Colovian Confederacy
Political information
Type of government


Head of State

High Lord Garrus

Head of Government

General Burd Vonius


General Burd Vonius

Legislative branch

Colovian High Council

Societal information


Official language



Colovian Drakes

State religious body

Nine Divines

Historical information
  • Fourth

The Colovian Confederacy was a coalition of various cities centered around and within the area of Cyrodiil known as the Colovian West.


With the ongoing tension between Nibeneans and the Colovians and the aftermath of the Oblivion Crisis years earlier and as Kvatch was nearly rebuilt, a meeting of Counts and Countess took place in Anvil called upon Garrus, a lone warrior who returned home from afar. Who spoke of the failure of the Empire for the people of the Colovian land and that it was time to be proud and independent from Cyrodiil but did not seek separation from the Empire at first, rather that Colovia becomes a province of it. Leading Anvil, Kvatch and Skingrad to form alliance. Fearing the Empire would send a Legion down, LordGarrus created a army in a matter of days made up of both the various City Guards and members from the local Fighter Guilds as well as Legionnaire who decided to leave the Legion. He also set up a ruling council called the Colovian High Council.

Development & ExpansionEdit

Cyodiil Civil WarEdit

Decine and FallEdit

After the Secound Battle of the Gold Road which was a major lose for the Colovians, who were forced to flee into the walls of Anvil. Burd Vonius led the Colovian Army in the ultimately futile final defence of the Colovian Confederacy against the new Mede Empire at the Battle of Anvil in the last days of the Cyrodill Civil War leading to it demise.

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