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Casamir Lirian
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  • Paranor
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Casamir Lirian was a Breton male who resided in Esroniet, his kingdom. Lirian was a master of the Mages' Guild, and was a skilled swordsman and archer. Lirian was also the king of the isle of Esroniet, and a member of the Dragon Knights of Tamriel. He played a large role during the Oblivion Crisis, helping Martin Septim and Bendu Olo in destroying the Daedric threats from Oblivion.

Casamir was born during the four hundredth century of the Third Era into the royal family of Esroniet. When he was no more than four years old he began to train himself in the art of swordsmanship, and archery. Eventually, he had mastered both of these skills. He would soon need them. When he turned ten, Tamriel was launched into chaos. The Oblivion Crisis had begun. King Serge, Casamir's father, as an ally of the Septim Empire led troops to Tamriel's aid.

When he was fourteen, his sister was born. Not long after, Mythic Dawn assassins struck down Casamir’s father and mother, and Casamir and his sister, Arielle, were left to rule and lead Esroniet by themselves. He led his troops through many battles, and for his bravery was inducted into the hallowed ranks of the Dragon Knights of Tamriel. This news; however, was saddened by grave news that reached his ears from Esroniet. The Daedra had invaded.

Casamir quickly retreated to Paranor, the capital of Esroniet, and began to prepare its defenses, and soldiers for the battle to come. The Daedra eventually reached Paranor, and began to besiege it. The Esronietans managed to hold out for quite some time under Casamir's leadership, but eventually the walls were breached and the Daedra stormed in. Casamir led the defense, but he was assassinated by Arielle Lirian, his sister, who subsequently surrendered, and allied with the Daedra.


Birth and Early ChildhoodEdit

Casamir Lirian was born at the start of the four hundredth century of the Third Era in Callahorn as a prince. His father, Serge Lirian, was the King of Esroniet and his mother, Babette Lirian, was the Queen. Lirian was born and taught as royalty, but he began to secretly train himself in the ways of the sword when he was no more than four years old. At the age of seven, he had mastered the basics of swordfighting, and he began training himself the subtle art of archery. In three years, he mastered this difficult skill too. When he turned ten, the continent of Tamriel discovered that inside the volcanic like dimension of Oblivion, trouble was growing, as Mehrunes Dagon began to reconstruct his armies. Lirian's father, King Serge, began to aid the Septim Empire, by traveling with a small contingent of soldiers to the Imperial City. As a fellow enemy of Mehrunes Dagon, Esroniet aided the Septim Empire in gathering soldiers to fend off the threat from Oblivion.

Family HorrorEdit

Then at the age of fourteen, Casamir's parents, Serge and Babette, gave birth to another child. A baby girl named Arielle Lirian. Casamir welcomed his newborn sister into the family. However, after receiving word of an Oblivion Gate opening at the edges of Paranor's walls, King Serge set out with several of his most powerful knights. Later, the Lirian family was horrified to learn that King Serge had been killed that night, along with all of his knights. Casamir, his mother Babette, and his sister Arielle held a mournful funeral for their father and husband. Casamir's mother, Queen Babette, was given command over all of Esroniet's territory and its military. As his mother, Babette, was busy performing the rituals and duties of ruler, Casamir trained and helped raise his little sister Arielle.

Ascension to the ThroneEdit

More than ten years after the assassination of King Serge, assassins attacked and killed Queen Babette, Casamir's mother. Devastated by the loss of his mother, Casamir, for the first time in his life, revealed his skills at swordsmanship and struck down the assassins. He, however, was too late, and he held his mother in his arms as she died. Casamir was crowned King of Esroniet, was knighted by High Chancellor Ocato, and filled his deceased father's place in the Dragon Knights of Tamriel, a group of knights that consisted of the rulers of Tamriel and its allies. After several months in the capital of the Septim Empire, Casamir returned home to Paranor. He was saddened to learn, upon arriving, that much of Esroniet's land had been lost to the daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon, and his cult, the Mythic Dawn. Only Paranor, with it being surrounded by a gigantic stone wall, remained. In the center of Paranor, the capital of Esroniet, Casamir sat in his throne in the gigantic Assembly Hall of the Paranor Royal Palace. Casamir began to plan with his top military generals and commanders on how they would stop the growing threat of Mehrunes Dagon and Oblivion. Casamir officially declared war on the Daedric forces of Mehrunes Dagon, and the Mythic Dawn, several days after his arrival.

