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This document, Carendir, is property of the Penitus Oculatus and is under it's jurisdiction. Disclosure of its contents to, or access by, anyone who is not a part of the Penitus Oculatus will be charged with high treason against the empire, and face execution. Anyone who fails to disclose confirmed or suspected breaches of security will be charged with complicity to high treason and will executed as well.
-Signed, High Inquisitor Gniuso Musico, Penitus Oculatus

Physical description





Eye color(s)


Hair color

blond, bald (later)




153 lbs.

Other/Distinctive features


Biographical information


22 Rain's Hand 3E 418 (Lillandril, Summerset Isle)


21 Morning Star 4E 34 (Alinor, Summerset Isle, aged 53)




The Mage




  • Wife: Nerwenye
  • Son: Thronesaer
Political information


Aldmeri King

Other name(s)

Minerdhel (birth name)


Aldmeri Dominion


5th Century, 3rd Era - 1st Century, 4th Era


Carendir (22 Rain's Hand 3E 418 - 21 Morning Star 4E 34) was an Altmer noble and revolutionary as well as Thalmor politician and mage, who led the Frostfall revolution against the Imperial-backed Summerset Isle Government. As leader of the Thalmor, he headed the Alinor government (later Aldmeri dominion) during its initial years (4E 22 - 4E 33), as it fought to establish control of Southwestern Tamriel, including the invasion of Valenwood and worked to create the current structure of the Dominion hierarchy.

As a politician, Carendir was a persuasive orator, as well as a powerful mage in combat.

Early life and backgroundEdit

Carendir was born with the name of Erond on 22 Rain's Head 3E 418 in the city of Lillandril, a city within the firm grasp of the Tamrielic Empire. Lillandril was located on a peninsula, that bears the city's same name.

Carendir's parents were Alodel, stewardess to the Lady of Lillandril, and Edhroror, a wealthy merchant in Uriel Septim VII's merchant fleet.

Despite later in life being an Altmer nationalist and believing that the Altmer are the rightful heirs of Tamriel, Carendir was of mixed ancestry, while being predominantly Altmer, Carendir had Bosmer, Breton, Imperial and even Dunmer blood in his background, some historian believe that there was Orsimer blood on his father's side. Because of his mixed ancestry, he is one of few Altmer known to have a beard.

Carendir was born to nobility, and after the death of Lady Erwel of Lillandril, Alodel became Lady of Lillandril, and put Carendir as heir to the throne of Lillandril. Later Aldmeri biographies tried to hide the fact that Carendir's parents rubbed elbows with the Imperial elite, Carendir never made any effort to hide his upbringing among the Imperial nobles. Carendir argued explicitly in one of his most famous works What is to be done? A Treatise on Mer and Men that intellectuals from Imperial nobility backgrounds have a vital revolutionary role bringing political ideas to the lower-class rabble. Later in life, Carendir admitted he admired Mankar Camoran for in his words "changing the world as we know it."

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