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Ctharz Rourken
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Ctharz Rourken, "Lord of Vandraike" and "Grand Meister of the Star College", was a Dwemer polymath: mathematician, engineer, inventor, cartographer, astrologist, sculptor, author, philosopher, mage, and military strategist.

He was a powerful figure in Western Dwemer's Stros M'kai, in which he held major political standing as a major member of the Golden Council. Despite his many worldly achievements, Ctharz was known even more so for his work with the realms of the Aurbis, having traveled to various planes of Oblivion and even Aetherius numerous times.

While he was revered for much of his life, his obsession with the other realms eventually led to his downfall in society and disappearance from Stros M'kai, some believing that he fled to another dimension though the likelihood that he threw him self to the sea was a far more accepted theory.

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Ctharz Rourken was born in Stros M'kai during the late Merethic era to members of the powerful Rourken Clan, the founding family of the Western Dwemer nation. In his youth, Ctharz attended the Rourken School of Sciences for the majority of his childhood until being sent to the N'Gasta Youth's Military Academy in adolescence. He also had various wise tutors, such as the architect Fabran Larz and the warrior Jedarn Yoldec.

In spite of his extremely structured environment, he was still the most rebellious of all his parents' children. Ctharz gained a reputation for his many treasure hunting excursions in the Spines and his attempt at a voyage from Stros M'kai to the Summerset Isles, with many adults finding him amusing but his own parents growing more impatient with him every new adventure.

As a result of this, Ctharz was sent the Btharunz Youth's Military Academy on Cespar to learn discipline. This is where Ctharz's genius first stood out and when he graduated from the military school, he was recruited into the military serving under one of the most famed Dwemer military units in Hammerfell.

Military Service Edit

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At the age of seventeen, Ctharz graduated from Btharunz Academy and assigned to the 3rd Frontier Cabal, famed for its role during the conflicts with invading Atmorans. However, in this time of peace, he saw little action save for the occasional clash against raiders.

That changed one year into his service when the Chimer crusader Malor Hal, a zealous religious fanatic as well as skilled warrior, led an assault on the lands in Western Dwemer. The 3rd Cabal was at the vanguard of each defensive engagement in this conflict in which Ctharz, again, displayed his genius and stood out amongst his unit for feats of bravery in overwhelming odds, singlehandedly turning the tide of several battles. He was later promoted to commander and led several offensives against Hal's encampments on the Alik'r Desert's border. He was also present during the final battle of the war, taking part in the overwhelming victory at Gharzang Valley.

Following the battle, he was promoted to captain and was now the right-hand of the 3rd Cabal's leader, stationed at Kuthgarz Outpost with the task of hunting down Hal's remaining forces.

As time passed, the Dwemer were later embroiled in a new war; this time, against a race of subterranean beastfolk called Mushen. Ctharz and the 3rd Cabal took part in a campaign to track Mushen tunnels and seal them off, killing as many of the beasts as possible but as time wore on, the Mushen had encrouched on almost all of the Dwemer's major cities, both above ground and under it. A brutal war would be fought for the next eight years, during which Ctharz became the new commander of the 3rd Cabal. In an attempt to end the war, Ctharz organized a mission to invade the Mushen brood chambers and slaughter out their queens.

This plan actually worked exceptionally well; while Ctharz's targets were merely the queens, the willingness of the Mushen to throw themselves in front of Dwemer swords, arrows, and bombs basically turned the slaughter into a genocide. The scarce remainder of Mushen that survived the invasion were enslaved by the Dwemer and, inevitably, Ctharz began to regret orchestrating the destruction of an entire race. At the end of the war, Ctharz would resign from service and leave Hammerfell.

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