Death of Tamriel's EmperorEdit

News soon spread across Tamriel, dire news. This news eventually reached Casamir, Uriel Septim VII had been assassinated at the hands of the same assassins that killed Babette Lirian, Casamir's mother. Casamir traveled to the Imperial City for the Emperor's funeral, and mourned over his former lord. Several days later, the rest of the Dragon Knights finally agreed with Casamir and joined Esroniet in declaring war against the Mythic Dawn and the forces of Mehrunes Dagon. Later, Casamir began to lead his forces during several battles against the Daedric forces of Mehrunes Dagon, and later traveled to Cloud Ruler Temple, the secret headquarters and fortress of the Blades, an elite society sworn to protect the Emperor and the Septim Empire. Casamir was accepted into the Blades, as a Knight-Brother. Casamir then led dozens of secret missions with the Blades to combat the threat of the Mythic Dawn.

Battle of KvatchEdit

Once word arrived to Casamir that an Oblivion Gate had opened in front of the city of Kvatch, Casamir led a an army of his best knights, the Border Knights, to the besieged city. He arrived to find the beleaguered Kvatch City Guard, under the command of Guard Captain Savlian Matius, desperately trying to protect the refugee camp from the Daedra pouring forth from the Oblivion Gate. Casamir and his men helped the Kvatch City Guard destroy the oncoming Daedra and then pursued them into the Oblivion Gate. Casamir and his soldiers killed many Daedra, and rescued Ilend Vonius, but many of the Border Knights were killed during this confrontation. Several hours later, the gate closed and they were all transported out of the gate and back to in front of the Kvatch city gates. Bendu Olo, who Casamir quickly developed a long lasting friendship with, had closed the Oblivion Gate.

Closing the Oblivion Gates of EsronietEdit

King Casamir soon realized that, by nearly destroying Kvatch, the Daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon were a force to be reckoned with, and would stop at nothing to see Tamriel and Esroniet in flames and under the control of their dark lord, Mehrunes Dagon. King Casamir then led four more attacks against the Daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon, eventually managing to close several more Oblivion Gates, and killing countless numbers of Daedra and Mythic Dawn cultists. However, whenever Casamir and his forces closed one, three more would open spilling forth even more Daedra. The war looked hopeless. Several battles later, King Casamir received word that his men had captured and then interrogated a high-ranking Mythic Dawn cultist, who then revealed that four oblivion gates, and then a Great Gate were to be opened in front of and around Paranor, Casamir's capital city and home.

Battle of Paranor: Crossing the RiverEdit

Just before the end of the Oblivion Crisis, King Casamir Lirian led one last desperate defensive battle against the Daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon. While the Imperial Legion, his allies, was occupied with the Battle of the Imperial City where they fought the daedra and Mehrunes Dagon himself, Casamir encountered and fought against the evil allies of Mehrunes Dagon. Among those supporters were the hundreds of Mythic Dawn, members of the Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild members, thousands of Goblin Warriors, and over one hundred thousand Dremora Warriors. Casamir led an army of only fifty thousand, less than half of their enemy's armies. Even though they were grossly outnumbered, the armies of Esroniet managed to prevail for several hours, mostly in part to the fact that Esroniet's famed archer corps stood on the wall and rained wave after deadly wave of arrows down upon their foes. Unfortunately, for them, the Daedric Siege Engine soon appeared and with a gigantic blast of fire magicka, killed most of the Esroniet archers. The advancing enemy warriors also breached the gate. This breach in their defenses, allowed the Daedric hordes to sweep past the first line of defense, the river walls, killing all in their path. It was then that King Casamir, accompanied by eight thousand mounted and heavily armed cavalry charged into the opposing enemy army. Even though they had the advantage of being mounted, the Esroniet cavalry were quickly defeated and driven back. King Casamir then commanded the remaining members of his army to fall back to the Old Wall, the most famous line of defense of Paranor; the Old Wall had never before been breached.

