Creepers were gigantic monstrosities. They were bred and created by the Nedics in the Elder Wilds on Atmora, and were used during the Elder Wilds and First Era. They originally were not sentient and had to be goaded by the Nedics to fight, but later became sentient. Most of the Creepers were killed by the Alessian Empire, but a few still survived.

In the Fourth Era, the Creepers were first discovered by the Kvatch Protectors, the military of the Empire of Kvatch, who used them in their war against the Redguards. Creepers were nearly impossible to kill, and Lhotunic Aubk'i was the only sentient person who ever managed to kill one. He killed one by stabbing it with a ballista bolt. Several others were used in battle against the Altmer, Bosmer, and Dunmer. In addition, Creepers with skin of steel were found on the island of Caload.

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