Coven Of Sithis

The Coven Of Sithis is a faction that is closely linked with the Dark Brotherhood. They worship Sithis and the death cycle. They are a conspiracy group, well known throughout the empire for having several members in power. Such members include Idgrod Ravencrone, Jarl Of Morthal and spans as far to Prince Elmont, the heir to the throne of High Rock. They perform necromantic rituals amongst other items often formed by the schools of conjuration and alteration.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Velador, an Altmer who was previously a Psijic Monk and has eventually become the leader of the Coven.
  • Ilisi Saela, Velador's Dark Elf apprentice and adopted daughter. She is in line for the leader of the Coven.
  • Kor' Izhgar, an Orsimer who was born and bred into the Coven.
  • Xaeana, one of the last remaining Snow Elves and one of the founders of the Coven. Also, Velador's spouse.
  • Ikil, a deformed Falmer who serves Xaeana.
  • Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone, Nord Jarl of Morthal.
  • Elmont Galliere, Breton prince of High Rock.
  • Count Cuilus Cassadus, Imperial Count of Chorrol.
  • The Black Briar Family, A Influential Family Of Nords In Riften, Skyrim.
  • Mercer Frey, Breton Thieves Guildmaster.


The Coven began at the end of the Red Year after Velador was staying in Vvardenfell. At the eruption, he was staying in Gnisis, which was soon destroyed along with all in it. Velador managed to find his way into a Dark Brotherhood camp, where he was welcomed as a renowned necromancer at the time. He was later accepted into the Dark Brotherhood where he resided at the Wayrest sanctuary until its destruction in 4E 98. After which, he travelled to Skyrim and joined the Falkreath Sanctuary for some time. He was given a contract near The Forgotten Vale, where he was to kill one of the last remaining Snow Elves, Xaeana. Velador fell in love with Xaeana and left the brotherhood so they could pursue a life together. After a few years, he felt the need to express his worship to Sithis, so he created The Coven Of Sithis which soon became closely linked with the Dark Brotherhood. After the Assassination of Titus Mede II, a mark and a note was left on his body by the assassin, with the words COVEN OF SITHIS written on it in the emperors blood. After which, citizens began to get paranoid of the return of the Dark Brotherhood and the Coven Of Sithis as its new alliance. Much activity came from Skyrim from that time as they established a Temple in the Velothi Mountains. The Black-Briars' soon joined the ordeal, in hope of adding more fear to what they already contained amongst the corrupt of Riften. Hearing of the Black-Briars success, Idgrod Ravencrone decided to get into the action, but doing it secretly as not to attract attention. Falion became a direct link between the two. After several years, the Coven began performing necromantic rituals to revive some of the harshest of dictators amongst men. They called this 'Sithis' Trials' as to show that Sithis is trialling the people of Tamriel in an attempt to prepare them for an eternity in the void.

The Ressurection Of Queen PotemaEdit

One of the most infamous attempts was the ressurection of Potema. This although resulting in the death of many members of the Coven, ended in a success, with Potema ressurected. Although it was short lived as the Dragonborn fought and killed Potema in her crypt. The coven name it as meddling and soon began to plot the death of the Dragonborn.

Mercer FreyEdit

Mercer Frey was hired to assassinate the Dragonborn as they had recently joined the guild. He attempted to kill him in Snow Veil Sanctum, where he failed as Karliah saved him at the last moment. This dissapointed the Coven, and decided that it should be Mercer next to die. They pointed him in the direction of the Eyes Of The Falmer, which were booby trapped to kill both him and the dragonborn who would undoubtedly come in pursuit. Whilst Mercer lay dead, the Dragonborn did not and therefore was recruited by the Coven in 4E 205, who deemed him 'Too Useful To Execute'.

Jagar TharnEdit

The Ressurection of Jagar Tharn was one of the most infamous, if not the most infamous of all of the Coven's 'Trials Of Sithis'. They travelled to the Tharn family grave where they ressurected each member of the family using the Aethareal Crown and the Ritual Stone, both of which allowed them to permanently bring hordes of people back to life. Jagar was ressurected and they marched on the Imperial City in 4E 220, where they managed to kill Mede's son and current ruling emperor, Alonte Mede. The Dragonborn was then annointed to be the next emperor, and controlled most of Tamriel for a long time. Velador was pleased with the event, as it showed to Tamriel they were to be feared.

The MotierresEdit

The Motierre family joined the organisation passing the death of Titus Mede II, and payed for all expense on the ressurection of Jagar Tharn. Amaund was appointed Chancellor to the Emperor, who was now the Dragonborn.

Smaller AttemptsEdit

This list documents several smaller events that the Coven pursued.

  • Isi Hlau ressurected a whole village in Hammerfell and marched it to a nearby one, to this day the two villages are controlled by Isi and the undead. She became one of the Coven's most respected members.
  • Several members ressurected Archmage Gauldur and assisted him on taking punishments on his sons, thus retrieving the Gauldur amulet for the Coven.

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