Battle of Paranor: AssaultEdit

After retreating from the river walls, the first line of defense, King Casamir and the surviving members of his cavalry charged, numbering one hundred, retreated to the second line of defense, the Old Wall, while the remaining members of the Armies of Esroniet at the River walls fought valiantly to allow their King to escape. After another two hours, the entire span of the River Walls had fallen to the armies of Mehrunes Dagon. Then, Mythic Dawn agents who had already succeeded in getting into the city several months before, opened the Old Wall gates, and after several hours, the most impregnable defense system on Nirn fell. Now, all that remained under King Casamir's control was the Palace of Paranor, which was located on a plateau above the rest of the city. In the front of the Palace, on the ramparts, stood King Casamir, watching the final battle, and he knew that he would not survive that battle, and finally came to a decision. Casamir slowly removed his solid gold emblazoned helmet, and gazed down at the remaining soldiers of Esroniet, numbering then only 20,000. Casamir then unsheathed his sword and held it high. His men, who were nearly ninety feet below him, suddenly charged and thus the last stand of Parnor began. Casamir, aided by his powerful magicks, jumped from the ramparts, landing in front of the Mythic Dawn Commander, who he quickly decapitated. Several minutes later, he also cut down the Dremoran Commander. It was then that Casamir's sister, Arielle, walked up behind him, and plunged a poison dagger into his heart.


It seemed that all of Casamir Lirian's great achievements and buildings were destroyed and the forces loyal to the new Queen, Arielle Lirian, killed the remaining men loyal to him. His country, then ruled by his now evil sister, slowly turned into an evil and despicable place. His dear friend, constant companion, and most trusted General, Menion Leah, was executed and his body was paraded on the city walls of Paranor. The death of Casamir shocked Tamriel, the Elder Council, and his friend Bendu Olo. Receiving permission from his evil sister, Bendu Olo had a gigantic statue of Casamir built in the center square of Paranor, and another in Green Emperor Way in the Imperial City, forever reminding the people of Casamir Lirian's sacrifices to save his people. Casamir's body was buried next to his mother's in the Palace of Paranor's gardens.

Favored Weapons and ArmorEdit

Broadsword of EsronietEdit

Casamir Lirian used a custom crafted broadsword that had a flawless diamond embedded in its golden hilt, and had magickal symbols written down the span of the blade. Casamir himself constructed this magnificent blade and set many enchantments on it, after he was crowned King of Esroniet. Casamir used the sword forever after, and mastered the use of it. One of the many enchantments on the sword made it impossible for anyone but Casamir or one of his direct descendants to wield it. After Casamir's death, the Broadsword of Esroniet was displayed in a pure gold display case within the Palace of Paranor's Royal Library. Blood from the Battle of Paranor was still stained on it in remembrance of those who were lost.

Armor of ParanorEdit

Casamir Lirian wore Heavy Steel Armor during battle, and when not engaged in a pitched battle, he preferred the use of his enchanted, lightweight chainmail Mithril armor, known as the Armor of Paranor. The mithril appeared to resemble richly decorated black clothing, but was as hard and as impenetrable as a dragon's scales. Where Casamir managed to locate this extremely rare and expensive magickal and ancient artifact is unknown. After his death, Casamir's armor was displayed in the Museum of Paranor.

Skills and PowersEdit

Casamir was a master of the sword, and an expert with the bow and arrow. Casamir's specialty, though, was Magicka. His favorite school of Magicka was Destruction, which he would often see using, firing fireballs at nearby enemies. Casamir was once able to close an entire Oblivion Gate without any assistance.

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