they learned the shout. Although initially reluctant (bordering on unwilling) to help, they eventually taught Cynthia the Clear Skies Shout, allowing her to visit Paarthurnax, Grandmaster of the Greybeards. Although initially confused that Paarthurnax was a Dragon, it didn't take much for that confusion to lift.

The Elder ScrollEdit



When Cynthia finally reached the Portal to Sovngarde, she took on and defeated the Dragon Priest Nahkriin, took his mask and staff, and entered the portal. Inside, she met up with Kodlak, who got lost in the Soul-snaring Fog of Alduin. Making it to the Hall of Valor, she met up with the Heroes of the Dragon War and, with their aid, engaged Alduin in battle. Having found their way once the fog lifted, Kodlak and several Imperial and Stormcloak Soldiers came to their aid, and, with Cynthia stiking the Final Blow, Alduin was, for now at least, vanquished. Then, Cynthia was returned to Nirn, and was greated by several Dragons, including Paarthurnax and Odahviing. After that, she made for Windhelm: with the war back on with Alduin's defeat, Cynthia finally decided to take up the offer given to her by Ralof a few weeks ago.

The StormcloaksEdit

Chasing her PastEdit

During the next few weeks, the feeling that lured Cynthia to Skyrim led her to a tomb, which was in fact the crypt of her ancestor Nola Maenn, companion of the Hero of Kvatch and the last great Arch-Mage of the Mage's Guild. The feeling turned out to be the spirit of Nola Maenn trying to call upon a descendant for aid: the spirit of Nola Maenn was bound to the crypt by a Necromancer, because her spirit was too powerful to control. To free her ancestor, Cynthia confronted the Necromancer, not as the Dovahkiin, but as the descendant of Nola Maenn. After a fierce battle, the Necromancer's Conjuration Magic was outmatched by Cynthia's skill with Destruction Magic and, once the Necromancer was dead, Nola Maenn was released. Nola's spirit then unlocked the chamber that contained her 2 weapons: the the sword Nola used to kill Mannimarco, and her enchanted Akaviri Katana, before her spirit finally passed on to Sovngarde.


Cynthia has several items she inherited from her ancestors, as well as stuff she obtained or made herself.

Inherited EquipmentEdit

Obtained EquipmentEdit

  • Staff of Magnus
  • The Gauldur Amulet
  • Morokei's Mask

Created EquipmentEdit

  • AotD Leader Dragonscale Armor
  • AotD Leader Dragonplate Armor
  • Cynthia Maenn's Daedric Armor


The list of Shouts Cynthia Maenn knows includes:

(* - Fanon Shout)

  • Animal Allegiance (Raan Mir Tah)
  • Become Ethereal (Feim Zii Gron)
  • Call Dragon (Odahviing)
  • Call Dragon (Paarthurnax)*
  • Call Dragon (Vokunwuldzoor)*
  • Call Dragon (Lotzahkriitiid)*
  • Call of Valor (Hun Kal Zoor)
  • Clear Skies (Lok Vah Koor)
  • Disarm (Zun Haal Vik)
  • Dragonrend (Joor Zah Frul)
  • Fire Breath (Yol Toor Shul)
  • Frost Breath (Fo Krah Diin)
  • Lightning Breath (Qo Kest Gut)*
  • Storm Call (Strun Bah Qo)
  • Unrelenting Force (Fus Ro Dah)
  • Whirlwind Sprint (Wuld Nah Kest)


Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Like her ancestor, Nola Maenn, Cynthia is a powerful mage. Unlike Nola, who was a master Conjurer, however, Cynthia's a much better Destruction Mage, specializing in Electricity.


Like some of her ancestors, Cynthia Maenn doesn't have much in the way of physical durability. A strong enough blow is enough to cripple her if she doesn't take precautionary measures (such as a Ward Spell or Heavy Armor).

Moon Sugar AllergyEdit

She also has a deathly allergy to Moon Sugar, and, therefore, would more than likely die if she consumed Skooma. One Dark Brotherhood Assassination Attempt on her involved slipping some Skooma into her drink, but, fortunately, the assassin was spotted and the Skooma-laced drink disposed of.

Another incident with Skooma occured when she visited Riften with Goli'Ath and Ralof, to obtain the help of both the Thieves Guild and the Jarl of Riften. She tried a Cliff Racer Drink while visiting The Bee and Barb, but, unbeknownced to her or anyone else, Gor'er, a master Dark Brotherhood Assassin and Cynthia's arch-enemy, spiked the drink with Skooma. Unlike the previous attempt, however, Cynthia consumed the drink, Skooma and all. Fortunately, Goli'Ath had an anti-toxin on hand which saved Cynthia's life. Gor'er, however, managed to slip through their grasp.

The anti-toxin in question consists of Blackroot, Crimson Nirnroot, and Blue Mountain Flower. The anti-toxin has a foul taste, however, and, to keep the taste from sticking, it is usually accompanied with a mixture of honeycomb, Jazbay Grapes, and snowberries. There is a weaker mixture where the Crimson Nirnroot is replaced with standard Nirnroot. However, being weaker, this is only used to stave off the effects of the Moon Sugar until the rest of the ingredients can be found.