Humour This article is for humour purposes only.

It was not intended to be canon-friendly or taken seriously, nor is it required to be.

thumb|300px|right|Click for a better view. Chuck Norris in Oblivion Episode 2 was the second part of the Chuck Norris in Oblivion series of videos.


After a long trip through the country, Chuck Norris arrives at Oblivion City where Sean Connery's top secret hideout is located at. While crossing the bridge, he is attacked by a dog, who is later beaten mercilessly by Chuck. After an unnecessary overkill, Chuck sleeps with the dog's owner, Sheila, who is set on fire after the night. The next day, Chuck goes on a rampage, killing random people and Haley Joel Osment. He eventually arrives at the entrance which is guarded by Kevin Sorbo. After Chuck's failed attempt at powering-up, he fights and gets knocked out by Sorbo before taking advantage of his cockyness and kills him. He then enters Connery's lair before commenting once more about something missing from his combo.

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