Craflon is a continent east of Aldmeris and South of Akavir, located on the planet of Nirn. In native language, it means "Bloodshed Lands," as named by the Great Dragon race of Grendolath, describing military dominance, and creating intimdation for many outlanders, particularly those from Tamriel.

Geography and DemographicsEdit

Craflon is home to 6 main races, who each have their own province.

  • Grendolath is home to the race of Dragons, a much feared race throughout the entire of Nirn. These dragons stand on 2 legs and are bigger than Humans, but many Ordinary styled dragons that tend to be bigger than Alduin also fight in their armies. The lands have mountains, caves, dead forests and lakes of blood. They have few allies (Ka Po Tun and the Argonians being 2 of them), as many are indeed very scared of them. Kazhir Angrah, is almost invincible, and many human children's nightmare. He tends to send troops to massacre with fire or sword mutilation, or kidnap entire cities of races he hates when they defy him, such as Imperials or Dunmer, and take them to their torture chamber beneath his palace where they are treated with brutality, and horribly executed.
  • Tunggungwa is the home of Totemens, who are a race of magically animated wooden poles with Totem masks for Heads. They like to sacrifice people as they believes it pleases their Gods. Their architecture is mostly tribal, but do have some significant cities. A race of tribal Armadillos live in the region unofficially as well.
  • Zogg Sliye is the home to the Alien race known as the Neshyeds. They are Martian like, but more fierce looking. Like the Dwemer from Vvardenfell, they have advanced technology, which one of the uses was to create their region to look like the original Planet where they came from. Zorrak is their immortal king, who travelled to Aetherius to get this ability.
  • Firekeep is home to the Inferus Porci, an Inferno Pig race. They have had many big wars with the Neshyeds.
  • Davajun is the province of the Beetle like race, called the Duglugs. Like the Totemens, they are a territorial race, tending to imprison and devour, rather than sacrifice those who are deemed intruders. They had served as mercenaries of the Infernus Porci during the war with the Neshyeds in the Fourth Era.
  • Fentalos is the Province which the Centaurs inhabit. They are skilled in the art of archery, and had served as merceneries to the Neshyeds against the Infernus Porci. However there was the group called "The Ungreedless", who faught against the merceneries and Neshyeds in secret. Many though remain faithful to their mighty and skilled ruler, Rigyos Merthales. A race of Satyrs have cities there unoficially as well.


At the start, when lorkhan created Nirn with the Aedra, Craflon was one of the continents they placed down. A few Aedra went down to Craflon to bring light and goodness, but the Dark Dragon god, Yeljun cursed the Aedra who went there, and ordered them to leave. Instead, Yeljun placed his own race down, Dragons, who inhabited Grendolath. The Totemens came to be, since a race of men from a nearby island came and inhabited Tunggungwa, and built settlements there. The Dragons however, massacred the lot of them, destroyed all their cities, and burnt their skeletons. Then a mysterious mage named Jorlid came and visited the island, and animted the wooden poles from the wrecked buildings, to create followers.These followers called themselves the Totemens, after the totem masks they wore. They soon however turned against their master and killed Jorlid, and reproduced by using his magic on one another, which is passed down by generations naturally with Magic. Despite Jorlid being killed by the Totemens, they believe he went up and became a god. They worship him as their King of Gods.

The Neshyeds are indeed one of the only races on Nirn who didn't originally come from Nirn. They came from another Planet within Aurbis named Krahzah. Krahzah living conditions became slowly inhabitable to the Neshyeds, who then realised what was going on, and built spaceships, and travelled to Nirn, which was the kind of Planet their living were conditions were becoming more suitable to. They landed down in an unhabited area of Craflon, which they named Zogg Sliye, and they terraformed and shaped the lands to be rocky, cratered and Green Laked, like their original home on Krahzah.

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